Two Days & One Night

Han Lei chuckled: the space in the car is really a loving and rapturing place.

In a blink of an eye, it was already Christmas. Although the members of the Han family were not so westernized, it was a good excuse to go on a trip together and a chance that couldn’t be passed up.

Thus, Grandma Han decreed for Grandpa Han to arrange the itinerary and cover the cost for the family trip over Christmas.  

Once the head of the household has spoken, does the second head of the household still have the right to protest?

In the end, thanks to Grandma Han, the young and the old could enjoy a free two days and one night trip, commonly known as a vacation.

Grandpa Han was experienced, knowledgeable and had abundant  connections. With just one phone call, the other party actively offered to take care of us for two days and one night, free of charge. Grandpa Han’s position and influence in the business world could be seen clearly.

Although it was a short family trip but Grandma Han decreed that only those who were married or dating could take part. Single people were not allowed to participate.

Han Yu who was pursuing senior sister arduously did not comply and sadly protested, “This is unfair! You guys are purposely targeting me! You guys are bullying me!”

Everyone knew that he was pursuing a woman who was even more difficult to chase than an ostrich. Grandma Han coldly said, “Who told you to be so disappointing and useless? You can’t even handle one woman. How about this? There is a week left from now to Christmas Eve, if you can successfully win her over within this week, we will allow you guys to join.”  

After saying that, Grandma Han glanced at Han Hui then said to Han Yu, “You should learn from your little sister. Do you know what’s called get the rice cooked (meaning she got pregnant, hopped on the train first then bought the ticket)? Force yourself upon?”

Oh right, everyone knows about Han Hui’s matter. There were no objections nor rebuke. After Han Hui promised to not hold up her studies, everyone happily accepted Han Hui’s counselor boyfriend and even praised that she did a job well done.

Sweat, madly sweating, violently sweating, profusely sweating. Could this family be a bit more normal?  

Looking at Han Yu’s sad figure as he left, I couldn’t help but greatly sympathized with him. But who told him to set his mind on my senior sister, a queen level woman? So in other words, he deserved it.

In a blink of an eye, a week passed. In the early morning of Christmas Eve, we all gathered at the Han residence waiting to set out at the agreed time by driving in our own cars.

Everyone knew that we were all actually waiting for Han Yu, hoping that he could successfully win the girl over at the last minute and join us.

A minute had passed from the agreed time. Unfortunately, Han Yu’s figure was still nowhere in sight.

Everyone regrettably shook their heads and sighed for Han Yu. Then under Grandma Han’s decree, everyone got into their own cars and prepared to set out.  

Due to their age, Grandma Han and Grandpa Han rode in Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law’s car. As Han Hui and her counselor boyfriend did not have a mean of transportation, they rode in Han Min and Guan Yi’s car. The rest were Han Si riding with his woman and Han Lei with me.  

After I got into Han Lei’s car, I couldn’t help but asked, “Why didn’t you drive the original car?”

Yep, this car was not the one that he had been driving to work but one that I had never seen before. En, it was a luxurious and spacious car. As I do not know too well about cars, all I could say was that it was a comfortable and spacious car with a beautiful exterior. It was also because of this that I realized my man was truly that wealthy.

Han Lei smirked at my question and with a wicked light in his eyes said, “This would be more of a surprise.”

Surprise? Why did I feel more of a “startle” rather than “delight”? Moreover, under his gaze, why did my back suddenly start sweating?!

Soon, four cars were on the road making their way to the suburbs.

Grandpa Han said that our holiday destination was located even further than the suburbs. It would take two hours by car from downtown to there. This was indeed quite countryside to us.  

Everyone was gradually leaving the city and was heading for a mountain road where few cars passed by. It seemed like it would be a relatively quiet and hidden place. Father-In-Law led the way while Han Lei obediently brought up the rear.  

At this moment, the drowsy me saw Han Lei looking back through the rearview mirror. When he caught me looking at him from the mirror, he smirked.

I looked at Han Lei’s eyes and smile through the rearview mirror puzzledly but regrettably, I couldn’t see any meaning whatsoever. I turned around and leaned over the seat to see what was behind us and omg! It was Han Yu’s car!

Looks like he was able to win over senior sister. It was truly worth a celebration!

I laughingly turned around, looked at Han Lei and smiled. It seemed like these two days and one night would not be boring and would definitely be very interesting because Han Yu came.

The two hour drive passed quickly as I slept. After parking the car, Han Lei lightly shook me. I chose to remain motionless anyways due to waking up too early and was very sleepy.

“I don’t mind waking you up with a kiss!” Han Lei chuckled near my ear.

This sentence was even more effective than an alarm as I immediately got up. I rubbed my eyes then lightly patted my face to try to wake myself up quickly.

You gotta be kidding. If he were to kiss me in front of the members of the Han family, I’m afraid that the protagonist would not be Han Yu but me.