Selecting a Husband for Baby

A certain Ying smugly said: A mummy with a heavy taste will of course have a baby with a heavy taste!

Mum. Dad. Forgive me for lying to you guys. I promised that I wouldn’t get angry but the fact was, you guys’ so-called truth couldn’t help but made me angry. If I didn’t get angry, I would’ve let you guys, the readers and myself down!

The truth that everyone had been waiting for was a farce that seemed as if there was a love triangle yet was not one. In that year, there were two women who had fallen for the same guy but he was only interested in one woman. Thus, that man and woman got married and the other woman broken-heartedly left and later on, got married as well. That man was my Dad and one of the women was my Mum. The other woman was the “stepmother” that I had always thought was my stepmother; for the time being, let’s refer to her as stepmother. So, when I was about to ascend to freshman year of highschool, stepmother who had just divorced brought her two daughters to ask my Mum for help because they were nemeses. At that time, my Mum just so happened to have a fight with my Dad, so she was in the mood to play and at the same time, also to test my Dad. She allowed them to move into our house and after leaving the divorce papers behind, she went and traveled around the world. Moreover, she even warned Dad that he couldn’t drive them away. Dad who understood Mum’s meaning decided to spoil his woman and thus, he swallowed his anger and allowed them to move in. He then followed in Mum’s footsteps and fled to the other end of the world. In actuality, they went on their nth honeymoon and it was for nth years. They left their only baby daughter, me, to roleplay as Cinderella, dealing with the three women who I thought was my stepmother and stepsisters. Of course, that was because some people had some wishful thinking of becoming my stepmum and stepsisters. Then Dad explained that it was to let me experience people’s evil hearts in advance and to be self-reliant. He insisted on adhering to raise me free-rein until the end. So, thanks to them, I built up a strong resistance and learned to use my tongue to fight between women…

Good, very good. My parents had actually allowed me to experience this “marvelous” life for the past N years because of their own selfish desires and amusement. Were they ordinary parents? Nope, so I’m gonna be angry or else I would’ve let down my elders, no?

The so-called “Xia Ying’s angry and the consequences were severe” was that I instigated my baby daughter to also be mad and have her drool all over them! Hmph hmph!

Time flies and in a blink of an eye, the brat was already three months old. As they say, you flip over at three months, sit at six months and crawl at eight months. Yep, my little baby could flip over now!

After getting off work today, Han Lei and I went to the Han residence to pick the little brat up. After arriving home, we carefully placed her in bed and then we each did whatever we needed to do.

Han Lei was looking over some documents in his study whereas I took a comfortable bath. Who knew that I would receive a surprise, a surprise brought by the little brat, after stepping out of the bathroom?

I happily ran to the study and called Han Lei. Then I mysteriously pulled him to the bedroom and together, we kneeled beside the bed while looking at baby.

Han Lei was puzzled at first but with the little brat’s single action, Han Lei almost laughed from excitement and I was even more excited, quietly giggling. The little brat had flipped over and it was in her sleep.

Han Lei excitedly got up to find the V8 (a camera) and filmed the little brat’s each and every move.

Ever since his baby daughter was born, he totally became a super dad: coaxing her, changing diapers, feeding milk and everything else.

The little brat first slept in a surrender position, then she turned over to her side and continued to sleep. This made me somewhat unsatisfied so I lightly laid her on her back and sure enough, after laying her flat, she quickly turned over again. First she slept on her side and then she laid on her stomach.

I seemed to have gotten addicted as I continued to lay her flat and she continued to flip over. Under Han Lei and me, the little brat was flipped over by us over and over again. The funny thing was that she didn’t even know that she had accidentally entertained us and it was such an addictive act too.

As the little brat was well-nourished, she was round and plump. She was just like a meatball, rolling over and over again, super cute. The most gratifying thing was that her cute movements got recorded by us.

Thus, the two of us scoundrels played like this with baby all night until we woke her up. Then, we spent a long time trying to coax her to sleep again.

In a blink of an eye, baby was six months old and she could now sit.

Over the weekend, we brought the little brat to the Han residence to play. She’s been the little princess in the hearts of all the members of the Han family. So in order to make her laugh, everyone tried their best to amuse her.

The little brat was placed on the sofa by us and she obediently laid there grinning. Although little, she already knew how to satisfy everyone’s vanity.

Suddenly, the little brat waved her hands towards us as if she wanted to get up. So I sat her up and leaned her against the sofa. She plopped onto the sofa and suddenly, she sat upright, still and straight for a few seconds but then quickly plopped back onto the sofa. After all, she couldn’t sit still yet.

Thus, we played with her just like last time where we flipped her over. We propped her up just as she was about to fall over and over again. The little brat was happy and in giggles while we were laughing cause of her.

Take note! It’s not us humoring her, it’s her humoring us.

Gradually, the little brat could sit still and fell in love with another position besides laying down and turning over. From time to time, she would just sit still like a meatball or like Buddha.

Then, we found a new way of playing. Just when she sat still, we mischievously nudged her to fall down. The little brat was also very cooperative with us and every time, she would always extend her hand against the floor. Then, in slow motion, she would slowly slide down. She would then lie on her side and grin at us, the standard smile showing her one tiny tooth.

Needless to say, every time the small, little her amused us, she would earn our screams and giggles. The standard “you entertain me, I entertain you”. The atmosphere was harmonious and loving.