Internal Affairs

Han Yu cajoled: Xiao Ying, let’s play a game called *.

As a result of our meticulous preparations, Qin Hao and Su Xun successfully rolled in bed together. Of course, it was not because we overheard it, but actually saw it!

This happened the day after. The night before, I had specially set my alarm. In the early morning, I, who was even reluctant to wake up early to take my college entrance exams, voluntarily and willingly got out of bed the second the alarm rang. After a simple freshening up, I planned to stay guard in front of Su Xun’s house, not missing the chance to tease Qin Hao. When I opened my door and looked toward Su Xun’s house, there were unexpectedly people there keeping guard already. They were no one else but Liu Jun, Jiang Mo Mo and Liu Jing. I quickly walked to their side and kept guard together with them. Then, we tacitly grinned and snickered.

Look, the members of our eavesdropping group had such great rapport!

Since then, I could affirm a fact — we were truly bored and were birds of a feather.

Fortunately the main characters did not disappoint our wait which we had sacrificed our sleep for. Su Xun’s front door finally opened n hours after dawn. Qin Hao, with a flushed and satisfied expression led the bashful Su Xun out to us. Soon after, Qin Hao struck while the iron was hot, uh, took advantage of the situation, uh, saw an inch and took a mile, uh, in any case, he righteously and properly moved into Su Xun’s home. He rightfully became Su Xun’s man and that house’s male head.  

Thus, comrade Qin Hao courageously accepted our teasing and ridicule as thanks for our help. In order for us to express our heartfelt congratulations and sincerity, we specially sent Liu Jun out to battle, the “Yellow Emperor” (the originator of pornographic jokes), that our group had chosen. He teased Qin Hao to be anaerobic and flushed all night long. Although Han Lei and He Yi did not join our group but they had also joined the ranks of teasing Qin Hao. Han Lei embraced me and deliberately said to Qin Hao, “Good job. Let’s have a live broadcast some day, it would definitely sell.” Qin Hao was immediately “cooked” throughout. So fun!

“Yellow Jokes” mean pornographic jokes thus the name “Yellow Emperor”.

Nevertheless, although we were joking around and having fun, we sincerely sent them our blessings.

For the following few days at work, I once again found an anomaly with Qin Hao. His original state of mind was hypnotizing himself but now, he would giggle foolishly whenever he can. Moreover, it was very serious. He was basically like a foolish idiot that made people unable to refrain from laughing.

“Xiao Hao Hao, just how old are you exactly?”

During lunch break, I grabbed Qin Hao into Han Lei’s office to chat. I remember he said that he was Su Xun’s underclassman and she was the same age as Han Lei, then wouldn’t that mean…

“I’m younger than Su Xun by two years, what do you think?” Qin Hao, who was in such a good mood, no longer objected to be called “Xiao Hao Hao”, the nickname that I had specifically given him.

“Then you’re really only older than me by a year!” I exclaimed.

“What? I don’t look like it?” Qin Hao asked while gnashing his teeth.

“Very…look the part… Of course you’re at this age, so young. You look a hundred times younger than your actual age, oh no, it should be a thousand times more …”


Ever since Qin Hao moved to the 15th floor, our floor could be described as all pink, very harmonious and undulated.

On this side, we all had our own lover; while on that side, there was someone who needed my help.  

Hey! I am not a professional matchmaker, okay? It is very expensive for my help, okay? I need to start charging!

Tonight, I smugly sat on the sofa while sending Han Lei off to throw away the trash with my eyes after scoring a hard to come by win in rock, paper, scissors. Suddenly, my phone rang notifying me that there was a text message.

Was my joy and exultation really that strong for it to be channeled into someone sending me a message and congratulate the escape from my fate of “throwing away the trash for thousands of years”?

In a good mood, I smilingly opened the text message but found that the content was not of someone congratulating me as that was not possible but it was Han Lei’s second brother — Han Yu’s request for help.

“Beautiful, gentle, magnanimous and kind-hearted sister-in-law Xiao Ying, Han Lei’s second brother, I, Han Yu, have a request. Can we meet tomorrow? Address: XXXX, Time: XX: XX. Please keep this from Han Lei, that fellow. I believe that a kind-hearted person like you would not refuse!”

Looking at the contents of the message, I could not refrain from frowning a little. Although I was puzzled, I decided to comply with his request of keeping it a secret from Han Lei and to meet him once just because of his honest praise of my beauty.

So the next day, I skipped work and rushed to the agreed place — a milk tea cafe across from a university.

Han Yu was sitting near the window. As soon as he saw me walk in, he quickly got up and waved at me, very high-profiled.

The milk tea cafe was very warm. Hence when I sat down, I could not help but let out a contented sigh. Han Yu very considerately helped me order a cup of hot milk tea then looked at me eagerly and fervently.

After a sip of the delicious hot milk tea, I straightforwardly asked, “What’s the matter?”

After hearing my question, Han Yu unexpectedly became a little bashful and said, “You know Tang Xin, right?!”

Tang Xin? Why was this name so familiar?