The Reunion of the Newlyweds

Han Lei: Honey, we are… hehe (XD)…

“Rebel?” Grandma Han slowly repeated this word, then she unhurriedly walked to Grandpa Han and sat down beside him. After that she gracefully looked at the five member team headed by Father-In-Law… without saying a word.  

Upon seeing this, we women one by one walked to our man’s side and sat down, concentrating on Grandma Han’s “suppression”.

Compared to the men who were tense and uneasy, we women were more curious and expectant.  

At the moment, Grandma Han picked up Grandpa Han’s cup of tea from the coffee table and elegantly drank a sip. After moistening her throat, she looked at Grandpa Han who’s beside her and said as if they were just having a usual day-to-day conversation, “Hubby, the children these days really don’t have a sense of humor and amusement. Wasn’t it just a joke? Is it necessary to be so serious?”

Under the pressure of the “children”, Grandpa Han could only nod his head and didn’t dare to make any remarks.

“Mom…” Father-In-Law said helplessly.

“You rotten child! You know that I’m your mom yet you still show me this kind of attitude?” Grandma Han pouted her lips and looked at her son with an expression of being “wronged”.

Father-In-Law sighed, closed his eyes and said in a grave manner to his mom, “You guys went too far this time, didn’t give us any news, making us worry that something had happened to you guys…”

“Haven’t you guys heard of the phrase ‘no news is good news’?” Grandma Han retorted.

In the next second, Grandma Han suddenly looked at Father-In-Law with tenderness and affection: “Son, do you know how much we have missed you? Perhaps because we have gotten older, we recently would always reminiscence everything about you especially when you were little, running around all naked…”

Cough cough cough!” Someone coughed heavily.

“All we wanted to do was just to give you guys a surprise. Don’t you guys miss Grandpa and Grandma?” Grandma Han stirringly said and looked at everyone expressionlessly with glistening eyes.

It was obvious that everyone was somewhat unused with Grandma Han’s move of “emotional appeal” and could only sit on the sofa 囧.

Just at this time, Han Lei said in a voice devoid of any emotions, “Just directly say why you guys came back and future plans.”

“It’s still Han Lei who understands Grandma best!” Grandma Han happily declared, swept away the tenderness from before and said merrily, “The main reason why we really came back was of course to see you guys! Don’t believe me? How can you guys not believe in an elderly’s words? Okay okay, I will say the truth. I’ll confess everything. In fact, coming back to see you guys was the second reason, the main reason was to come back to watch the variety show channel! Who told you guys to leave us in a country far away from you guys and without this variety show channel? Don’t you guys know that what the elderly needs the most is the love from their sons and grandchildren?”

“It was you guys who wanted to go to Australia for retirement in the first place… “ Father-In-Law helplessly reminded.

Oh hehehe, was it like this? Aiyaya, when you get old, your brain isn’t that good! Ahahaha!” Grandma Han embarrassedly said.

“To sum it all up,” Han Lei suddenly said calmly, “In short, you guys came back because of that variety show channel. But felt that coming back just like this wasn’t interesting, creative, flashy enough so might as well play around with us for a bit. Then from what I surmise, you guys plan to come back and reside here long term. The reason being was because that variety show channel doesn’t air in Australia, right?”   

“Bingo! Congrats to Han Lei for answering correctly!” The two elderly nodded with praise.

Rumbles,” There was suddenly a loud noise heard in the Han residence which shocked everyone.

Did this count as a farce due to a TV channel?

Because of a TV channel, the five men of the Han family travelled through great distances to five, uh, six countries just to “arrest” an elderly. In the end, they discovered that it was a trap laid down by the two elderly. Being played and pranked with was one thing but it was another to actually know that it was done because of a damn TV channel. Do you think they could swallow this?

In fact, the men of the Han family were very angry, but in the end… there wasn’t much they could do differently.

But regardless, this bout of “rebellion” was ultimately “suppressed” by Grandma Han’s formidableness and use of emotional appeal.

Consequently: Han Yu looked up and lamented, Guan Yi looked down and sighed, Han Si kneaded his temples and shook his head, Han Lei directly closed his eyes, and as for Father-In-Law… angrily walked away?!

I only saw Father-In-Law pulled up Mother-In-Law and helplessly said toward the two elderly, “Do whatever you guys like as long as you guys are happy.” Then turned around and returned to their room to rest.

Han Si and Guan Yi followed suit and after excusing themselves, they pulled their own woman back into their room. Hehe, it should also be to have some rest.

After seeing that Han Lei was about to pull me up, Han Yu and Han Hui clever wittedly found an excuse and left a step ahead of us.

Han Lei ought to be in a bad mood as he didn’t even say bye to the two of them and directly pulled me away. Out of courtesy, I turned around while I was being led away, planning to nod my head to them as a gesture. As a result, I saw the two of them… were smiling brightly…

Black ah, it was truly black. Just act as if I was temporarily blind. Okay?