When I have silently reached that figure’s behind, that figure alertly turned to the side and a powerful arm was brandished toward me. I subconsciously turned to the side and in passing greeted that figure’s owner.

While the group of students were excitedly exclaiming, the two of us started talking as if nobody was there.

“Your skills are still good!”

“You too!”

“When you stepped into the gym, I already knew that it was you.”

“Omg senior sister! This is simply impossible!”

“Ahaha, you found me out. But you’re very daring to actually wear a skirt to meet me. You’re not worried that I will use a wooden stick to expose you?”

“…” If I knew that I was coming to meet you, I would not be so foolish to wear a skirt. It’s all Han Yu’s fault.

At this time, senior sister clapped her hands and commanded her students, “I have a personal matter to attend to. You guys obediently wait until the next class before you leave. This is an order!”

Sure enough, she was a queen!

After the students obediently received the “decree”, senior sister intimately had her arm around my shoulder while we walked out of the gym.

“Senior sister, isn’t this considered you abusing your power? Not being able to distinguish between private and public matters?”

“Junior sister, we’re the same, okay? Don’t tell me that you didn’t skip work to come here?!”


This was how we got along, mutually teasing and learning from each other. We had a great relationship. Even after we had graduated, we still kept in contact. But after I got married, we contacted each other less and less.

Senior sister was like a queen. She brought me to her office and with complete disregard for other professors, she pulled me down to sit and chat.

“Fess up. You know that whatever named Han Yu, right? I heard that you married his younger brother?”

Thus, I told my senior sister everything from going to the club to find a one night stand to finding Han Lei to prying the lock of his door. I omitted the part of rolling in bed with him though.

“Ahaha! To pry someone’s door open to find x-rated books! Junior sister, well done!” Senior sister laughingly “praised” me, “But, you’re really bold, to actually go to a club to find a man!”

“It was needed,” I said, “women sometimes have to be this crazy.”

“I’m quite envious,” Senior sister suddenly said.

“There’re men around you too!”

“You mean Han Yu?” Senior sister looked at me doubtingly and suddenly realized, “You were sent by him!”

Uh, was it that obvious? Did this mean that I was a failure as a spy?

“Then senior sister, what do you think of him?”

“Actually…” She thought about it and then said with a mischievous smile, “Tell him that he can pursue me. As long as I am moved, everything is possible!”

Looking at senior sister who was full of mischief, I secretly helped Han Yu shed a few kilograms of cold sweat in my heart. Move senior sister? Even if an iceberg was touched to melt, our senior sister would still be indifferent.

After returning home, I could care less whether Han Lei was present or not or to keep it a secret from him. I called Han Yu over to our house.

Hearing my seriousness, Han Yu could also care less whether Han Lei would ridicule him or not and hurried on his way here.

Sitting on our sofa, I conveyed senior sister’s words from beginning to end, as it was without any sort of adlib to Han Yu.

After finding out the seriousness of the situation, Han Yu not only did not realize the graveness of it, on the contrary he admired his queen even more. With starry-eyed infatuation, he even sighed: “No wonder why she’s my Xin Xin. What a personality!”

Han Lei who was sitting quietly to the side was able to decode the cause and effects with his intelligence. I heard him sneer. He threw out a pertinent question: “How are you going to move her?”

This question pulled Han Yu back to the cruel reality. He said depressedly and with distress, “Yeah, how am I going to move her?”

“How about sending a present? What do you women like most? Flowers?” Han Yu asked.

“I don’t know about other women. I don’t like them anyways. I would much prefer that you give me money rather than flowers and other non-practical things,” I truthfully said.

“Oh, I see,” Han Lei said to me seriously, “In the future, you have to remind me that if I want to gift you something, I can just directly send you money.”

Han Yu frowned and protested, “Can you guys be more serious?”

“Throw a tantrum then!” Han Lei coldy threw out a dumb idea.


“Why don’t…we try ‘injuring ourselves to gain pity’ method?” I seemed to have dumb ideas too.

Han Yu’s eyes sparkled and expressed for me to continue with a nod.

“En, isn’t the weather quite cold lately? You just have to stand in front of senior sister’s dorm all night long. This way, she would be touched by your sincerity, right…” The more I spoke the quieter my voice was.

I was actually just joking around because even I would not be touched. I would only think that person must be stupid and very idiotic.

But the problem was that there were such idiots.

That idiot was suddenly enlightened and firmly nodded approvingly.

After sending away the eager Han Yu, Han Lei said with uncertainty, “Are you sure that you didn’t help your senior sister play him?”

“Not sure…”


Two days later, news came from the Han residence that Han Yu caught a severe cold due to the chilly weather.