When everyone got off their car, we did not immediately proceed forward but stood rooted in place one after another, amazed by the scene before us: this was basically Shangri-La!

A luxurious villa firmly stood behind a small bridge over a flowing stream, before a quiet and secluded bamboo forest like a beautiful oil painting in front of our eyes, surrounded by nature, fresh air, a clear stream and an emerald green bamboo forest.

Everyone was at a loss despite the beautiful scenery. Why didn’t we come here in the summer? There was a flowing stream yet we couldn’t play in it. Letting us come here in the winter to feel irritated?

After marveling at the beautiful scenery, we carried our luggages into the villa. The villa was extraordinarily large and there seemed to be a natural hot spring in the innermost part of the villa. It was truly amazing and incredible.

After allocating rooms to everyone, we all finally saw a complacent Han Yu as well as his queen-level girlfriend Tang Xin.  

Tang Xin’s personality was great hence she quickly got along with us. Mother-In-Law and Grandma Han automatically treated and loved her as if she was their daughter-in-law and granddaughter-in-law and how we interacted made her completely at ease. The atmosphere was very lively.

After having fun, everyone realized a very important and serious problem: hunger.

This time, before Grandma Han even spoke, Grandpa Han automatically commanded the men of the Han family to work together to cook up a barbeque to feed everyone.

The villa had already prepared the meat and everything. Everyone decided to enjoy the barbeque while admiring the streamlet on the open space before the villa. The men moved the table, chairs, grill and everything that was needed outside. The women sat on the chairs chatting while the men were busy grilling.

It was said that the men of the Han family were experts at cooking and loving their women. Sure enough, that was true. So the son-in-laws of the Han family should learn as well. However, they were also good at bullying people. For example, teaming up together to bully Han Yu. Who told him to laugh so excessively and annoyingly, as a result, he was made in charge of running errands.

Chatting was the most suitable thing to do while waiting to eat. There were several women gathered together. Imagine the liveliness!

Not knowing how long it had passed, Han Lei walked to my side with some barbecued meat in hand.

“Ahh!” He slightly bent down and said to the me sitting on the chair.

I obediently opened my mouth and “ahh”. I was immediately able to taste the delicious meat that I had been waiting for, beaming into a happy smile.

Our intimate public display of affections caused the group of women to shriek with envy.

Han Lei glanced at them and said, “What’s with the fuss, go find your own man!”

After the reminder, they consecutively got up and went to find their own man. It was rare that they had not kicked up a fuss. It seemed like they were truly starved.

While eating the meat grilled by Han Lei for me and looking at his tender expression, I couldn’t help but sighed: Han Lei ah, you’re going to spoil me rotten.

When everyone had stuffed their bellies full and seeing how they were energized again, I suggested taking a stroll around the place to digest.

Everyone walked into the woods in pairs and found there were boulders and a stream. Thus, everyone followed along the trail of the stream while chatting.

Han Lei held me with his warm hand as we walked at the rear and suddenly, handed me a red envelope.

I dazedly stared at him.

Han Lei mischievously smiled and said, “What? I just wanted to give you a gift, that’s all. Ahahaha!”

Kao (swear word – fck), was this man serious or was he playing with me?!

Nevertheless, I unrestrainedly accepted it and deliberately thanked him in a sweet coquettish voice. I had such great manners.

In the evening, it was once again the men of the Han family who prepared dinner while us women were responsible with chatting. Then, everyone gathered to eat dinner.

After dinner, we all discussed going to soak in the hotsprings before midnight. So everyone excitedly brought their clothes and went onwards towards the inner depths of the villa.

We walked until we reached a dead end, where a pair of doors stood before our eyes. When we pushed the door open, there were two pools of steaming hot springs inside. Of course, there was a wall in the middle and it was clearly used to separate the men and women.

The men and women parted and went to enjoy the piping hot spring water.

I couldn’t help but emphasis how mystical this villa was. The hot springs were situated in the middle of the room and was built very naturally. It was surrounded by stones and had a glass wall overlooking the bamboo forest outside. Furthermore, there was a sliding glass door across the entrance which could be opened by everyone. Of course, as it was chilly outside, nobody dared to do so.

The soundproofing on both sides was terrible thus everyone’s frolicking…splashes and laughter blended into one. It was quite noisy on the men’s side, seemingly they were teasing Han Yu, angering him to yell strange sounds.

On our side, we were a bit more endearing. Everyone first gathered together and chatted then split into twos and threes. In which, senior sister and I grouped together.

We sat in the hot spring wrapped in a towel as we stared at the bamboo forest through the glass wall. Of course, we were not able to see anything as it was pitch-black outside.

“Senior sister, how was Han Yu able to win you over? I had even thought that he had no chance.” I couldn’t help but gossiped.

“Hehe!” Tang Xin laughed, “What if I said that I already had an interest in him from the beginning?”

“Could it be… that you…” I couldn’t help but gasped.

“En, I had already set my sights on him. How else could he have had the chance?” She calculatingly and complacently smiled.

I knew it but I really couldn’t have imagined that senior sister liked Han Yu, the playboy type. No wonder why the muscular, athletic and intellectual men before were not able to catch her eyes, seemed like they had gone the wrong route.   

“Actually, I was moved when he stood in front of my dorm all night long even though it was very idiotic.” Senior sister laughed while reminiscing.

So this trick of mine really worked…Han Yu, thank me!

“But you’re so evil, senior sister! To still play him even though you had liked him already!”

“This way, it’s more fun!”

Subsequently, on the other side, Han Yu sneezed.