To Part Without Hard Feelings

Ouyang Shuai said emotionally: All good things must come to an end. I will miss you guys especially Han Lei gege! (A certain Ying aggrievedly crouched at the corner drawing circles: Why wasn’t that “special someone” me?)  

How short was a month?

It’s longer than a day but much shorter compared to the earth’s rotation or revolution.

Simply put, time was flowing like water. In a blink of an eye, there was only three days left before Ouyang Shuai return to America.

In the twenty-seven days that he lived here, he had basically already adapted to the tunes of life here. He had become best friends with Qin Hao whom he regretted not meeting earlier and became gaming buddies with Qin Yang. He subdued Mother-In-Law and the entire family with his charms, left his silhouette and footprints in the streets and alleys near our house. He could go back and forth between Qin Hao’s house and ours alone and could even help us buy Haagen-Dazs from the local supermarket. Furthermore, he was smart enough to find the shortcut that I once found, following the footsteps of me, Han Lei, He Yi, Liu Jing, Qin Yang and Gao Yu Fan in becoming a “scavenger”.

The biggest change during this time period was my relationship with Ouyang Shuai, from the infighting at the start to the friendly interactions right now. It could even be said to have made a certain someone’s glasses fall off.

Ever since our heart to heart chat during the blackout, Ouyang Shuai treated me just like how he treated Han Lei and Qin Hao. I had the privilege to be included in his top three people that he admired. The first one was Han Lei, the second: Qin Hao, the third: Xia Ying.

This morning, Han Lei laid on his side and used one arm to support my head. He aggrievedly said, “Honey, are you sure that you didn’t do anything to the brat?”  

I looked at him funnily as this was the Nth time that he asked this question.

“I swear that I really didn’t do anything to him. As for why he suddenly changed his attitude toward me, can’t you understand that it may be because of my charm?”

Han Lei frowned as if he really couldn’t accept my explanation.

Hey! What was this! Could it be that my charm was lacking?

Han Lei buried his head in my hair and continued to complain childishly, “Recently, he’s not glued to me as much and his revereation toward me isn’t as much as before. On the contrary, he seems to be glued to you all day long…”

I laughed and patted his back to comfort him then I smilingly said, “Be good and tell big sis. Are you being jelly right now? Is it because of the lack of attention from the brat or because he’s with me all day long?”

Han lei mumbled something. I didn’t hear it clearly but in the next second, I was suddenly attacked by him and received his fiery kiss.

Just when we were about to get carried away from the kiss, a fresh, tender voice transmitted from the door: “Han Lei gege! Ying jiejie! It’s time to get out of bed!”

The passionate sparks were immediately extinguished by a pot of “cold water” and only the smoke remained, dissipating aggrievedly.

Han Lei left my lips and buried his head into my chest, letting out frustrated sounds. Whereas I didn’t give face and laughed openly. Ouyang Shuai ah Ouyang Shuai, you really knew when to show up! The guy that you worship was going to be driven crazy by you soon. Good job!   

When the three of us were at the dining table having breakfast, Han Lei looked darkly at Ouyang Shuai and I who were talking and laughing cheerfully. Unwilling to be left out, he rolled his eyes and once again smiled charmingly at Ouyang Shuai, “Let’s go out and play today, to the place where you want to go to most.”  

When the brat refocused his attention on him again due to his words, he tilted his head and smiled complacently at me.

Ouyang Shuai looked at us excitedly and expectantly and said, “I really want to go to the amusement park!”

“Okay! Then we’ll go to the amusement park!” Han Lei decided.

After we decided on our objective and route, the three of us immediately changed our clothes and prepared to set out a bit earlier.

Han Lei chose a pair of black trousers paired with a white t-shirt plus a black vest. He wore a loose necktie and a pair of black-framed glasses, looking cool and handsome.

So it turns out that Han Lei has a pair of black framed glasses besides his frameless one.

Ouyang Shuai also copied and chosed a t-shirt and a pair of trousers.

In order to match their style, I also chose to dress like Han Lei. I tied my long hair loosely in a top ponytail and wore a pair of sunglasses that could almost cover half of my face, exuding a trace of a cool beauty.  

Thus, the three of us left for the amusement park wearing strikingly similar “matching outfits”.