The next morning, I had to head out early as I couldn’t hitch a ride.

Throughout the entire night, I didn’t receive a single call from Han Lei. I wonder if it was due to jet lag or was there a change in the situation?

After greeting the security guard uncles, I stepped out of the lobby of the apartment complex.

The residential area that we lived in placed a high importance on being green and environmental friendly, thus there were a lot of flowers, plants and trees all around. When I passed by a tree not far from the apartment complex, I noticed that a man was sitting on a stone bench beside a big tree with a suitcase near his feet.  

As the weather was quite cool right now, that man wore a dark-colored windbreaker with his collar up with a hat of the same color, nearly covering up his entire face. He only exposed a pair of bright piercing eyes…looking at me.

Truthfully speaking, this person’s adornment made me inadvertently associate him with a group of people which were perverts. But at the thought that perverts wouldn’t be able to enter this residential area, I couldn’t help but took another look at that person. I was somewhat curious about his appearance and identity.

Thus a strange scene formed: Early in the morning, a young woman who was on her way to work and a man who was suspected of being a pervert looked at each other then slowly saw each other off.  

After arriving at the company, I noticed that Qin Hao was very busy to the point of not even paying any attention to me. But if I were to think about it, Han Lei wasn’t here to oversee the company. It would be weird if Qin Hao wasn’t busy hence I very generously didn’t go and disturb him.

After drifting through work till the end of the day, I originally wanted to find He Yi to go home together. But who knew that this beautiful youngster actually made plans with his woman to go and be romantic? Thus I sympathized and decided to go home by myself.

When I entered the residential area, the sun just so happened to set. It was that tree and stone bench again with that man who I suspected of being a pervert. The difference was that the suitcase by his feet was gone.

Just when I was contemplating whether to walk straight past him or go the roundabout way, that man suddenly stood up and walked toward me.

I subconsciously turned around and looked left and right. After finding that no one was around, I was certain that his goal was definitely me.

He stopped just an arm’s length away from me. I looked at him calmly and collectively, waiting for his next move.

He suddenly raised his hand as if he was about to pull down the  zipper of his windbreaker which startled me for a moment. But I was already prepared to bestow him a punch if he dared to really pull open his windbreaker and let me see disgusting things that I shouldn’t see. But fortunately, he just pulled down the collar of his windbreaker, revealing his silvery white long beard. Then he took off his hat and exposed his silvery white hair.

Judging from his natural silvery white hair and beard which didn’t look as if it was artificially dyed, it was undeniable that he was a man of a more advanced age and a handsome one at that. Although he only exposed a pair of eyes but I could still tell that when this man was young, he was definitely a rare beautiful man.

Just when I was in a daze, that man suddenly brushed away his beard that blocked his mouth and revealed a grin.

Weird, this was a weird smile. It was a weird smile that was almost 99% similar to Han Lei’s grin.

An eye catching white hair and beard…

An idea suddenly flashed through my head. I rummaged my purse and took out a photo, holding it up next to that man’s face, looking back and forth. This photo of Grandpa Han when he was young was forcefully given to me by Mother-In-Law. I never thought that it would actually come in handy.  

Crow! I need a flock of crows bustling with noise and excitement to fly over my head! If there’s no crows, butterflies would do as well!

Too cunning! He truly was too cunning!

Shocking! Too shocking! I was electrocuted on the outside and cooked on the inside.

The man before me was clearly the “wanted” Grandpa Han that made the five member team flew to Australia!

But…this “wanted” person was right in front of me. Where were they going to go to “arrest” this person then?

As for why I wasn’t able to recognize the head of the Han family, there was certainly a reason for this. Because Father-In-Law only said that he has white hair and a beard but he didn’t say that the kind of beard he had was the type that could cover the entire face!

Furthermore, I have been considering this head of the Han family as a pervert since this morning! It truly was an error of judgement ah. Grandpa Han, I’m sorry!

Seeing my changing complexion, Grandpa Han thought that I was still harboring suspicions toward him. Hence, he took out his identity card for me to check and verify his “indelible” identity.

After looking over that identity card, I kneaded my throbbing temples  and weakly asked, “You…really are Han Lei’s Grandpa?”

Although I don’t think that he would lie to me but…

“Of course! I’m the head of the Han family! Is there a need to deceive you, yatou (girl – a term of endearment)? Grandpa Han complacently said.

Want to know why I was so skeptical? According to Father-In-Law, this Grandpa should be around 80 years old but the man standing before me was not only tall (of course not as tall as our family’s Han Lei but still taller than me so he’s considered tall, 囧), nimble and robust. The most frightening thing was that he only looked as if he was in his 60s! Even younger! Demon ah demon! An immortal demon!

囧 – used as emoticon (“smiley”) meaning embarrassed, sad :-(, depressed or frustrated

Seeing my disbelief, Grandpa Han smiled and said, “You’re in denial because of my age and appearance, right? Ahahaha! Don’t you know that the people in our family appear younger than we actually are?”

I’m truly sorry, I really didn’t know.

But after hearing him say that, it seems like there was such a case. No matter if it was Han Lei or Father-In-Law, they really do look younger than their age.

Thus I could only pray right now and hope that after a few years, Han Lei better not look younger than me. After all, being misunderstood as an old cow eating young grass (a romance where one party of a relationship is significantly older than the other) would not be amusing at all.

Just when I was immersed in my delusion, Grandpa Han suddenly placed his hand on my shoulder and smilingly said, “Let’s go inside and talk. I had to endure the cold for a long time in order to wait for you from work!”

Before I could respond, he pushed me toward the apartment building.

Yatou! This ought to be your first time meeting me, right? I’m the head of the Han family!”

While walking, Grandpa Han once again reiterated his position that he believed was unshakeable…  

“Han Yi Tian! If you’re the head of the Han family, then what am I?”

Behind us, a woman’s imposing and domineering voice could be heard. That voice broke through the horizon, straight into the sky.

We turned around in succession.

It looked like the TRUE head of the Han family has just appeared.