Seeing that we were puzzled, Mo Mo got up and opened her wardrobe. She took out some clothes and placed them on the bed.

Liu Jing and I walked to the beside and found that there were nurse, school uniform, and other professional clothing on the bed… as well as S&M costumes. On the side, there were also wigs and other props.

I looked at those things then looked at Mo Mo’s face that was radiating of spring. I couldn’t help but ruefully said, “You guys must have a blissful s*x life. Liu Jun, that guy, has benefited!”

Mo Mo didn’t hesitate to nod, making everyone laughed.

Mo Mo said that men was prone to enjoy trying new things. Despite his feelings for you, he would still like to see other, different sides of you. After all, a repetitive pattern would get you stuck in a rut and make it very easy for people to get weary of. So, occasionally roleplaying a nurse or having a student-teacher relationship would be interesting and novel. You have to understand that XXOO is an important aspect of marriage. Of course, exchange of feelings was also very important. Therefore, you need to maintain the sweetness before marriage by going on dates!

Mo Mo also talked about a lot of other things, both R-rated and non R-rated. I benefited greatly and enjoyed it to the fullest. Liu Jing was quite bashful but listened til the end with a blushing face.

When we were dispersing, Mo Mo asked us whether we were interested in those “high quality products” of hers, and if so, she would help us order them. When I saw that nurse costume and the school uniform which I haven’t worn since I graduated, I shook my head. A date was still fine but as for these, maybe another time. I don’t have the courage to do so yet.

Speaking about a date, I seemed to not have gone on a date with Han Lei at all.

On the weekend, after I found Han Lei in the study, I smilingly walked over.

“Honey! Let’s go on a date!” I leaned over the desk and said.

Han Lei took off his glasses and lovingly placed a kiss on my nose. He said with a smile, “Okay! Let’s go on a date!”

When I was changing clothes, due to the influence of “Mo Mo’s lecture”, I wondered whether it could be considered roleplaying if I dressed up like a college student.

Thus, I found some lightweight clothes and a pair of jeans, pulled my hair up into a lively ponytail. I also put on some light makeup, en, a very youthful college student.

Han Lei had the same thought as me and also dressed quite relaxedly. He looked even more cool and handsome.

I couldn’t help but admit that the Han family’s genes were great and formidable. This guy was clearly older than me by a few years yet he looked as if he was the same age as I was, making me shout for unfairness.

Out on the streets, Han Lei and I intimately held hands and went shopping, watched a movie, had a date just like present day couples do. I felt great as it was my first time going on a date with him so it was particularly valuable.

After exiting out of the movie theater, Han Lei and I went into a beautifully decorated coffee shop to get some coffee. We chose seats beside a french window, simultaneously drinking coffee and relaxing while looking at the people passing by outside.

Just at this time, Han Lei suddenly shifted my attention towards him and coolly hooked his finger at me.

I obediently placed my arm on the table and leaned forward. Han Lei also did the same thing which made our faces inching very close to one another.

Han Lei took off his glasses and placed it on the table, wickedly grinned: “Honey, let’s kiss!”

What? Here? Not mentioning that there were people around that could see, there were also people passing by outside! Truly a daring man.

Although I was embarrassed but I was also very moved.

Thus, I closed my eyes and under Han Lei’s chuckles, we intimately kissed in front of numerous people.

Sure enough, Han Lei’s style was to keep himself low-profile but handled matters with a high-profile.

Kissing in public was very moving and rapturing.

It was truly a delightful date, I won’t forget it in my entire life.

Small Snippet:

One day, Mother-In-Law urgently called me back to the Han residence.

After entering the house, I noticed that Mother-In-Law was the only one at home. She pulled me into her room and took out a big box from her cabinet, then carefully opened it.

Oh! What have I seen! I saw a sailor uniform!

Mother-In-Law smilingly said toward me, “What do you think? I ordered it online. Do you think it suits me?”

If I wasn’t aware that Mother-In-Law didn’t know Mo Mo, I would have suspected that she had also listened to her “teachings”.

The corners of my lips slightly twitched and smiled: “It should be quite fitting…”

Suddenly, Mother-In-Law pouted and said with some regret, “Do you think that one in our family would like the sailor uniform or not? I should’ve purchased those other things as well…”

I forced a laugh and sincerely prayed that the other things Mother-In-Law had mentioned didn’t consist of S&M props such as a whip, leather belt, candle…

Oh! Let God bless and protect Father-In-Law and hope that he has the courage and understanding to accept new things! Amen!