A certain Ying doubted: Neighbor Su and Qin Hao?! Qin Hao and Neighbor Su?! JQ (means adultery) outburst!

After my guidance and assistance, He Yi and Liu Jing successfully became like Adam and Eve.

Want to know how I knew? Of course it wasn’t because I placed my ear on the cup and eavesdropped; nor was it slipped out by those two, but because I saw it!

One evening, Liu Jing bashfully invited Han Lei and I to their love nest for dinner. As for what was the occasion, everyone knew in their hearts. What I wanted to say was that Han Lei was able to enjoy Liu Jing’s loving dinner all because of my brilliance.

While Liu Jing was busy in the kitchen, I forcefully demanded He Yi to take me to his room for a tour. He Yi blushed and would not relent no matter what. Although he persevered but when faced against me who “acted dead”, could he not compromise?

Ultimately, he bashfully led me to a room which permeated of a pink fantasy and from just one look, was obviously a room that belonged to a girl.

Of course, I did not think He Yi had this kind of preference because I could tell that this was Liu Jing’s room with one glance. After all, there was a large picture of her hanged on top of the bedhead.

Hehe, a full-size bed with two pillows, a comforter and male clothing that had not been put away into the dresser. It was obvious that they had been sleeping together. Since they were sleeping together, could it be that they were still just purely chatting under the covers? Of course not, they would transform into Adam and Eve.

He Yi stood at the door trying to explain himself. I turned around and smirked, giving him a big thumbs up without saying anything. The next second, the handsome face of the bashful adonis blushed so hard that it could fry an egg!

After teasing the adorable He Yi, the four of us sat down and began to enjoy dinner.

Liu Jing’s cooking was undeniably delicious.

After dinner, Han Lei and I leisurely ate fruits on their sofa. It appeared that we were more like the masters of the house compared to them. While we were idly chatting, Han Lei and I teased the two true masters of the house who sat across from us with equivocal glances and expressions from time to time.

Compared to my low-key teasing, Han Lei’s confession at the end was the real high-key teasing.

Han Lei and I took our leave seeing that it was getting quite late and having played enough already. Due to courtesy, He Yi and Liu Jing got up and sent us out. We exited their place and while I was taking out my keys, Han Lei suddenly turned around and smiled at He Yi. He teased, “He Yi, not bad. Keep working hard! Remember that if you want it then go grab it!”

The adonis who understood the hidden meaning blushed again while Liu Jing coordinately blushed for another reason.

En… “If you want it then go grab it.” Ah… a very MAN saying. Han Lei ah Han Lei, you are indeed my man!

After resolving He Yi and Liu Jing’s matter, should I spend some time to “follow”, “concern”, and “care” about Qin Hao?

Hmph! Xiao Hao Hao ah Xiao Hao Hao, see how I will “care” about you!

Like before, during break time at work, Qin Hao was hypnotising himself.

Despite him being like this, I could not help but admire his professionalism. During work hours, he carried out his duties so conscientiously that made people envious. But once break came, he was “hypnotized” thoroughly. He was completely able to split between being concentrated at work and drifting off his mind. He was the first person that I have ever met who was able to split between the two so perfectly.

“Xiao Hao Hao! Are you drifting off again?”


“Is it about that woman again?”


“Tell me about it!”

En? It’s you!”

Look, it was like this again. His consciousness would promptly recover whenever the important question was being asked. What kind of hypnosis was this! Qin Hao’s bullying me! (Everyone wiped their sweat: no one said he was being hypnotized, okay…)

While mumbling to myself, I stepped out of the elevator on the 15th floor with Han Lei. I unexpectedly saw that the door next to our’s and across from Liu Jun and Mo Mo’s was open.

What did this imply? This meant that we have another new neighbor!

Ever since Liu Jing and them moved in, it could be said that the 15th floor which I once suspected of being “haunted” had flourished. Originally, what had only been me and Han Lei living on this floor has now been filled. It was truly worthy of a celebration!

As for this neighbor… It’s fine if it’s an adonis. Just don’t let it be a weird, creepy uncle.

Right at this moment, Liu Jun’s door opened. The two lovebirds stood by their doorway and watched the wide-opened door across from them.

“Oh! You guys are back from your nth honeymoon!” I walked toward them while smiling.

“Of course it’s cause I missed you guys!” Jiang Mo Mo coquettishly said while hooking my arm.

“Uh huh! It better be it!” I laughed with feigned disgust, “But you guys sure know when to come back. To be able to meet the new neighbor as soon as you guys are back.”

“Perhaps it’s fate! When we had just came back and after putting down our luggage, we discovered that someone had moved into the unit across from us,” Mo Mo shrugged, “Let’s go and meet the new neighbor!”

We felt that two people’s power was too “weak”. Hence we went and sought Liu Jing, who was at home, out. Mo Mo, like a mother hen bringing her two chicks to encircle a prey, brought us to the new neighbor’s door and curiously peered.

Toward the actions made by the three of us, Han Lei kept silent and ultimately decided to abandon me and went back home to rest. As Liu Jun was not able to gain a position, he touched his nose and also went back inside.