A certain Ying sighed: Sure enough, ginger gets spicer as it gets older, women were the most formidable.

“Han Yi Tian, why don’t you say it one more time? If you are the head of the Han family, then what am I? En?”

That woman repeated her words one more time under our gaze, the difference this time was that there were a few extra words, especially that “en” at the end. The sound of it was repeated for like thousands of times in hundreds of ways, the echoes surrounding for 3 days.

I suddenly felt the pressure on my shoulder disappeared. I turned around only to see Grandpa Han revealed a flattering smile while walking toward that woman. He stooped and cajolingly said, “Aiyaya! Wifey, you heard wrong! When did I say that I was the head of the Han family? The true head of the Han family is certainly you! You should know that your position in our Han family is unshakeable. People’s reverence toward you is like the continuous, unending streams of the Yangtze River…”

Chills ah chills. A single 80 year old geezer was lying through one’s teeth while acting cute at the same time. Was that even watchable? But the truth was that his behaviour looked normal and amiable…

Hence, I was magnificently electrocuted once again, the kind that cooked me on the inside…

Of course, the reason why I was electrocuted wasn’t just because of Grandpa Han’s horrible cuteness but because of that woman whom he affectionately referred to as “Wifey”.

Yep, that was a delicate and exquisite woman of remarkable quality. Although she didn’t possess an overly beautiful appearance but that noble, refined aura of hers made her radiant and pleasing to the eye. The scariest thing was that she looked very young as well.

Why was it so scary? Because Grandpa Han called her “Wifey”, this meant that she was Grandma Han ah. According to Mother-In-law, Grandpa Han only married one woman in his lifetime and that woman was only younger than him by three years. In other words, the woman before me that looked as if she was only beginning her fifties (?) and has just ended her forties (!) was actually a woman who was at least in her seventies!

Witch ah witch! A never aging witch!

However, an ageless demon paired with an ageless witch definitely made a perfect match.

They were currently standing not far from me “bantering flirtatiously” and “exchanging glances” as if no one was around. It looked just like…beauty and the beast. Uh, it should be beauty and the beast prince whose enchantment had been broken.

I was about to sit on a bench and wait for them to finish their interaction before going back home together when Grandma Han pushed Grandpa Han away. She then walked gracefully toward me while smiling amicably.

“You must be Han Lei, that brat’s wife! Oh, hehehe! You’re just to my liking! Why don’t we first go in then have a chat? The wind here is really unlikeable!” After saying that, she intimately took my arm and walked toward the apartment complex.

Brat? It’s brat again, looks like Han Lei’s nickname really was “brat”.

But these two were really fitting, one placed his hand on my shoulder, while the other one took my arm.

The three of us entered the lobby and Grandpa Han familiarly walked toward the concierge. After greeting the security guard uncles, he pulled out his suitcase.

No wonder, I was just wondering where his suitcase went. It turned out to be here.

Ultimately, under Grandma Han’s “suggestion”, their suitcases were pulled by Grandpa Han and then the three of us got into the elevator.

After entering the house, I noticed that both of them had a strong message of “we must stay here for a night” written clearly on their faces. I then led them to the only guest room in the house.  

This room was once occupied by me then Ouyang Shuai. Now, it finally welcomed two guests at a time. It truly was worthy to be celebrated, scatter flowers~

After putting away their luggage, the three of us sat on the sofa in the living room.

Grandma Han looked around the house then sighed: “Ya! It really has been quite a while since I last came here!” Then she continued and said, “Right, Granddaughter-In-Law, do you have anything to eat? I’m so hungry!”

Yep, it’s already evening. I’m hungry as well.

“En, there’s some side dishes prepared in the fridge. Please wait a moment, I will go and cook dinner!” I said and stood up at the same time.

Just at this time, Grandma Han suddenly pulled me and firmly shook her head toward me. She turned around, faced Grandpa Han with an expression that I couldn’t see and gently said, “Why are you still dilly dallying around? Didn’t you hear that there are side dishes in the fridge? Still not going to cook? Do you want to rebel? En?”  

“Uh, it’s better if I’ll go…” As part of the younger generation, I didn’t dare to trouble my elders.

But Grandma Han raised her hand and interrupted me. She turned around and smilingly said, “Don’t vie for it, cooking is his hobby and pleasure. Whoever doesn’t let him cook, he would become anxious with them!”

Uh, was it really like this?… Why did I feel that the rearview of him wearing an apron seemed so unwilling?

Just at this moment, Grandma Han said in a voice barely audible to Grandpa Han: “Furthermore, I’m used to eating his food. I don’t know if I could digest other people’s food!” After saying that, she mischievously winked at me and pointed at Grandpa Han’s back with her thumb.

As expected, when I looked at the figure in the kitchen again, I saw that it had changed from unwillingness to willingness. He was even humming a song.

Formidable ah formidable. Grandma Han was truly too formidable, let me worship under your feet!

I was fortunate enough to have benefited from Grandma Han and was able to enjoy the loving dinner prepared meticulously by Grandpa Han for his wife. I couldn’t help but sigh: the men of the Han family were all that could enter the kitchen! Furthermore they also dearly loved their wives!   

Hehe, seemed that I benefited greatly from marrying Han Lei!