I pleasurably moaned as I felt a cold palm touching my scalding forehead. Just at this time, I felt myself being pulled up. I reluctantly opened one eye and found that there was a palm in front of me with two pills laying in the middle.

“Take the medicine first. If it’s still ineffective, then you have to go to the hospital with me. When I see you in pain, I’m also in pain.” Thereafter, Han Lei shoved the medicine into my mouth without giving me the chance to refuse.

I frowned with the medicine in my mouth as I watched Han Lei passed me a cup of hot water and couldn’t help but said, “I don’t want to drink hot water, I want ice water.”

I don’t know why but I never liked hot water. I love ice water regardless whether it was spring, summer, autumn or winter. Of course, showers were an exception.

“Honey, you’re truly too talented. Have you ever seen someone with a fever eat medicine with ice water?” Han Lei helplessly said. Then he ruthlessly forced me to drink what I disliked the most…hot water.

The medicine soon became effective. I was sweating all over. It seemed as if my every pore opened and excreted all the sweat out. 

After taking the medicine, I was even more drowsy. It felt as if I had slept for a century. Because of this, I felt weak all around. Han Lei took advantage of this and made me drink a few cups of hot water.

Well, I admit that I know he’s doing it for my own good but I just really don’t like hot water.

Because of the sweat, I felt drenched and sweaty all over.

Just at this time, I felt myself being pulled up again and leaned on a chest that was reassuring and trustworthy. When I felt Han Lei’s breath on my shoulder, only then did I realize that this guy was helping me change my clothes.

He first gently unbuttoned my pajamas, separating the uncomfortable piece of fabric from me. Then he wiped the sweat from my back with a moderately moistened towel which kept me refreshed.

The back that was cleansed made me so comfortable that I couldn’t help smiling and nodding. My entire body relaxed and allowed Han Lei to wipe it. After my back was done, Han Lei gently helped me change into a clean pajamas. Then he laid me down again and after rinsing the towel, he began to wipe the sweat off my chest.

I had a habit of not wearing a bra whenever I changed into my pajamas so Han Lei had no restricted obstructions to wander around my chest which made me somewhat bashful. 

Seeing the apparent blush on my face that wasn’t due to the fever, Han Lei wiped while teasing me: “Honey, are you shy? But is that necessary? Where else have I never seen nor touched you? I don’t even mind, what are you embarrassed about?”

This man, didn’t he know that this was what you called a woman’s modesty? But what he said was also right so the shyness that he disregarded soon subsided. I naturally allowed him to service me.

Han Lei placed the towel on the nightstand and gently buttoned my pajama top. His hands came to my collarbone and I couldn’t help but tremble from his slight touches.

“You know what?” He chuckled, “You look very arousing when you’re sick. You’re sweating profusely and gasping for air just like when I embrace you, seducing me with your entire body…

I opened my eyes and found that Han Lei’s expression at the moment was utterly sexy. He was simply seducing me into committing a crime. Didn’t he know that with him like this it would cause my fever to be even higher? At a time like this, he was still trying to seduce me?

“Honey,” I said seriously, trying my best to resist the temptation, “I’m happy that you have such feelings and perception of me who is having a fever. But I must stress that I have a fever, not being in heat and seducing you or anything, okay?”

“Ahahaha…” Han Lei was amused by my seriousness and after covering me with the blanket, he smilingly said, “I’m just teasing you. Although I really do want to do bad things to you but I’m not that thirsty to get intimate with a sick person. But… I seemed to have heard that if you transfer your cold to someone else, it will get better faster? How about it, do you want to test it out?”

Puhhleeassee, if I transfer my cold to him then wouldn’t I also have to take care of him and be tired?

“Honey, I rather suffer on my own than to have you suffer too.” I sincerely looked at him and said.

He seemed to have been somewhat moved and touched. Hence, he planted a kiss on my forehead and obediently left me alone, letting me sleep quietly.

With no external disturbances, I could feel that I was recovering quickly.

Thanks to the medicine, I sweated a lot. Although I was still a little muddleheaded but at least my head didn’t hurt. In the midst of my sleep, I felt Han Lei changing my clothes a few times, allowing me to sleep comfortably. It really had been hard on him.

When I opened my eyes again, I felt clear headed and that my strength had recovered. After bidding farewell to lethargy and tinnitus, I felt alive again. It was truly thanks to the medicine and Han Lei’s meticulous care.

I turned my head to the side and saw Han Lei’s exhausted face lying beside me sleeping. It seemed like he was tired all night because of me, having to feed me hot water and change my clothes…

A man like this, how could I not love?

Thinking of his hard work, I quietly stared at him sleeping. The more I looked the more I fell in love with him. I stupidly smiled and couldn’t help but gently launched an attack on that pair of sexy lips.

When I had felt satisfied and was about to end my sneak attack, suddenly a force sucked on my lips, and a pair of smiling eyes met mine.

I struggled to push him off while somewhat panting. It should be known that for a sick person like me who had just prevailed over a virus, I was still somewhat weak and could not withstand any sort of stimulus.

“Such a pity.” Han Lei lamented as he licked his lips. 

Here it was again. Trying to seduce me, truly an immoral guy.

“What’s there to pity? Don’t tell me that you want to be sick?” I said sourly.

“I know that you wouldn’t want me to so you must’ve known that you were okay before you kissed me, right?”

Okay, he knew me best.

“Cut it out, I have to go shower. My entire body still feels sweaty.” I rationally got up without looking at him or else I couldn’t guarantee whether I would have sufficient will to resist the male hormones that he deliberated emitted.

Han Lei didn’t stop me, but rather, followed me all the way into the bathroom.

He kabedon-ed* me in the bathroom. I puzzledly asked, “What do you mean by this, Mr. Han?”

kabedon-ed – done by a man hitting his hand on a wall, pinning the woman in the process

“I took care of you all night and I also want to wash away the exhaustion so to save water, I think it’s best to shower together.” Han Lei said seriously.


He already took off my clothes, what else could I say? Just follow whatever he said then~

To save water.