The new neighbor’s house was very messy. Besides the roughly laid furniture, there were also a lot of boxes on the floor.

A tall figure with their rear toward us was bustling around, completely not noticing that there were three women standing at the door.

This person was very tall, at least 175 cm from what I am guessing, even taller than Jiang Mo Mo’s 170 cm height. They had short hair and because they were wearing somewhat baggy clothes, it was a bit hard to distinguish their gender just from their back.

They seem to have heard our inner voices and thus slowly turned around, letting us see their appearance.

A beauty ah, she was definitely a beauty, an androgynous beauty.

I always thought that as long as one had a pretty nose, then that person would definitely be pretty or at least their side profile would be.

This woman had a perfect and pretty nose, a smokey eye look and perfect glossy lips. She had a healthy and natural tan, unlike the fair skin that people were pursuing these days, looking sexy and wild. And because of her height and hair style, she had an androgynous charm.

She saw the three of us at the door through a side glance and after being stunned for a second, she smiled and walked toward us. She was a woman that made people felt distant when she was not smiling but once she smiled, it made people feel close.

“Hi, I’m the newly moved-in Su Xun. The house is too messy right now, truly have let you guys see a joke!” She embarrassedly pointed at the living room.

Su Xun was a really androgynous name, even her voice was just as so.

The three of us were completely smitten by her androgynous charm and apart from giggling foolishly, we could only produce more giggles. Ultimately, Mo Mo who had the most experience recovered first. She cleared her throat and sweetly smiled: “Hello, we’re your next door neighbors, seeing as you’re so busy, we’ll come disturb you another day! Wait for us! We’ll let you go today then!” After saying this, she naughtily winked at Su Xun.

Thus Su Xun smilingly nodded and went back to tidy her house. After deciding on the time to disturb Su Xun, the three of us scattered.

“The new neighbor is a real beauty!“ I laid on the bed and said toward Han Lei who was lying beside me reading a book.


I turned over and laid against the bed, casually guessing: “I wonder if she has a man? She’s such a high quality woman!”


“Hey! Do you guys not have any interest or thoughts toward a beauty?”

Han Lei closed his book and place it on the nightstand. He turned over, pressed me down punitively and said in a dangerous tone, “Honey, although I have said that a woman who already has a man is undue of to think about another man but I didn’t say that this woman could think about other woman either, okay? Moreover, I don’t know if other men has any interest or thoughts toward the beauty, I only know that I have interest and thoughts toward this one woman.”

His words made me feel a little embarrassed.

I gently pushed him and naively said, “Ahahaha, is that so, en, it must be so. Ah, it’s a bit late now, let’s sleep!”

Oh? You want to sleep already? En, that’s good as well, I’ll accompany you!” A certain someone smirked and closed the lights.


I will certainly not let this man know in the future if I were to think about another man or woman!

Omg, my waist! So sore!

The next night, Jiang Mo Mo gathered Liu Jing and I with snacks and beer to knock on the new neighbor, Su Xun’s door at 8 PM sharp.

Under Su Xun’s friendly greetings, the three of us entered her place comfortably, treating it as if it was our own house, and grabbed her to cultivate friendship.

Thus, under our charms and coercion, Su Xun willingly confessed her situation.

Su Xun — female, the same age as Han Lei, a returnee from overseas, was a network engineer freelancer. The reason why she moved to our city this time was because her “him” was here. The man that she had been in love with all along was her underclassman by two years and once because of drunkenness did XXOO. But for some reason, they did not end up together. Now, toward this man, she loved and don’t want to love, very contradictory.

Another typical woman trapped by love. Anyhow, was her underclassman an idiot or a pig head? What was he thinking? To let such a beauty go…

The friendship between women was formed between gossiping and frolicking. Thus, in just one night, the four of us became sisters. The atmosphere was very harmonious.

It was also my turn to throw away the trash tonight. Everyone must be puzzled on why it was always me throwing away the trash, right? In fact, I was also confused why I always lost whenever we played rock, paper, scissors.

At our house, we used rock, paper, scissors to make things fair and fun when deciding on who would throw away the trash. It was quite obvious that the person who lost every time was me because I was always “fortunate” to receive this “reward” that I find as a “misfortune”.

I simultaneously vented that Han Lei had no bearings of a man and no humaneness while placing the trash at its special spot by the staircase. After throwing away the trash, I continued to mumble and opened the staircase door planning to go back home.

Just when I opened the door, a figure quickly dodged into the corner.

I dashed toward the figure and just when I got to the corner, I regrettably stared at the last second of the elevator door closing.

I stared at the elevator door with a sneer. That’s right, I could recognize that figure even if it had turned to dust. That was definitely Xiao Hao Hao’s figure.

I turned around and looked at Su Xun’s door. An underclassman, a woman older than him, hehe, it seemed like the truth was about to come to light!

Because of a certain reason, I happily hummed a tune while going back home. It was the first time that I had liked throwing away the trash so much.

So for the following nights, I volunteered to throw away the trash — which caused Han Lei to be somewhat apprehensive but the gentleman part of him ultimately decided to respect my wishes.

This move of mine was called “watching a tree stump and waiting for the rabbit”. I don’t believe that Qin Hao would not fall for the net if he really was the underclassman of Su Xun.

Congratulation! On my third night of guarding, I finally caught Qin Hao’s sneaky figure.

When he came out of Su Xun’s and wanted to run away after cautiously looking around, I pushed open the staircase door and huffingly said in a voice that only the two of us could hear, “Qin Hao, you big pig head! One, two, three, you blockhead aren’t allowed to move!”

Qin Hao obediently stood in place rigidly. He turned around with a face of “I’m done for”.

I energetically skipped toward him and plastered on an evil mother-in-law’s hypocritical abductive-like smile of bullying Snow White and said, “Xiao Hao Hao, I’ll invite you to come to our house and rest for awhile if you don’t mind!”

I didn’t give Qin Hao the right to choose and forcibly pulled him into our house.