We arrived in a sorry state at the lobby of our apartment complex.   Under the shocked gazes of the security guard uncles, we calmly and unhurriedly walked into the elevator, planning to wash up right after we got home and hoping that we wouldn’t catch a cold.

I walked into the bathroom, closed the door and took off my clothes, washed my hair under the shower head before soaking in the hot water filled bathtub to relax.

Just at the moment when I closed my eyes, I suddenly heard the door of the bathroom open. I opened my eyes and sure enough, I saw Han Lei standing at the doorway grinning.

I only saw that his hair was wet and a large towel was wrapped around his lower body. It was obvious he had just showered in the bathroom outside.

I coldy said, “I remembered locking the door.”

Hehe, but honey, have you forgotten that I’m the owner of this house?”

Okay, he has the deed, the architect of this house, he won.

“Then what is your purpose?”

“It’s very obvious ah, to take a bath together.”

After saying that, he walked toward me while pulling at the towel on his waist.

I followed his tantalizing movements and covered my eyes with both  hands, shouting, “I’m going to die. Do you want to make my eyes pointier?!” (Chinese belief that if you look at something lewd, your eyes will get pointer.)

Han Lei laughed and got into the bathtub without hesitation.

The water in the bathtub spilled over the edges with his addition and the space in the bathtub was significantly narrower due to his presence.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit cramped?” I fixed my gaze on his handsome face and didn’t dare to look elsewhere; especially toward the water for fear of seeing something that I shouldn’t have.

“Really? I don’t think so, on the contrary I think that this position is very intimate!” Han Lei answered me with a bright smile.

It really was quite an intimate position. Due to his addition, I had to lean my back against the side of the bathtub and was forced to bend my knees in the middle. Han Lei had to spread his legs and bend his knees, leaning his back against the bathtub on the other side as well.

At the moment, I was really glad that I chose a bath liquid that could foam bubbles. Although the water was still faintly discernible but it was better than seeing everything.

“This is truly a rain filled with love. It helps married couples getting very physical with each other, don’t you think?” Han Lei suddenly expressed his liking to this bout of rain and ambiguously winked at me.

“I don’t think so at all. Also, stop groping around, I’ll lodge a complaint!” I coldy said.

He was currently grabbing my foot, playing with it, making my body  go all limp and numb.

Han Lei laughed and without saying anything, his hand roamed even more recklessly on my leg.

I gritted my teeth and simply lifted one of my leg and lightly pressed it against his chest. I looked at him as if I was an aloof and lofty queen.

Although my posture was very dashing and worthy to be applauded but I overlooked how this position allowed Han Lei to caress my thigh even more conveniently.

Han Lei’s hand was like equipped with magic, everywhere he touched affected me greatly. Thus, I was earnestly considering whether we should try to make love in the bathtub.

Han Lei didn’t give me much time to consider. He suddenly pulled me up and made me sit on his thighs with both of my arms around his neck.

He sucked on my neck and collarbone, one hand caressing my smooth back and the other caressing my inner thigh. It was very rapturing.

I was panting from his teasing and used my last sense of reasoning and said, “We’re in the water!

Han Lei searched for the little cherries on my chest with his mouth, then simultaneously sucked it and huskily said, “Honey, I know, don’t forget that I’m also in the water!”

Oh! Under his unceasing caresses and teases, my lower abdomen slightly shuddered. It was obvious that it had gotten excited.

“Honey, just let me, en?” Han Lei was also currently gasping. Although he was asking me but his * was clearly nudged against my tender area, waiting for action.

Ai, I’ll just let him as I couldn’t stand it any longer too.

Thus I cupped his handsome face and kissed his sexy lips. Under his complacent smile, I felt him propping my waist up then pressed down again. With the cooperation of the water ripples, we were easily connected. En… that feeling was truly ecstatic.

The bathroom was filled with moans and gasping. It was filled with loving sounds of water overflowing then splashing onto the ground…

I’ve been led astray, really had been led astray. Would this love affair in the bathroom be addictive?