The Friendship In The Darkness


A certain Ying (referring to Xia Ying, Ying means “cherry”) said: A windy and moonless night was the time to have a heart to heart chat.

I habitually touched the other side of the bed and discovered that it was empty and cold. It was obvious that no one slept there yesterday.

I drowsily opened my eyes, looked at the empty spot that belonged to Han Lei and sighed.

It seem like this thing that’s called “habit” was really unpleasant. I who had slept alone until now unexpectedly lost sleep due to the lost of Han Lei’s warm chest and his reassuring embrace.

I once again sighed and slowly got up. I put my feet on the floor and after finding my slippers in the dark, I softly opened the door and walked toward the neighboring guest room.

Today was the first day where I and Ouyang Shuai watched the house together. The result was that he had been strange since this morning. Was it because he’s dissatisfied with me?

I gently opened the guest room, crossed my arms across my chest and leaned against the door. When I saw Ouyang Shuai lying on the bed enshrouded by the warm, soft beams of light, I couldn’t help but recall the scene this afternoon of dashing to Qin Hao’s home without informing him beforehand.

At that time, I held several bags with one hand while using the other to hold the still pondering Ouyang Shuai. I pressed the doorbell of Qin Hao’s home with a face that could almost cry.

Soon, the door opened and Qin Hao’s handsome face with glasses appeared in front of me. At that moment, I thought that he was shining just like an angel that was sent by God to help me.

But the next second, I was suspicious. Since Han Lei went on a business trip, why was Qin Hao who was his secretary staying at home instead of following him?

Qin Hao also seemed to have seen my suspicions. He looked at me gloomily, turned his head and smiled, pulling Ouyang Shuai into the house.

Looking at his back, I suddenly felt pity for him: It seems like he has lost favor. En, he definitely has lost favor!

Ouyang Shuai and I obediently sat on the sofa in Qin Hao’s house, quietly drinking orange juice and the atmosphere was somewhat awkward and strange.

Taking advantage of Ouyang Shuai being absent minded, Qin Hao sat next to me and asked in a low voice, “What did you do to the brat?” There was disdain, blame, doubt and distrust in his tone.

Looking at Qin Hao’s expression, I felt wronged and innocently narrated what happened in the store today.

After hearing what I said, Qin Hao leaned against the sofa with one hand under his chin and the other under his elbow in deep contemplation.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he gently called Ouyang Shuai, “Xiao Shuai, Qin Yang gege downloaded the game that you mentioned last time. Go and enter that room and play with him!”

After hearing what Qin Hao said, Ouyang Shuai “suddenly woke up” and after returning to normal, he uttered a “thank you” and dashed to the room that Qin Hao pointed to.

When I saw the little brat smiling again, I just want to say that in the end, “Han Lei” couldn’t be compared to that video game.

“You already thought of a countermeasure and a remedy?” I looked at Qin Hao admiringly as he was the one who made Ouyang Shuai “normal” again.

Who knew that Qin Hao would calmly say, “How can that be? This move of mine is called ‘diversion’. What do you think? Brilliant, right?”


Qin Hao and I soon followed and entered Qin Yang’s room. The most noticeable thing in his room was still his bald head that could reflect light.

The Ouyang Shuai right now was sitting obediently beside Qin Yang, both of them were facing the computer, laughing and talking.

I walked up behind them and noticed that they were currently downloading the game. When I saw their list of games, I slightly frowned.

World of Warcraft, Street Basketball, Fantasy Westward Journey, World of Blood…

What were kids playing these days? If it’s not about magic and monsters, it’s some hot-blooded action and such. Back in my day, other than whatever-Tanks (reference to Battle City, Namco tank shooter in NES), it’s Super Mary (reference to Super Mario Bros), and used those keyboards* connected to a TV to play. And when I was caught by my dad, I couldn’t avoid his “lecture”.

Sure enough, the era is advancing with new innovations of games.

“You guys don’t play any rhythmic games?” I couldn’t help but ask.

Qin Yang looked at me with disdain while Ouyang Shuai looked at me puzzledly.

I looked back at Qin Yang coldly. Was there something wrong with rhythmic games? I could barely skip over 140 beats at most. Moreover, the game that I really wanted to ask about still hadn’t been said. If I really did ask, wouldn’t Qin Yang immediately jump up?

What I really wanted to ask was, do you guys play “Kichiku Megane”? (BL game)

Additional Comments:

What Xia Ying was referring to when she mentioned the keyboard used to connect to the TV to play games is this:

Has anyone played with this before? This is definitely two generations before me ahahha