As I didn’t drive, Han Lei and I took a cab back.Just after getting into the taxi, Han Lei with exhaustiveness written all over his face leaned his head on my shoulder, closed his eyes and rested.

The taxi driver was very professional and didn’t look at the rearview mirror, seemingly afraid that he would see something that he shouldn’t have. He concentrated on driving us home.

Looking at Han Lei’s exhausted handsome face and seeing his dark circles, my heart ached a little. I couldn’t help but stroked his face and sighed in my heart, such a pitiful grandson.

After we got off the cab, Han Lei pulled me into the lobby. He gave a typical polite smile as we passed the security guard uncles then we entered the elevator.

When the elevator arrived at our floor, we got out and opened the door of our unit. Han Lei pushed me inside first then he followed in entering. After he closed the door, he leaned against the door and then pulled me into his arms.

I couldn’t help but hmm when I felt the familiar and comfortable embrace.

I suddenly felt a hand roaming around on my back. I calmly asked, “Aren’t you exhausted?”

En…” Han Lei’s teasing laughter came from above my head, “I was exhausted at first that’s why I rested during the car ride!”

Sure enough, him suddenly closing his eyes and resting had a purpose.

Before I replied, he suddenly buried his head in my neck. His lips were on my neck seemingly licking and sucking, creating a pleasurable feeling.

I put my hand on his chest and simultaneously said while evading his attacks, “Knock it off, it’s still daylight!”

Han Lei clasped my head with both of hands, fixing it in front of his eyes. He pouted and said, “Who said that married couples can’t make love during the day? Honey, we haven’t made love for seven, no, eight days already! Don’t you miss me? Well, I miss you a lot!”

He suddenly looked at me unwaveringly and said with an earnest expression, “I really did miss you. Aside from my mom, grandma, elder and younger sister, this is the first time that I have missed a woman so much, both mentally and physically.”

Oh! What fatal sweet and honeyed words ah. I felt my heart beating uncontrollably. I felt like I could melt at any moment when I saw his earnest expression and heard his sincere words. My entire body went soft and leaned against him. I had to encircle both of my hands around his neck to barely stand upright.

I couldn’t remember who kissed whom first, all I could remember was that our breaths were mingling, lips meeting, tongues entwining, our bodies entangled.

At this moment, Han Lei extended one hand into my shirt and caressed my chest. His other hand stroked my back and naughtily continued downwards…

Taking advantage of the gap to breathe, I gaspingly and weakly said, “Not here, let’s return to the room.”

You must be joking. This was in front of the door, furthermore it wasn’t soundproofed. If by any chance we were heard, even covering our face would be useless.

Hearing my suggestion, Han Lei nibbled my earlobe while chuckling. “Don’t you want to try it here?”

I immediately shook my head.

“Haha! What if I said that I really want to try it?” Han smiled seductively at me.

I looked at him fixedly. Even if he was a charming and handsome man, I still hadn’t lost my consciousness to this level yet. Come again next time!

Seeing my firm gaze, Han Lei continued to smile at me and even tried to use his sweet kisses to persuade me to do naughty things with him at the front door. When he noticed that I was still “relentless”, this guy evilly pressed my PP against his lower half, making me distinctively feel his urgent needs and wants at the moment.

I pushed him with a strength out of nowhere. Although my face showed * that couldn’t be ignored but I still used the last of my rationality and insisted on pointing at the room trembling. “Room…”

“Ahahaha!” Han Lei couldn’t help but laughed. “Honey, you win. Let’s return to the room and continue to make love!”

After saying that, he hurriedly took me into the room. After pushing me onto the bed, he stood at the bedside and slowly took off his clothes. He looked at me just like a hunter would look at its prey, seemingly hesitating on how to sample the food in front of its eyes to achieve the best taste as possible.

My entire body went feverish from his gaze. This was bad. This guy could actually turn me on just with his gaze.

He slowly climbed onto the bed and lightly pressed against me. After he skillfully stripped me down to the last of my clothing, he whispered in my ear, “Honey, we’re going to play a little bit differently tonight. Just think of it as celebrating our reunion!”

Actually, I could accept changing positions as changing to a different one could bring a new sensation. Just as long as that position wasn’t too perverted or else I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t kick him off.

After receiving my bashful consent, Han Lei gave me a hot and fiery kiss. He then flipped me over and made me lie on my stomach. No, it should be kneeling on top of the bed.

Was this position called doggy style?