Everyone Is Family

Han Lei said: When I go on my business trip, the junior has to watch the house and the senior has to take care of the junior.

In a blink of an eye, Ouyang Shuai had already lived in our house for four nights and his first weekend was almost here.

Ever since Ouyang Shuai met Qin Hao and used his charms to subdue Mother-In-Law and everyone else, the brat was busier than those who were presidents and leaders.

During the day, the brat was busy “talking” with Qin Hao. As for what they were doing, it seem that only they themselves would know. But from what I could surmise, their topic wouldn’t stray away from Han Lei who they revere, worship and adore. At night, he was busy “dealing” with Mother-In-Law and the fans in the family. The brat coped with it with ease hence the Han family would always detain him until late into the night.

According to my several nights of observation, Ouyang Shuai was normally “released” by the Han family at around 10 PM. If we were there, we would go home together. If we left early because of something, it was agreed upon that either elder brother and his wife or elder sister and her husband or second brother or someone would safely send him back to our house.

Of course, the number of times the brat was separated from us or sent back by someone else could be said to have been zero.

Except for tonight—Friday night.

I want to say that everything tonight was premeditated, all conspired by Han Lei.

Ever since this morning, Han Lei was abnormally gentle and friendly toward Ouyang Shuai. Not to say that Han Lei wasn’t good toward the brat before but it was exceptionally good today to the point that it was strange. But the brat didn’t notice and was blindly immersed in the reality of his dream come true.  

It was rare that Ouyang Shuai was not together with Qin Hao but today, he was inseparable from Han Lei.

At lunch time, Han Lei brought Ouyang Shuai, I and Qin Hao to lunch.

Ouyang Shuai was all smiles when he saw me eating the children’s lunch set that Han Lei specially ordered for me. Every cell of his face divulged his happiness and contentment.  

When Ouyang Shuai finished eating, Han Lei carefully used a napkin to help him wipe his mouth. Han Lei’s attentiveness and thoughtfulness turned the brat upside down, his eyes glimmering brightly with emotions.

Looking at their interactions, Qin Hao was envious and secretly bit his napkin with sorrow. Whereas I sat there quietly and waited for Han Lei’s next move because I believed that there was definitely a follow-up.  

Sure enough, Han Lei gently smiled and asked Ouyang Shuai, “Full?”

En!” Ouyang Shuai loudly responded and nodded, smiling brightly.


“Happy!” Another response with a nod.

Seeing this, Han Lei’s eyes behind his glasses flickered and with a smile at the corners of his eyes, said, “Then how about we make a deal?”

The brat obediently nodded his head, his eyes emitted excitedness and eagerness, wholly focused on the contents of a certain someone’s “deal”.  

“It’s actually really simple,” that man who wore non prescription glasses (Qin Hao wore nearsighted glasses) revealed a sly smile and said, “I can let you continue to stay with me in the office for the entire afternoon and will also answer every question or anything you want to know. But you have to promise me that you will obediently stay and play at Grandmother’s tonight, then have them send you home. What do you think? Worth it, right?!”

Say… How can a child that was only ten years old distinguish whether it was worth it or not?

But I saw with my own two eyes that Ouyang Shuai who was in a state of inertia nod with a bright smile without thinking over it.

Regardless of whether Ouyang Shuai nodded due to his earnest consideration or inertia, Han Lei was nevertheless satisfied. He was certain that his “transaction” was successful hence he smiled even more.  

Thus, throughout the entire afternoon, Han Lei honored his promise, letting the brat stay with him in the office as well as answering his every question and curiosity.

After work, it was finally Ouyang Shuai’s turn to fulfill his end of the promise. The brat looked at his hand that was held by Han Yu and as if he suddenly awoke from a dream, he frowned and showed an expression of him being duped. He manly stood up straight and waved goodbye to us, then was led away by Han Yu.

After sending Ouyang Shuai away, Han Lei complacentely smiled, took my hand and left the company.