Han Lei stood in the living room staring at my barbaric “atrocity”. Although he was a little surprised, he chose to stand at the side to watch.Qin Hao was roughly thrown onto the sofa by me. I bent my waist and stepped on the sofa to his side in a female bandit manner, and fiercely said, “Comrade Qin Hao! Are you going to confess or not?”

Qin Hao, who knew what I was talking about, obstinately turned to the side, intending to resist my interrogation tenaciously.

Ah! This guy was planning to ignore me!

Just as I was thinking on which method to use to force him to speak, Han Lei pulled me down to sit beside him. Then he slowly said to Qin Hao, “Although I’m not clear of what had happened but as I see it, you should confess.”

Han Lei’s words relaxed Qin Hao’s expression but after a moment of silence, he still kept his mouth shut and completely had no intention of confessing.

Hey! Rebel! Rebel! This guy’s rebelling! To actually not even listen to Han Lei!

Facing Qin Hao’s heroic appearance which was similar to how Sister Jiang faced the Japanese, I rolled my eyes. I leaned against Han Lei’s shoulder and threateningly said with a calm smile, “It’s okay, there are two main characters anyway. I’ll just directly ask Su jie since we live so close and plus I also have her phone number. Ah, why don’t I go and ask her to come over?!”

(Sister Jiang – she was an undercover for the Communist Party and was captured by the Japanese but she did not spill any of her knowledge even when tortured. The letter she had sneaked out remains in the museum of Chong Qing. )

Qin Hao finally conceded when he heard that I was going to find the female lead and defeatedly confessed everything.

It turned out that Qin Hao was really Su Xun’s underclassman and was also the idiot and pig head that I had been slandering at. Originally, the sister had feelings and the brother had intentions but they didn’t expect to be set up by their friends who got them drunk and XXOO. After rolling in bed for the night, he rejected her to save face, hurting her feelings and thus she went abroad to study. Now, the female lead came back and the male lead regretted it. It just so happened that the traumatized female lead rejected the male lead out of fear.

“I’ll gift you seven words,” I sneered and said to Qin Hao, “the chickens have come home to roost (means that your words and actions are likely at some point to rebound on you)!”

Qin Hao nodded in agreement.

I couldn’t help but asked when I saw his regret and suffering,

“You know what’s regret now?”


“Want me to help you?”


“Do you think I’m a beauty?”


Han Lei: “Pfft! Qin Hao ah Qin Hao…”

Ultimately, Qin Hao left our house gratefully after I patted my chest and swore that I would help him win back his beauty.

It was not until that I had laid down on the bed when I suddenly realized that Qin Hao was not a virgin! He had already rolled in bed with someone!

After realizing that I could not accomplish this task with just my own strength, I gathered Jiang Mo Mo and Liu Jing together to discuss the plan of getting Su Xun and Qin Hao together. Ultimately, through an intense discussion, we planned to let them roll the sheets again.

The present situation was, because Su Xun was afraid of being hurt again, she rejected Qin Hao, hence making him unable to communicate well with her. We decided to brainwash Su Xun and make her agree to have a candlelit dinner with Qin Hao.

As I was afraid that when the time comes, Qin Hao would be too much of a gentleman and was defeated by Su Xun’s aloofness, I decided to borrow a pill from Mother-In-Law that would make them want to undress inexplicably. Letting them mutually want to force themselves onto each other and mending their lover’s quarrel in bed.

After making sure of the plans, we splitted and began to act our parts.

Ultimately, under Mo Mo’s persuasion and splendid acting, Su Xu agreed to have dinner with Qin Hao at her house and even agreed to let us prepare the dinner.

Then I excitedly went back to the Han residence and after greeting Grandpa Han and Grandma Han who were still watching the variety show channel in the living room, I furtively pushed Mother-In-Law into her room and recounted Qin Hao’s matter and our plans.

In accordance to my expectations, Mother-In-Law excitedly expressed that she would aid us as much as she could.

So she opened a drawer and took out a box. She opened the lid, carefully took out an “evil” pill and grinded it with a smile.

I carefully took the paper bag wrapped with the grinded medicine. When I was bidding Mother-In-Law goodbye, she grabbed me and ambiguously smiled and expressed that if there was a live broadcast on scene, I’ll definitely have to call her. I laughed and agreed to her request.

I excitedly took the paper bag and dashed back to Su Xun’s living room. I noticed that under Liu Jing’s skillful hands, the dishes for the candlelit dinner was ready and the mood was set by the devious Mo Mo.

I divided the medicine into three parts and then the three of us sinisterly laughed at the two glasses full of red wine. Of course, the ones that had gotten into character was only Mo Mo and I.

Mo Mo and I squatted on the floor and looked at the two glasses with shiny eyes. Then the two of us tacitly and calmly poured the grinded medicine into the wine. En, the medicine had dissolved and we couldn’t see any particles whatsoever.

As we felt that we should not waste the powder, we instigated Liu Jing to pour the rest into the wine bottle. We did not believe that they would not roll in bed tonight.

After deploying everything, we called Su Xun and Qin Hao into the living room with a smile. The three of us tacitly left the house but kept an eye on the situation inside by the front door.

After helping them close the door, I skillfully took out a few paper cups and gave them to Mo Mo and Liu Jing, planning to use it to eavesdrop.

Just at this time, my shoulder was lightly patted and when I turned around, it was Liu Jun. He thickened his skin and asked me for a paper cup and went to his woman’s side to eavesdrop.

I turned around towards Han Lei and He Yi who refused to follow our “example”. I raised the two extra paper cups in my hand to show that they could still join if they want to.

Those two men tacitly crossed their arms and stood at the side, shook their heads to show that they would never take part in such tasteless eavesdropping activity.

I turned around to look at the actions of our eavesdropping group and had to restrain myself from smiling. Liu Jun and Mo Mo relied on their superior height, placing their ears on the paper cup to eavesdrop while standing. While Liu Jing and I crouched or kneeled on the floor to eavesdrop. Our postures were quite comical and vulgar.

Looking at the energetic Liu Jing, I could only say that when one was near ink one would be dyed. Such a good girl was led astray by us.

As for whether we could actually eavesdrop what was happening inside, it was apparent on our faces as we had expressions of defeat and regret on. It could not be denied that the soundproofing of this wall and door was really quite good. Who deceived me before by saying that the sound insulation was not very good?