That tall and scorching body hovering over me went stiff and a certain someone frustratingly groaned. I didn’t give him face and laughed. The doorbell was still ringing outside the door.  

The next morning, Ouyang Shuai who was sitting at the table looked at the note in his hand which was left by Han Lei and went gloomy.  

I placed his breakfast — ham and egg which I specially made for him in front him.  Who knew that the little brat wouldn’t give me face and didn’t even glance at that perfect ham and egg? He just gazed at me plaintively.

Hey, hey, what’s with that aggrieved woman look?  I looked back at him innocently, it’s not like I made Han Lei disappear.

We obstinately stared at each other for a minute, I defeatedly admitted my lost and secretly sighed and slowly said, “Don’t regret not eating ah. This was what your Han Lei gege, who told me repeatedly, to make this special breakfast for you. I’m not responsible for you not eating and failing to live up to his good intentions!”

Oh, what a beautiful lie this was.

After hearing what I said, Ouyang Shuai’s eyes twinkled and asked with surprise, “Did Han Lei gege really tell you to specially prepare this breakfast for me?”


Ouyang Shuai didn’t pay attention to me but was engrossed in eating breakfast, a little touched.

When I saw Ouyang Shuai burying his head eating so happily, I have to admit that Han Lei’s name was quite handy. I reckon if I told him that Han Lei wanted him to jump off from this floor, the little brat would regardless of the danger.

I just want to say that this kind of blind worship was too frightening.

After breakfast, I felt that it wasn’t a good idea for us to keep staring at each other for the entire day so I brought the little brat out for a walk and conveniently familiarize him with the surrounding environment.

After all, he would be living here for a month and couldn’t keep troubling Uncle Police everytime he got lost.

The little brat originally refused to go out with me so the smart me once again used Han Lei’s name and successfully lured him to go out.

I first brought Ouyang Shuai to the nearby streets to stroll around and then took him to a department store, planning to gift him a set of clothes.

When we entered the Children’s Wear Department, the beautiful Ouyang Shuai immediately won the exclaimed praises from the sales clerk aunties and they were rushing to introduce us clothes.

Truthfully speaking, Ouyang Shuai truly did have the capability to arouse the Aunties to drool. His beautiful and delicate face, adorable and sunny smile, noble temperament, a gentleman demeanor and the perfect upbringing was already enough to make those aunties join shotacons in rampage.

Ouyang Shuai originally was very polite to indicate that I didn’t need to buy him anything but once I used Han Lei’s name again, the little brat’s attitude immediately changed and went to choose his clothes.

I truly thought “Han Lei” these two words were unusually useful. If I went to a bank and said “Han Lei” these two words to the counter and able to make infinite withdrawals, that would be fantastic.

Ouyang Shuai’s eye for things was very good. The clothes he chose all suited him, making him even more handsome and dashing. Thus, the original plan to buy him a set of clothes turned into purchasing three sets of clothes because I really couldn’t bear to let those clothes lose their brilliance.

After paying, Ouyang Shuai obediently allowed me to hold his hand at the checkout counter while waiting for the aunties to put the clothes into the bag.

When I saw the speed of the aunties, I thought that they were doing it on purpose, so that they could look at Ouyang Shuai a bit more.

At the checkout counter, one of the aunties looked at Ouyang Shuai then looked at me and smilingly asked, “Is this your child? Really pretty! You guys are a pair of beautiful and pretty mother and son!”

When this was said, I distinctly felt that the little hand that I was holding went rigid for a bit. Although it was a little strange, I still smiled and proudly said, “Of course. Our family’s child isn’t just pretty but is also very outstanding!”

Seeing how amicable I was, the aunties who were pretending to be busy gathered around and looked at us enviously and said in an admiring tone, “Truly admire you! You’re so young but you already have such a big child. You must have a family that’s so happy that one can cry!”

I pulled Ouyang Shuai forward and slightly bent to hug him, sweetly smiled and said, “Why would I want to cry? It should be happy to the point of waking up smiling. To be able to have such a lovable and handsome son, I really feel that I’m very blessed!”

My tone was very sincere because I really thought that if Ouyang Shuai was my son, how good would it be. Let’s not talk about anything else but his appearance really did suit my “hardcore taste”…

Everyone was quite talkative. After chatting for a while, I walked out of the store with one hand holding the bag and another holding Ouyang Shuai, leaving behind reverberating sighs.

Since coming out of the store, Ouyang Shuai was silent. No matter how I teased him, he just obediently let me hold him and walked. His little hand from time to time firmly grasped my hand, making me somewhat confused.   

Was he angry? Because of those aunties “teasing”? Because I pretended to be his beautiful mother? Because he felt wronged of being called my son?

After thinking of several reasons why, I decided to continue using the “Han Lei“ policy but this time…it unexpectedly failed!

After hearing ”Han Lei” these two words and Ouyang Shuai was still unresponsive and indifferent, I felt my scalp turned numb. This was a big matter, I have to look for outside help!

Comrade Qin Hao! I need your help! Wait for me!