Xia Ying Version Of A Caring Sister

A certain Ying: If you have any romance problems, please consult me!

It’s said that spring was the season for spring fever (be in love, sexually awakened). Then is winter the season that’s worried about “spring”?

From my bored observations, I noticed that some of my friends were a little unusual lately. Their behaviors were similar to that of a spring fever’s. But the difference was that if one was under a spring fever, they would reveal foolish smiles. My friends however, furrowed their brows and looked perplexed.

Thus, the people who got classified by me as unusual were Liu Jing, He Yi, Han Yu and… Qin Hao.

It was normal that Liu Jing and He Yi had some love troubles. It was also still considered normal when Han Yu, this seemingly playboy, encountered some love troubles. But for Qin Hao… there didn’t seem to be a lot of gossips about him. Could it be that apart from Han Lei, there’s another person he’s thinking about? It wouldn’t also be a man, right…

As for the reason why I was able to easily detect their anomaly, other than being bored, it was also because they had been floating before my eyes like “persistent, lingering spirits”. Every time they did, they had the troubled expression of not being able to spit out the words they wanted to say. That was clearly telling me to go enlighten and liberate them, wasn’t it? However, as Han Lei’s woman, did I look like a kind and caring jie jie who wouldn’t charge any fee?

Although saying this was somewhat embarrassing but I indeed “rescued” them free of charge. If that was also considered as “rescuing”…

I personally believe that waking up early to go to school or work in winter was an inhumane torture and a small challenge.

Wearing a warm coat while yawning, I was reluctantly pulled by Han Lei out the door. When Han Lei was locking the door, He Yi, who lived across from us, just so happened to open the door as well. Liu Jing, like always, sent him to the door. But these two’s expressions were somewhat too “harmonious”?

They should really learn from Liu Jun and his wife. Even if it was winter, regardless of rain or shine, that couple would still go out and travel, incomparably sweet and romantic, enjoying life to its fullest. Sure enough, they were an author and freelancer pair.

Liu Jing looked at me and greeted me with a nod. She slightly parted her cherry lips but didn’t utter a word for half a day. She seemed to have a lot on her mind yet hesitated to speak which in turn made me quite perplexed.

Ultimately, Liu Jing didn’t say anything except “be careful on the road” to the three of us.

Look, such a virtuous and gentle woman ah. But what exactly does this type of woman have on her mind?

The three of us entered the elevator and He Yi’s expression was also of one with a lot of things on his mind. The sunny smile that would usually be on his face had now “transmigrated” to who knew where, disappearing without a trace. His gaze when he looked at me seemed to be screaming: “I need your help”. But ultimately, Liu Jing and him weren’t able to spit out what they wanted to say.

Compared to He Yi who had a lot on his mind with black, gloomy clouds hanging on top of his head, Han Lei and I were happy and loving.

As my hands would get cold easily, Han Lei very generously clasped both of my hands with his and tenderly warmed my hands up by blowing on them.

Although our exchanges were somewhat cringey and there was also a He Yi present but after being together with Han Lei for this long, I have learned one skill—being thick skinned. Thus, Han Lei and I “flirted” and “exchanged glances” with each other without any regard for others inside the elevator, completely ignoring He Yi’s pitiful, aggrieved and protesting gaze.

I indeed wanted to provoke him, what about it? Who told the two of them to make me feel at a loss in the early morning?

After sending off the “resentful” He Yi from the parking lot, we were once again met with Han Yu’s melancholy at Han Lei’s office.

As Mother-In-Law was afraid that we would catch the chill, she specially made us some soup and the pitiful Han Yu became Mother-In-Law’s errand boy. I was lucky enough to drink soup while slacking off in Han Lei’s office.

The cold-dispelling soup was scalding hot and Han Lei thoughtfully helped me blow on it. I took a sip and thought that although Han Lei did not contribute to the making of this bowl of soup but he also had done his fair share of work. So I invited him to enjoy it together.

Although there was Han Yu’s presence around us, but who was Han Lei? He and I were the same, our skin was the thickest. He kept a straight face and sweetly shared the bowl of soup with me.

Han Yu looked at us silently, dangling on top of the sofa and lamented, “You guy’s relationship sure is good, good to the point of making people wanting to jump off from here due to envy…”

Hearing this, Han Lei pushed his glasses up, smiled and coldy said, “Sorry but this window of mine cannot be opened. But you can go out, turn right and go up to the roof where you can have the same result. Go ahead, take your time, I would not see you out.”

Me: “…”

Han Yu shrieked: “Han Lei, have I ever told you that you are very cold blooded?”

Han Lei raised his eyebrow: “You’ve said it before, thank you.”

Han You and I: “…”

After finishing the soup, I just so happened to go down as well and saw Han Yu in passing.

Inside the elevator, Han Yu glanced at me quite frequently as if about to say something but he also had the same troubled look as He Yi and Liu Jing. I couldn’t help but frowned.

What’s up with them these days? Was it the trend to say something but then hesitate to? Each and everyone of them were like this, bullying me that I couldn’t play this game too?

In the end, Han Yu didn’t say anything, gifting me with a melancholy silhouette and slowly disappeared from my eyes.