“Then why doesn’t he embrace me? Generally, wouldn’t a man and a woman who’s in love with each other, en, like to have physical contact?” Liu Jing said while blushing.

En…perhaps it’s not because he doesn’t want to embrace you but was either embarrassed or didn’t dare to!” I kindly reminded Liu Jing when I saw her at a loss, “Miss, how old is your family’s He Yi ah? He’s at the prime of his life where his desires are roaring. How could he not feel anything for you? I suspect that he’s shy but that’s not a problem, as a woman of the 21st century, you can take the initiative!”

Then I proceeded to impart all the methods that I had used, despite their failure, to seduce Han Lei before to Liu Jing. I really hope that she could successfully seduce He Yi!

But why did I have to pay for the drinks in the end?

A few days have passed since that night but from He Yi’s expressions, the temptations that I had taught Liu Jing seemed to have the same reverse effects as my experience then.

He Yi had a foolish look on his face from all the perplexion. It seemed like those little tricks of mine really do have a little problem otherwise it would not have failed twice.

Therefore for the sake of Liu Jing’s happiness, I braced against the wind and came up to the roof to help her draft up a new seduction plan. However, I unexpectedly ran into Qin Hao who was dazing on the roof.

I straightforwardly strutted to Qin Hao’s side and discovered that he was not dazing but was hypnotising himself, soliloquizing.

I rolled my eyes and a plan flashed through my mind.

Xiao Hao Hao, do you have any troubles?” I neared him and asked in a professional consultant tone.

En, it’s that woman, the one who’s older than me. She said that she would be coming to this city…” Sure enough, Qin Hao answered honestly.

I was right that he was under hypnosis or else how could he had answered so honestly? Moreover, what’s troubling him was a woman, one that was even older than him. Oh, this piece of gossip was even more shocking than 911!

“So?” I was excited to unearth more gossip.

“So…” Qin Hao paused and turned around to look at me. After being lifeless for a while, he suddenly woke up and smilingly said, “Oh! It’s Xiao Ying ah, are you also up here to enjoy the breeze? Haha! Then I won’t disturb you, I’m going down first!”

After saying that, he quickly fled from my sight.

Looking at his figure, I was displeased. Was this guy planning to play dumb and dismiss me? Does he really not know that piquing others’ interests and then forcibly kill it on the spot is seriously immoral? It would be very hard for me to accept, okay?

Hmph hmph, Qin Hao ah Qin Hao, wait till I finish taking care of Liu Jing’s matter and see how I will take care of you!

In the end, before I could come up with a new plan after being distracted by Qin Hao, I was blocked at the roof by He Yi.

But this was also quite good, perhaps it would be more effective to just directly brainwash him.

“Xia jie…” He Yi leaned against the railing and looked into the distance. He faintly said, “I feel like Jing has been quite unusual lately…”

I cleared my throat and pretended not to know anything: “How unusual?”

“Like, en, it seems as if she wants to seduce me!” He Yi suddenly turned around and said somewhat emotionally, “What does she exactly want to do?”

“She exactly wants to seduce you ah, stupid!” I unrestrainedly said.

“Why?” He Yi foolishly asked.

“What do you mean why? Of course it’s because she likes you and wants to make love with you!”

After hearing what I said, He Yi’s handsome face flushed red and was somewhat embarrassed and at a loss.

“What are you being shy for? Don’t tell me that you don’t want to make love with her?!”

“I want to, but…”

“But what? If you want to do it, then do it. I really don’t know what you are being so pure for, to the point of even sleeping separately. Instead of suppressing yourself so hard, might as well take action!”

“But… I don’t know what’s her opinion on this…”

“Can’t you ask if you don’t know? The so-called lover, the so-called love, besides the meeting of hearts, physical contact is also as important. Or else why would Adam and Eve commit sin? Believe me, Xiao Jing, this girl, definitely likes you. I can assure you that she also wants to have physical contact with you, believe in Xia jie!” I emotionally said a bunch of “reasons”.

He Yi was deeply persuaded and moved.

“Just like this, no time like the present. Tonight, you first ***, then ***,and finally ***” I neared him and whispered in his ear my suggestions. Ultimately, He Yi’s handsome face blushed to the point of almost discharging smoke. I patted him using both of my hands and shouted, “Successfully accomplish it! Ok? Understood?”

In fact, I didn’t teach him much really. I only told him the skills that Mother-In-Law taught me before. As for the result, that would depend on his luck.

After work, I dragged Han Lei and He Yi to go home together. At the door, I deliberately encouraged He Yi with a vulgar, dubious expression on my face. Ultimately, He Yi fled into his home while blushing.

Hehe, there’s a good show to watch tonight!

“Honey, you seem to be particularly excited tonight!” Han Lei did not know so he puzzedly asked, “Did you do something behind my back?”

With the mindset of “it was better to share the fun than to enjoy it alone”, I completely retold Liu Jing and He Yi’s matter to Han Lei, making this guy laughed loudly.

After waiting for his laughter to stop, he once again asked me while facing my busy figure, “Then what are you searching for right now? What do you want to do?”

I smiled at the paper cup in my hand, turned around and naively said to Han Lei, “Do you think I would be able to hear anything if I placed the cup against their walls and placed my ear on the cup?”


“Didn’t you say that the soundproofing here wasn’t that good?”


“Do you want to hear it together? I have another paper cup that I found with me here!”


Ai! Don’t go!”