Fever ≠ Horny

Han Lei: Honey, you’re very sexy and alluring when you’re sweating while having a fever!

Remember those advertising slogans on TV: The weather’s getting colder, please prevent yourself from catching a cold.

Thus, I caught a fever on a cold, windy day.

When I sat at my desk today, I was already somewhat dizzy, my eyelids were drooping and there was even snot running down my nose. Of course, the snot was transparent but it made me uncomfortable.

Under the eyes of everyone, I calmly pulled out some tissue and covered my nose with them. I blew with all my strength. Yep, it was very refreshing. The sound was also powerful, garnering lots of disdainful glaces and clicks of tongues. He Yi was even more stupefied, looking at me as if I was a crazy person. Of course, this was his first time witnessing this side of me so it was understandable.

After throwing the tissues away, my nose felt better for a few seconds but soon, the snot rudely ran down again. The annoying thing was that it was just a little so I couldn’t roughly nor gently treat it. So, I calmly pulled out a tissue and tore it into three parts. Then, I rolled one third of it to a certain thickness and stuffed it into my nose. Sure enough, I was a bit mindless of my image.

I stayed like that all the way until Qin Hao inadvertently saw me. He solemnly looked at me and said, “Xia Ying ah, you better not let Han zong see you like this. He would be so disillusioned. So dangerous…”  


Actually, I rarely got sick but even if I was sick, my appetite was still just as good. Well, it would seem as if I had a great appetite. So apart from my slightly pale face and as long as the snot in my nose cooperates, then everyone wouldn’t even be able to tell that I was actually sick.

I finally got home from work. As I felt that my condition was getting worse, I didn’t even wait for Han Lei to finish parking the car and got into the elevator. When the elevator stopped at the 15th floor and just as I stepped out of the elevator, I suddenly felt a surge of dizziness. My steps became unsteady and even the strength of reaching out to the wall suddenly disappeared. Just as I was about to kiss the floor, a pair of powerful arms rescued me.

“Xiao Ying Ying, why’s your face so pale? Were you overloved or are you pregnant?” The person supporting me jokingly asked.

I originally wanted to thank him but because of his words, I decided to be a bad child and not thank him.  

“Stupid Liu Jun, what’re you guessing! My great aunt* just left a few days ago!”

great aunt – refers to a women’s menstrual cycle

Look, I definitely must’ve been too dizzy, for me to actually mention great aunt.

“Haha…” Liu Jun laughed but when his hand touched my forehead, he shouted, “Omg! Xiao Ying Ying, are you playing with special effects for your forehead to be this scalding hot? Did you wanna fry an egg or something? Aren’t you afraid of burning your brain?”

No wonder why I had felt that it was quite hot, so it was because of a fever.

“Do I really have a fever?! Are you sure?” I suddenly recovered some of my consciousness and laughingly asked.

“Why do I… feel like you’re very happy that you’re having a fever right now?” Liu Jun looked at me skeptically and said.

Hehe, yup, I’m indeed really excited. Although it was a bit weird but I really don’t get sick often so everytime that I have a fever, I always felt an indescribable excitement. Didn’t they say that a person would become smarter after having a fever?

“Can you not laugh so weirdly?” Liu Jun somewhat fearfully said while looking at me smiling.

“What’re you guys doing?” Han Lei, who got out of the elevator, puzzledly looked at Liu Jun supporting me and the me being supported by him.

Liu Jun looked at Han Lei as if he saw his life-saving straw, stuffed me into Han Lei’s arms and then exaggeratedly wiped away the sweat on his forehead: “Quickly bring your woman back home. This girl has a fever and it’s not light. There’s a possibility that it might fry her brain and become a weirdo.”

Han Lei who had felt my abnormal temperature first placed his forehead against mine. He then frowned due to my high temperature and gravely said, “It’s much hotter than before. Be good, let’s go to the hospital and have a look?”

“No!” I replied without a second thought, “from my experience, I’ll be fine as long as I get home and sleep. Trust me.”

“You sure?” Han Lei was still worried.

I resisted my fading consciousness and firmly nodded. Then, I exaggeratedly fumbled for the wall and went home.

Han Lei was defeated by my pretence. He could only follow along with my wishes and supported me home. It seems like sick people were placed highest in order indeed.  

Liu Jun exaggeratedly yelled from behind us, “Han Lei! I still suggest you to bring this girl to the hospital! She’s probably afraid of getting a shot that’s why she’s not going!”

I slowly turned around and coldly looked at Liu Jun with a smile. Did this guy want me to curse him again? Anyway, I wouldn’t admit that it was indeed because I hated needles and injections that I didn’t want to go to a hospital.

After returning home, Han Lei gently helped me change into my pajamas. After letting me lie down on the bed, he took my temperature. 38.6 C degrees. It was certainly quite high and thereupon, Han Lei went out and busied himself.

As soon as my head touched my pillow, my brain went on strike. It seemed to have turned into mush as my consciousness was starting to float away. My entire head felt as if it was pressed down by Mount Tai. It was also somewhat difficult to breathe since my nose was blocked.

I’d wrapped myself in blankets as if I had sleep paralysis, feeling hot and cold alternatively. So I kicked one leg out, letting half of my body exposed to the cold air. Because one half was covered by the blanket and the other half was not, I felt both warm and cold — just the right temperature.  

But my creative idea was quickly prevented by Han Lei who had once again entered the room. He first sighed then covered me with the blanket again.