Just at this moment, a tall handsome young man walked toward my table holding a cup of coffee in hand and politely said, “Beautiful lady, can I have the pleasure of sharing a table with you?”

Look, my charms should not be underestimated, my market’s still good.

As I was bored, I smiled and nodded in agreement. After all, he had good taste and could see that I was a beautiful lady.

After that man gracefully sat down, he started hitting on me: “Alone?”

“How can that be? I’m waiting for someone.” I replied with a smile.

“Oh? Boyfriend?”

Hehe, it’s my husband!”

After hearing what I said, that man’s eyes changed.  He suddenly looked at me with a burning gaze, as if saying “a married woman  provides more of a challenge.

“Then he must be a really ‘happy’ man.” He deliberately said using provocative words and an envious tone.

“Moreover, our child is very happy as well.” I purposely showed that I didn’t understand and smiled brightly.

“C-child?”  The color in that man’s face slightly changed.

“En!” I nodded and acted as if I was full of happiness. I took out a photo booth sticker of me and Ouyang Shuai from my wallet and handed it to that man, tenderly smiled and said, “This is my child, he’s 10 this year, oh, no, he should be 11.”

That man looked at me unbelievingly and had an unwilling to accept expression on his face.

“Uh, um, I suddenly remembered that I still have some stuff to do. Please excuse me, it was nice meeting you.” After saying that, he returned the sticker to me and fled.

As I saw his unsteady steps, I really had the impulse to take out my handkerchief and wave it at him while shouting “take care and walk slowly”.

After I drove away a fly, I gracefully picked up my coffee and elegantly took a sip. Just at this time, a hand rested on my shoulder and a bantering laughter came from behind me: “Honey, you’re not playing anymore?”

I didn’t turn around and put down my cup of coffee while shrugging: “I still want to play ah. It’s just that that person was not compatible.”

Han Lei sat down beside me with a smile. He also ordered a cup of coffee and then smirked, “Poor guy. He didn’t even know whose woman he was hitting on. Is Han Lei’s woman the kind to let him do whatever he wants?”

Hey, was he praising me or criticizing me?

After enjoying our coffee, Han Lei took me out on a stroll, planning to walk home. It really wasn’t that far, only a couple streets away from our home so Han Lei didn’t drive. Plus we originally intended to come out and enjoy the sun anyway.

It was said that falling out with women were quicker than falling out with books. However, I believed that falling out with the sun was quicker than with women.

A second ago, it was sunny but in the next second, it was cloudy. What made it more outrageous was that it didn’t start with a light drizzle but with heavy rain that would hurt when it fell. Thus, in a short moment, Han Lei and I were successfully drenched.

Wasn’t it just that Grandpa Sun got rejected by Grandma Moon? Did he have to start crying his tears out without any warning whatsoever?

But then again, most people would normally subconsciously find shelter when faced with such heavy rain but some crazy people would ignore the rain and continue on their way.

I was originally not a crazy person but after staying together with a crazy person for a long time, I would unexpectedly also do some crazy things and that was to continue walking in the rain.

Thus, the following dialogue occurred:

“Why didn’t you drive?”

Aiya, I did it on purpose!”

“Then why didn’t you bring an umbrella?”

Aiya, I forgot!”

“Then why didn’t you remind me?”

Aiya, did I not remind you?”

“Then why didn’t we take shelter?”

Aiya, don’t you think that it’s more romantic this way?”


Could I beat someone up?