A Kept Man

A certain Ying suspected: A man who has different women staying overnight frequently, if he wasn’t a player then what?

How should I describe this new neighbor, this man?

Tall, slightly pale, wearing an oversized hoodie, sweatpants, worned-out sandals, semi-long messy hair, bangs that covered his eyes, a high nose bridge, lips slightly fuller than Han Lei’s, with a little stubble on his chin.

En, I could only say that he was a work of art or he could be an artist himself.

Unlike us, compared to playing with art, it’s more like we’re being played by art.

That man was standing in the center of his living room and just so happened to meet my line of sight. He was dazed for a bit and then nodded at me with a friendly smile. As courtesy, I also nodded and just when I was about to smile, something obscured my sight. I puzzledly looked before me. It turned out that unawarely, Han Lei who was behind me had walked up to my side. I only saw the back of his head nodding to the person inside with an expression I couldn’t see.

Next, Han Lei no longer gave me any chance to peer at that man. He pulled me and directly walked past the door.

Perhaps it was because the sound of the movers were somewhat loud, He Yi and Liu Jing who left the company way before us also opened their doors to look.

I quickly walked toward Liu Jing and intimately pulled her in. We watched the entering and exiting from that front door and I whispered near her ear, “Do you know the details of the new neighbor and have insider information?”

Liu Jing also cooperated with me and whispered, “I totally don’t know anything and have never seen him before. He suddenly moved in this afternoon and the movers were constantly busy even until now.”

Liu Jing also cooperated with me and whispered, “I totally don’t know anything and have never seen him before. He suddenly moved in this afternoon and the movers were constantly busy even until now.”

At this side, Liu Jing and I gathered together to guess the age, occupation of the new male resident and whether he had a girlfriend and so on. On that side, Han Lei also unexpectedly convened with He Yi, their shoulders touching each other. Their backs were to us and were also seemingly “gossiping” but it’s just that their side profiles occasionally showed perplexion and baffleness.

Could it be that they were also interested in the new resident?

It seemed like, it wasn’t just women who were interested in men nowadays.

At night, I was lying on my bed thinking about a man besides Han Lei for the Nth time.

In actuality, the men that I thought about weren’t many because all the men that I knew were just those few. It could even be said that all of them could be counted with my ten fingers.

Now, let’s count the men that I have thought about since marrying Han Lei. The first ever man in my life and was also the most important, furthermore it could be said that without this man then there wouldn’t be me — my dad. The reason why I thought about him was simply because I wondered whether he was taking care of himself well since “leaving home” and if he was successful in seducing my mom. Then there’s Qin Hao because I had viewed this guy as my rival for a long period of time. I didn’t want to think about how he would seduce Han Lei even if his seduction was a failure. Next it’s Qin Yang and Gao Fan Yu, only because of their bald head and afro. Another one was Lin Zhe, my first love that appeared after my marriage. As it was my first love, when I reminiscenced that year’s pure relationship, I couldn’t help but thought about him as well. After that it’s He Yi, let’s not say anything else, he was a handsome young man. Was it possible that I, who liked to appreciate handsome men would let go of one that’s beside me? After all, when one thought about beautiful people or things, it was easier to fall asleep. There was also Father-In-Law, especially that night when he was tied up by Mother-In-Law. Then it’s Ouyang Shuai, thinking of how to “exchange blows” with him. Then, there was also Grandpa Han. His amusing coquettish expressions, very funny and formidable. Now, there was that new neighbor who I temporarily viewed as a man of mystery, thinking of what type of person he was.

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Just so happened to be ten men. Wasn’t I right that I could count all of them with ten fingers?

“Honey, what are you dazing about?”

Just at this time, Han Lei suddenly leaned over and looked at me.

I pushed him off and coldly said, “Thinking about a man.”

Oh?” Han Lei used his hand to prop his head and laid on his side. He used his other hand to play with my hair and said in a deep voice, “Let your smart hubby guess. Right now, the man that you’re thinking about isn’t me, right? En?”

“Wow! Have I ever said that you are so smart?” I turned around and deliberately said with false admiration.

“Although this is the first time that you have said this but I also know that I’m smart, this undeniable truth. But you’re quite bold, to actually dare to admit that you’re thinking about a man besides your own in front of him. Honey, should I admire your courageousness?”

These words were becoming more and more dangerous upon hearing…

“How should I punish a woman who doesn’t think about their man?” He smiled gently and touched my lips lightly. “Honey, do you have any ideas or suggestions for the punishment?”

“Uh…” I embarrassedly said with a laugh, “We should discuss about this question tomorrow. I think this is a question worth pondering so I want to treat this seriously. But because of the time, if we were to hastily decide on this, it would show that we aren’t respectful toward it and that it’s not important. Therefore, I suggest that we should go to sleep for now!”

“Hehe…” Han Lei’s smile became even more gentle, “I’m very happy that you also think that this is a question worth pondering about. I’m also very happy that you place importance on it but I find that if we don’t find out the answer tonight, your darling hubby will lose sleep. If I lose sleep, then there will be dark circles and it would be easier to get into a car accident. Aren’t you worried?”

Could I say I’m not? If the car doesn’t have me in it, I would definitely say it…

It seemed like I dug a hole for myself and I ultimately had to fill it. Why was I so carefree to dig a hole to bury myself into? I truly deserved it ah.