The Benefits of Rain

Han Lei: I will make your clothes soaked, force you into the bathroom then… hehe!

My mother helplessly informed me that I really had written a wrong email address for Ouyang Shuai. No, it wasn’t that I wrote it incorrectly but that it was just a bit illegible hence causing Ouyang Shuai to misread it.

Hence, after the brat spent nearly a month having a confusing chat  with the owner of that mistaken email address, he finally couldn’t help but made a long-distance call to me. After nearly about an hour of shifting the blame onto one another, we resumed our friendship and started to diligently continue our long distance correspondence.

Although Ouyang Shuai left in a carefree manner with a wave of his sleeve, he left behind traces of his “presence”.

For instance, Qin Hao would involuntarily look dazedly at the seat that Ouyang Shuai once sat in whenever he was idle. Of course, this was considered a mild symptom. These symptom would improve after a month and at least a certain someone wouldn’t have to continue reminiscing from looking at a chair.

Whereas a more severe after effect appeared in my Mother-In-Law.

On a certain day at the Han residence, I, Han Lei, Han Si, Su Yue Yan, Han Yu, Han Min, Guan Yi, and Han Hui well behavedly sat on the sofa in the living room while Mother-In-Law and Father-In-Law sat in their respective head of the household seats facing us.

“I,” Mother-In-Law solemnly said, “very much like Ouyang Shuai, this adorable child. So! Right now, I will assign you guys a very important mission and that is to strive to make a baby! Of course, I don’t expect you guys to create a child exactly like Ouyang Shuai as that is impossible so I will lower my request and that is just to have children. So, all I require is that you guys will at least have one child within two years! Especially Han Si and Han Lei as well as Han Min who are married. Don’t tell me that you married couples don’t make love at night. From now on, you guys better make love, exerting all your effort in making love and strive to complete the mission outstandingly! As for the unmarried Han Yu, I don’t mind if you hopped on the train first then buy the ticket, the most important thing is to have a child. As for Han Hui who has yet to graduate from high school, you can choose to skip this time’s game.”

Crow, we need a crow to fly over our heads.

Mother-In-Law ah, have you gone crazy from wanting a grandchild? Is creating a child as easy as it sounds? Furthermore…you actually dare to treat this as a game?

Thus, we have concluded that this was the atypical symptom of a severe case of “Ouyang Shuai after effects”.

We collectively and tacitly casted our cries for help to Father-In-Law who was silent throughout. It seemed like the only person who could save us now was only him.

Thus under our hopeful gazes, he suddenly got up and expressionlessly pulled Mother-In-Law into the room then locked it.

Facing the closing of the door, everyone started to whisper to one another, “…What game are they playing at now?”

Three days later, Mother-In-Law once again gathered everyone together at the Han residence. She smilingly said with a face full of the radiance of spring (alluding to the fact that Mother-In-Law had a spring night), “Oh hehe, I was joking with you guys last time about the mission of having a child within two years. Of course, the matter of having a child is all up to fate, we can’t force it too much. But if you guys were to accidentally create a life, then you guys must give birth to it! Right? En…As for hop on the train first then buy the ticket later, Han Yu, you see it as best fit. After all, if everyone is happy then that’s for the best! Ahahaha…”

When we faced this woman who’s completely different from three days ago, we inwardly gave a big thumbs up to her man. Sure enough, he’s her man. We weren’t wrong when we said that he’s the only one who could save us!

What did Father-In-Law used during these three days to help brainwash Mother-In-Law? Uh, return to the right path, uh, return to normal thoughts. He couldn’t have used his handsome appearance, right? Or employed the used of … a tie?

But in any case, the unrealistic “decree” was revoked. Although Ouyang Shuai was no longer within our sights but our normal daily lives still have to go on.

October of Autumn – a relaxing and loveable month. But due to all sorts of pollution in recent years has led to an irremediable greenhouse effect causing the weather to begin fluctuating abnormally.  

After three days of consecutive rain, the sun has finally come out. Therefore everyone took advantage of the weekend and went out to enjoy the hard to come by dazzling beams of light. Even if the temperature of the rays were not low, they would not turn back.

And Han Lei and I were two of these “people”.

I was currently leisurely sitting at a cafe’s outdoor roofed patio enjoying my coffee. It wasn’t that there weren’t any seating indoors but since I came out to enjoy the sun, then what was the point of sitting indoors?  

Not far away, there were puddles from last night on the ground and it was a bit humid yet people were still coming and going. There were also some smart people like me who were enjoying their coffee and the sunlight.

The reason why I was sitting alone acting so carefree was all thanks to Han Lei as he had some work matters around here. I tagged along, but as it was the weekend, I didn’t want to deal with any work-related things so I naturally decided to rest around this area while waiting for him to finish.