After I realized the seriousness of things, I solemnly and sincerely looked at Han Lei and said, “Okay then. I personally think that those types of women who already has a man yet still think of others is really hateful. But, what if she had a reason for thinking about another man? Then that would be a misunderstanding, right? Furthermore, I wasn’t even thinking about another man, I truly didn’t!”

“Then what did you mean when you said that I’m smart?”

“I meant that you were smart as you had guessed wrongly! This is a contradiction! A paradox! ”

“Honey, the more you lie, the more it feels like one.”


“Okay then, what’s your conclusion?”

“We should sleep!” I sincerely said.

“Okay, let’s sleep then!” Han Lei’s smile was very friendly and he intentionally emphasized on the word “sleep”.

As for whether I was actually able to have a good night of sleep, you could tell from my sore waist and aching back when I woke up the next day.

In the morning, when Han Lei and I just opened the door to go to work, we didn’t expect to see He Yi, who lived across from us, to also open his door. Liu Jing, who was sending him out, was behind him.

The four of us nodded with a smile to each other at our respective doorsteps as greetings. Then together with He Yi, we walked toward  the elevator.

Just at this time, quite coincidentally, the door of the new neighbor also opened in front of us. A man and a woman walked out and passionately kissed. No, it was more like a farewell kiss.

Wa~~~! So early in the morning and I saw such a stimulating scene. It was better than drinking Nestle coffee by a hundredth times.

That woman seemed to be a flight attendant as she was dressed like one. There was also a suitcase beside her. Her figure was excellent, tall and curvy. It could be said that it was the archetype figure of a succubus. Due to me admiring her figure, I unexpectedly neglected to take a look at her face. After she “callously” turned around and left, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t even taken a look at her appearance! Such a blunder!

But since she had a figure like that of a succubus, I just hoped that she also had a face like that of an angel’s.

The four of us stood still in place. Why didn’t that woman turn around and glance at us before she left? Wasn’t she curious? Could it be that the four of us suddenly became invisible? Although we were really quiet, that was because disturbing someone’s good thing would be sinful.

When that woman’s figure had completely disappeared around the corner, that man turned around and saw us. Furthermore, he walked toward us while smiling.

Very good, it seemed like we didn’t just suddenly become invisible.

That man walked up to us and said with a friendly smile while scratching his head, “Hi, I just moved in. My name’s Liu Jun, your new neighbor. Please take care of me in the future!”

When I looked at this man closely, I couldn’t help but suppressed my urge to scream. Surely he wasn’t the man from yesterday that seemed to be an artist? Although it was still the same pair of overworn pair of sandals, hoodie and sweatpants but yesterday’s messy hair was now flowy and natural. His bangs were freely clasped by a hair clip, revealing his full forehead, thick eyebrows and big eyes. His nose bridge was still tall yet his chin was neat and tidy as if it hadn’t grown any stubbles at all. Even though he had a hair clip on, it didn’t feel feminine, rather it made him look more artistic. And he didn’t seem to be that old either, he’s probably around Han Lei’s age.

Okay, truthfully speaking, he wasn’t much of a handsome man. Although he had regular features but it was abnormally pleasing to the eye. He exuded a peculiar aura that inadvertently attracted people’s attention.

We shook hands and introduced ourselves one by one. When it was my turn, the time he held my hand was strangely long and his gaze when he looked at me was somewhat…surprised?

Just when my expression was gradually becoming rigid, Han Lei who rarely would help out extended his hand in front of Liu Jun’s face. He said with atypical and classic smile of his which I often teased him about, “Hi Mr. Liu, I’m Han Lei. Her husband!”

I seemed to have heard an extra emphasis on “husband”.

After hearing Han Lei’s words, Liu Jun expressionlessly released my hand to shake hands with Han Lei. He continued with a monotone voice, “Oh hehehe, so it’s like that ah. Hello, hello~ But everyone don’t need to be so formal. Don’t call me Mr.Liu, just call me Liu Jun. I will also just call you Han Lei,” then he looked at me, Liu Jing, He Yi and said, “I’ll call you Xiao Ying, Xiao Jing, Xiao He Yi.

Everyone had no objections and nodded to express that it was permissible.

Just at this time, Han Lei withdrew his hand and used his other hand to hold me. He said to Liu Jun, “Let’s chat again some other time. We have to go to work now, or are you going downstairs as well?”

Please, how did Liu Jun look like he’s going to go to work? There was a hair clip on his head, flips flops on his feet, compared to an office worker, he was more like a neet.

Sure enough, Liu Jun embarrassedly smiled and said, “Hehe, I don’t go out to go to work. Uh, you guys should go now or else you guys would be late. En, I won’t send you guys off then. Let’s talk again another day!”

Thus, the three of us walked into the elevator under Liu Jun’s gaze.

A man that didn’t have to go to work, a man who kissed women. What kind of man was this Liu Jun anyways?

Liu Jun was a man of mystery and a man who had lots of women.