I frowned and pondered. I could not help but turned to look outside the window and my sight drifted to the name of the university.

Hey! Wasn’t this my alumni?! No wonder I felt that the road here was so familiar. Then in that case, the Tang Xin that Han Yu mentioned, wouldn’t be the same one I knew, right?

“The Tang Xin that you mentioned wouldn’t happen to be the one that I know, right?” I turned to get his confirmation.

“En!” Han Yu embarrassedly nodded.

Hey! Could the world be even smaller?

“How did you guys get to know each other? No, I should ask, are you a mas*chist?” I couldn’t help but asked.

The Tang Xin that I recognized was my senior sister at university. Remember that woman who taught me boxing and lock picking skills? Yep, that was her, a woman who was violent. That’s why I asked whether he was a masochist or not.

Han Yu disagreed with the words that I had used to describe her. He earnestly explained, “She’s not violent, it’s just that she’s a bit on the aggressive side!”

Oh? It seemed like Han Yu had been “taken care” of by senior sister before or else how would he know what I was pointing to was her aggressiveness and not her love of □.

I immediately had a headache and could more or less guess the reason why he came to look for me.

“Tell me how you guys met,” I decided to listen to the story first before doing anything.

Han Yu began to act somewhat bashful again: “You also know that I’m a lawyer…”

“Stop!” I raised my hand and interrupted him, “You’re a lawyer?”

“What did you think I was?”

“Boss of a nightclub!” Was he not an idle playboy?


“…let’s continue…”

“Your senior sister is a professor at you guys’ university. She once came to me for help because of something that had happened. Of course, it was caused she was referred to me by a friend.That was how we met. I knew that I was done for. She’s the goddess of my heart! But, she seems to treat men, uh, rather broadly. Let’s just say that she doesn’t treat men like men!”

“Then what does she treat men as?”

“Sisters…no, as brothers!”

I raised an eyebrow and looked at him. So it turned out that a certain someone was being treated like a sister by my senior sister.

“Then how did you know that she was my senior sister?”

“Hehe…” Han Yu embarrassedly laughed, “I accidently found out.”

“So? Are you going to make me be a traitor and matchmake you guys?”

“What traitor? So unpleasant sounding. It’s to be a spy! Have you watched ‘Internal Affairs’?” Han Yu earnestly corrected.

Frankly speaking, this matter was quite difficult. It was basically on a different scale from matchmaking Liu Jing and He Yi as well as Qin Hao and Su Xun. Although this senior sister of mine was not a beauty at first sight but she had a kind of charm where the more you look, the more alluring and likeable she was. As she was a gym teacher, her figure was excellent, had an outspoken and straightforward personality, and was popular with men. But back from when we were students, no man had ever passed the  “sister” relationship with her. So this matter was quite difficult.

Hence, the following dialogue circulated from a window seat in the milk tea cafe.

“You look handsome, I have faith in you.”

“But the other party is your senior sister. It’s useless, I’ve already tried seducing her.”

“Isn’t there an ashtray on the table? Pick it up and hit her on the head!”

“She’s your senior sister…”

“Be reckless! It’s either you hit her on the head or she would hit you on the head!”

“But do you think I would have the chance to hit her on the head?”

“Dad said, ‘When you are reckless, you would have to pay back sooner or later’.”

“But the future is in your own hands so choose your own road.”

“I want to be a good person.”


In the end, I could not resist Han Yu’s shameless act of pity and due to a moment of soft-heartedness, I impulsively walked into the university.

Knowing the place too well, I quickly located the gym and saw that familiar figure resting beside a group of students. I couldn’t help but said silently to myself: Impetus is the devil, impetus is the devil.