As it was the weekend, the amusement park was bustling with noise and excitement, laughter and shrieking echoing separately or together. The atmosphere was lively, relaxed and happy.It couldn’t be denied that the three of us were beautiful men and woman so everywhere we went, there were no shortages of stunned, admirious and envious exclaims and comments.

Weren’t we going to be low-key? Look at the result…

But the fact was that the more you want to be low-profile, the more you would arouse other people’s attention. So it was best to learn how to be calm ah calm.

Thus, the three of us chose to calmly proceed ahead and without regard for others, we discussed which attraction to play at first.

Ouyang Shuai took a look at the large-scale attractions such as the pirate ship here and the haunted house over there. He couldn’t help but frown, seemingly unable to decide which one to play first.

At last, the brat grinned, revealing his canine tooth and said, “Let’s go to the haunted house first!”


Why do kids like to go to those kind of places these days?

Han Lei looked at my changing expression, smiled and teasingly said, “If you are scared, I don’t mind lending you my arm.”

I snorted, returned to normal and said, “You must be joking. In this world, I’m not even afraid of people, let alone a ghost!”

Besides, were there really ghosts inside?

This haunted house was where we had to go in by ourselves, inside was full of darkness. The strange lights were fixed on some grotesque, scary looking masks and props. It couldn’t be denied that along with the sound effects, it was truly quite effective.

Ouyang Shuai held hands with us, scared and excited. It was the standard “fearful yet rebellious” reaction.

When we were halfway through, the music suddenly stopped, the lights suddenly went off.

We tacitly stopped and it was quite eminent that the brat was scared as his hands were slightly trembling. Suddenly, I felt an attack coming from my side so on conditioned reflex, I attacked!

“Oh!” A painful groan could be heard from beside me.

At this moment, the strange lights lit up again and flashed on the “ghost” who was covering its face. It turns out that it was the set time for the staff member to come out and scare people yet they never would have thought that they would run into an especially “excited” female visitor like…me.

The mood was somewhat awkward. Han Lei and Ouyang Shuai restrained themselves from laughing and that “ghost” was still covering their face. All the other “ghosts” looked at me at a loss.

Ultimately, I earnestly apologized, “I’m really sorry but I was a bit too excited…”

It couldn’t be helped as this was the aftermath of people with foundations. Don’t tell me that when I’m attacked, I won’t counterattack?

After exiting the haunted house, Han Lei and Ouyang Shuai couldn’t suppress themselves from clutching their stomachs and laughing loudly as if a screw was set loose, laughing nonstop.

I raised my eyebrow and coldly said, “Enough!”

“Hahaha, Honey, how can you be this funny?”

“Ying jiejie! You’re really, really valiant ah!”

That’s enough, my perfect image ah!

“Laugh again and I don’t mind rewarding you guys with two punches as well!” I viciously threatened.

As a result…

The laughter continued.

Afterwards, we went on attractions like the pirate ship and rollercoasters alike, playing to our heart’s content.

Ouyang Shuai and I rested on the benches under the tree and sent Han Lei to help us buy smoothies.

Taking advantage of Han Lei being away, I couldn’t help but asked Ouyang Shuai a question that I’ve been meaning to ask, “Why do you like and admire Han Lei so much?”

Ouyang Shuai frowned as if he was earnestly trying to recall the past. Then he smiled sweetly and said, “It was at my eighth birthday party where I fell into the pool because I was looking for my daddy and mommy alone. Han Lei gege valiantly rescued the me that couldn’t swim. He stayed with me and even told me stories!”

“Just this?” I felt the corners of my mouth twitching.

En! Just this!” Ouyang Shuai firmly nodded.

I forced a laugh. How should I comment on this brat’s blind worship? Can I use “outrageous”?