Evening—I was totally unaffected by the three of them and as before bantered with Han Lei on the sofa.

Han Lei trapped me and evilly smiled while tickling me with one finger. Although this had no effect on me but seeing him having so much fun, I decided to cooperate with him. Who would have expected that I accidentally found out that he was the one who was afraid of being tickled.

Of course, I wouldn’t let him off when I got the chance so I resisted and attacked. I flipped him over on the sofa, sat on top of him like a queen and began my attack.

Excessive body entanglement could quickly lead to a rapturing effect and gradually the atmosphere became more ambiguous. There were exchanges of fiery stares, body temperatures heating up and mouths becoming a little bit dry.

Under Han Lei’s fervent gaze, I couldn’t help but licked my lips unintentionally. Trust me, it was truly unintentional .

Han Lei saw my provoking action and couldn’t help but closed his eyes and groaned. Placing his hand behind my head and neck, he brought me down until our upper bodies stuck together, our tongues entwined with each other.

Suddenly, the living room was all pink and was about to combust into flames but just at this moment, the doorbell rang.

Freeze, both of our bodies stiffened.

I blushed and struggled to climb up from Han Lei’s body. Han Lei however, laid on the sofa pretending to be dead and cursed with frustration.

After I asked the identity and purpose of the visitor, Han Lei looked at me aggrievedly and drifted back into the bathroom in the bedroom, turning on the shower without hot water to cool down.

After I changed my clothes, I shouted towards the bathroom with laughter: “Honey, turn up the water temperature. If you caught a cold, I’ll be worried! I’m going out now! Bye!”

What answered me was a burst of dissatisfied sound and a loud splash of water.

Hehe, such a pitiful man, one whose wants were interrupted.

After stepping out of the door, Liu Jing, who was standing in front of the door said sorrowfully, “Did I disturb you guys?”

I closed the door and thoughtfully looked at it. I smiled and placed my hand on Liu Jing’s petite shoulder, talking as we walked, “Oh nope, you found me at the perfect time, just in time to let my man train under cold water.”

“On such a cold day? Training under cold water?” Liu Jing exclaimed.

Uh-huh, the colder the healthier!” I said while smiling.

After walking out of the apartment complex, I looked left and right and asked, “Xiao Jing ah, where should we go for our chat?”

Liu Jing struggled for a bit and ultimately said resolutely, “Let’s go for a drink!”

I looked at her with wide eyes and open mouth.

The beautiful and obedient Liu Jing was actively requesting to go drinking, such a big event!

Ultimately, we chose a club nearest to us and sat down in the corner. Liu Jing boldly ordered a dozen bottles of beer with a manner of “not going home unless drunk”.

Two beautiful women, drinking in a club and so aggressively too, even if we wanted to be low-profile by sitting in the corner, we would still attract some people’s attention.

Just as Liu Jing was raising her head and downed a bottle of beer, Man A and Man B came behind me smiling. They obviously approached us with hidden intentions. Their eyes lighted up when they saw how openly Liu Jing was drinking and began hitting on us, “Hey beautiful, can we have the honor of drinking with the two of you?”

Apart from anything else, just that one call of “beautiful” was already enough to disgust me because all around the world, when people sees a woman, they would subconsciously address them as “beautiful lady”. A beautiful woman was a “beautiful lady”, an ugly woman was also a “beautiful lady”. Therefore, as someone who could not be considered ugly, I was quite disgusted with the word “beautiful”.

I grimace, turned around and narrowed my eyes on the beer bottles in the hands of those vulgar men. I coldly said, “We are not free right now, don’t come and disturb us. Get lost!”

Those two men didn’t expect that the “beauties” would become hostile and even admonished them in an oppressive manner hence they who were used to bullying the weak and fearing the strong wisely chose to stay away from us.

After disposing the two flies, I turned back to discover that Liu Jing had unexpectedly downed five bottles of beer wordlessly and was preparing to down the sixth bottle. What’s even more commendable was that her gaze was still very sober, not containing even an ounce of drunkness.

Definitely could not judge a book by its cover ah, this girl was unexpectedly a drinker that couldn’t be underestimated.

After seeing that I was “free”, Liu Jing placed down the bottle in her hand and asked me with a sad expression on her face, “Xiao Ying, does He Yi not like me anymore?”

What? Although I anticipated that it was about He Yi but I truly didn’t expect that it would be about He Yi not liking her.

“How can that be? I could see that He Yi likes, no, loves you very much. If my pair of eyes is not enough, then I can add Han Lei’s ‘two pair of eyes’ to testify.” I calmly dispelled her misconception, “But, why did you think that He Yi doesn’t like you anymore?”

“Because he doesn’t embrace me, uh, the kind that lovers do on the bed…” Liu Jing was afraid that I would not understand and cutely elaborated.

So it turned out her complaints were about how He Yi wouldn’t initiate to roll in bed with her ah.

“Although we had been sleeping separately all along, but he would at least regularly kiss me before. But now, not only does he not kiss me, he seems to also be slightly avoiding me. Is it that he has another woman outside so…” Liu Jing wildly guessed.

“Impossible! Impossible!” I drank while I waved to cut off Liu Jing’s “delusion”. How could He Yi have another woman when he has such deep feelings for her?

That’s what I reckon…