So the entire afternoon, Qin Yang and Ouyang Shuai happily played those games whereas I was bored to the point where tears could flow out.

I couldn’t help but admit that that my age was a little old now. Those hotblooded games no longer suit me, this “old lady”. At most, I would play some QQ games like lianliankan ( a very simplistic type of puzzle game played by trying to remove images using no more than four lines to connect identical images) , matching pairs, spot the difference, gomoku and mahjong.

After returning from my thoughts, I once again looked at Ouyang Shuai who was sound asleep then turned around and left. Just at that moment, I turned around again and lightly walked toward the brat who’s asleep on the bed.

Sure enough, I was not mistaken. The corners of Ouyang Shuai’s eyes were glistening with tears and his lips were also saying something.

I gently kneeled beside his bed and placed my ear near his mouth and listened to his sleep talk just like a wretched eavesdropper.


It turned out that the little brat was thinking about his mother.

I got up and looked at him tenderly. I couldn’t help but reach out and stroke his head.

From my mother’s letter, when Ouyang Shuai was five years old, he and his parents moved to the United States. As both of his parents were business personnel, they could not stay by his side so the little brat was always alone, lacking maternal and paternal love. And now, his parents had lost feelings for each other and decided to let each other go. They could be relaxed but the little brat was pitiful. He could not follow this one or that one as whoever he follows, it was a kind of pain to him. Thus, my mom who was a friend of his parents suggested for him to come to me during their divorce proceedings. Although it’s only for a month and after that, he could not escape the cruel reality of his parent’s divorce but at least he could play to his heart’s desire during this one month and be accompanied by someone.

Looking at Ouyang Shuai who was gradually no longer sleep talking, I knew that my inner heart was soft. From another perspective, we could be considered as people who went through the same situation but he was more pitiful than me. Back then, when both of my parents “left home”, I just ascended to high school. My thoughts and bearability were much stronger than the little brat. The most important thing was that I always had long-distance maternal love whereas Ouyang Shuai lacked maternal and paternal love since young. And now, his parents were separating, ay, such a poor child.

It’s rare how he could be so obedient and sensible.

I could not give him maternal love. After all I was not his real mother but I could still offer a warm hug.

Hence I softly climbed up his bed and laid beside him. I gently turned him toward me and drew him into my embrace.

Ouyang Shuai who was sound asleep due to being tired from playing didn’t notice that his tofu was eaten by me. I only saw him dazedly mumble, “uh-huh” and subconsciously nestled into my embrace. After awhile, his tears dried up and a lovely snoring sound was heard.

I gazed at him without the slightest bit of drowsiness and stroked his tender face. That feeling ah was so pleasant.

When it was dawn, I carefully got off the bed and walked out of his room.

I rubbed my heavy eyes and cried in my heart. Why should I be afraid of him knowing that we slept together for a night? I selfishlessly spent a whole night’s embrace in exchange for a good night’s sleep for him. I really was a woman with a lei feng (a model of altruism and dedication to the Party) spirit, doing a good thing and not leaving a name behind.

Although Ouyang Shuai was no longer expressionless like yesterday after waking up but that contradictoriness was still there.

From the moment he walked out of his room and saw me, the little brat looked at me perplexedly. His mouth once again opened and closed and he couldn’t spit out a single word that could make me understand his thoughts.

After lunch, I asked him whether he wanted to go to any particular place such as comrade Qin Hao’s house or Qin Yang’s room. The little brat first looked at me pensively then evaded my gaze and shook his head to express that he didn’t want to go out of the house today. As a result, he stayed in his room for the entire afternoon.

Although I know that the little brat had a lot on his mind as it was quite obvious but I won’t force him. I will wait until he wants to speak.

Whenever I saw his tightly closed room, I always had the impulse to secretly peek inside to see what he was doing. There was no computer or phone in the room. What do you guys think he was doing? He couldn’t be secretly looking at the vulgar books that he brought with him, right…