After dinner, I pulled him to the sofa in the living room to watch TV so that he wouldn’t continue to daze in his room.

Against my expectations, the little brat was very cooperative and obediently sat an arm’s length away from me, engrossed in watching TV.

As a reward for being so well behaved, I did a stupid thing and that was handing him the remote control.

What do you guys think a ten year old kid watches? It was not a children’s channel nor a movie channel nor a sports channel nor an exploratory channel but an English news channel.

Okay, he’s from America so he could understand. But the problem was that with my ability, I could not understand this level of fluency that makes me want to hit a wall, okay?

Since the stupid thing was already done, in order to not lose face, I could only act as if I understood and earnestly paid attention to the current news.

So painful!

Just at this moment when my inner self was filled with shouts of pain, a “pa” sound could be heard and English sounds ceased. The TV was dark and blackness enshrouded us.

Very good, our neighborhood has a power outage.

Do you want to know why I was certain that there was a power outage in our neighborhood? Because I heard the cries of the entire community compound, that moment was deafening.

In comparison, we sat calmly in the dark and facing a room full of darkness, we neither shrieked nor talked. There were only the faint sounds of our breathing, quietly waiting for light to be restored.

“Um…” A young and tender voice rang out hesitatingly in the darkness, “Can I ask you a question?”

“Yes, I can even gift you the right to ask another question free of charge. Now, you can ask me two questions.” I generously said.

“Yesterday…at the children’s store, why didn’t you deny that I wasn’t your child?”

“Ah? Why do I have to deny it? Although it’s true that you aren’t my child.”

“Isn’t it because you women don’t want others to know that you have such a big child?” The tone of his voice was somewhat moved.

“Who said?”

“My mother was like that… Every time I went out with her, she always denies that she’s a mother to such a big child…” The tone of his voice was somewhat dejected and hurt.

Che, that’s because your mom is stupid!”


“Don’t ah me. If I had a son as big as you are, handsome, well behaved and sensible, I would proudly tell everyone that you are my darling son. Then, everyone would admire me for having such a big son at such a young age! Don’t you think it would be cool to be a young and pretty mom?”


Uh… You wouldn’t be angry just because I was pretending to be your mother, right?”


“If you’re not happy about it, just say it! At worst, I will apologize!”


After a long stifling silence, the little brat said, “Thank you…”

At that moment, I knew that the smart him had thought it through so I jokingly said, “If you want to thank me, come and let me hug you!”

Unexpectedly, the little brat really did shift his body and leaned his head against me. This was perhaps his understanding of letting me “hug” him.

In the darkness, I smiled and let him leaned against my shoulder. From his relaxed state, I could tell that he had completely accepted and trusted me. This was a good sign!

Just when we were quietly enjoying this rare “peace”, there was the sound of the door unlocking, then a “pa” sound. The house was bright again.

Ouyang Shuai and I tacturnly turned toward the door and saw Han Lei looking at Ouyang Shuai, who was leaning against me harmoniously and friendly, confusedly.

As if he suddenly noticed that he was still leaning against me, Ouyang Shuai blushed and dashed into his room.

“Honey, you can’t be like this! How could you not even let a child go?”


“If you needed something, just call me ah. I promise that I will immediately fly back even if I’m on the other side of the Earth!”


“Honestly speaking, what did you do to him? Why is his face so red?”


“Did you really do something to him?”


Was this man really taking me for a pervert?