After this brief interlude, the two of them no longer paid attention to me and lost interest in the things in Han Lei’s room. Instead, they were eager to stay in front of the TV, happily pointing the remote control. They ultimately selected a variety show channel which just so happen to alternately broadcast Happy Camp, Tian Tian Xiang Shang, Jin Pai Mo Shu Tuan… (These are all real variety shows)

Uh…It seemed like the two of them were faithful fans of Hunan TV.

As I had to go to work the next day, I originally planned to ask for half a day off to send the two of them to the Han residence then go to work. Who would have thought that Grandma Han would domineeringly say, “Isn’t the company Han Lei’s? Since he’s not here, why do you need to go to work? You might as well take a week off and keep the two of us company. If that brat dares to have any objection, Grandma will help you kick his PP(stands for butt)!”

Thus, under the backing of the true head of the Han family, I was fortunate enough to have a week off. It really was paradise ah paradise. But I had to clarify that the reason why I went to work was absolutely not because Han Lei was also there!

When the three of us along with two suitcases appeared together at the Han residence, I noticed that only Mother-In-Law was at home holding the fort at this time.

When Mother-In-Law saw the two of them, not only did she not show any expressions of being startled, shocked and electrocuted but rather one of “just as I expected”.

Mother-In-Law intimately took Grandma Han’s hand and greeted us to sit down on the sofa. She grinned and said, “You guys are truly too cunning. Tricking them all the way to Australia and then coming back here to play!”

Grandma Han revealed an even more evil grin: “Would I be satisfied with just tricking them to Australia? I deliberately left a note for them as well!”

Oh yeah, Han Lei also said that she had left a note.

“I told them that ‘I, your Grandma, have also decided to follow you guys to find your Grandpa but just a step ahead. By my reckoning, if your Grandpa isn’t in Australia then he must be in France or Canada. If not then Egypt or Brazil. Anyways, if we have the chance, we’ll meet somewhere! Bye!’ Ahahaha, therefore I estimated that once they find out that everything is a scam, it would be a week later. So during this one week, we can nicely let loose!”

After saying that, there was a burst of evil and sinister laughter plus the sound of success transmitting from the Han residence.

Looking at the two women in front of me, I couldn’t help but secretly wiped the cold sweat off my temples. So scary ah, Han Lei and them should just be resigned to being played with. I don’t think they could ever win against these two women of the Han family.

Just at this time, Grandma Han who was sitting beside me muttered, “Son ah, Grandson ah, Grandson-In-Law ah, the mastermind of the game this time is actually your Grandma. I’m only an accomplice…”

God of Thunder ah God of Thunder, why did you appear so frequently  on top of my head recently?

“How did the two of you come here together with Xiao Ying?” Mother-In-Law asked.

Oh hehehe, of course it’s because we went to find her. I made the old man go a step ahead while I stayed behind to specially prepare a note then go. Therefore, we had stayed a night at their house yesterday.” Grandma Han said as a matter of fact.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore, let’s go shopping! I still have to watch TV at night!” Grandma Han suddenly said excitedly.

Thus, us three women in the Han residence went out shopping hand in hand, leaving Grandpa Han to watch the house by himself.

Looked like Grandma Han hasn’t returned to the country to shop in a long time. She led us from this side to that side tirelessly, from first floor to the seventh floor. They were full of vigor whereas I was exhausted.  

When they finally stopped walking, I took a look around. Apparently they stopped to pick out undergarments at a lingerie shop.  

I always thought that undergarments were to be worn on the inside so as long as they were comfortable and presentable, then it’s all good. But they didn’t agree. They said that aside from wearing comfortable undergarments, the second reason was for their men to enjoy when seeing them wearing it. So earnestly picking it out was a must.

But even so, I was still uninterested. In the end, as Grandma Han couldn’t stand it any longer, she gave me a nightgown, saying that it was a gift for meeting me for the first time.

Looking at the white cloth that was as light as a feather in my hand, saying that was a nightgown was really overestimating it. It was basically just a transparent and lightweight cloth.

But as it was a gift from the elders, I could only accept it with a grateful heart.

It seemed that the sexy nightgown that’s in the innermost of my wardrobe finally has company. Does everyone still remember that black, sexy nightgown that I sent to the cold palace due to its failure to seduce Han Lei? Now, this white cloth was going to face the same tragic ending.

Considering Han Lei’s interest in me right now, I don’t think there was any need to use this kind of cloth to excite him.

Now, everyone could close their eyes and imagine for a bit. In the innermost part of the wardrobe, one black and one white transparent cloth put together. It was too rapturing, agitating, and moe.

Thus, during Grandma Han’s so-called “let loose” week, we were either shopping or the two elderly were watching TV, still focusing on the variety show channel.

I reckoned that there really wasn’t such channel in Australia, forcing the two of them to play this prank of “leaving home and go missing”, just for this variety show channel…

A week later, on the eighth day, just when the five of us women entered the Han residence talking and laughing, we noticed that there was a strange oppressiveness in the atmosphere. Just like the calm before the storm.  

When we walked into the living room, good heavens, I saw one, two, three, four, five, six men sitting on the sofa of which five had straight faces on and one was laughing uneasily.

When that man who was laughing uneasily saw the five of us, he urgently shouted with fervor, “Wifey! These brats want to rebel! You need to suppress them!”