Wearing Masks Together

A certain Ying said: Wasn’t raising a kid a matter of discipline? If a bigger kid can’t be taken care of, don’t tell me I can’t take care of the small one?

In all honesty, Ouyang Shuai was a kid who was sensible and beautiful, I quite liked him. Compared to those kids who weren’t and liked to be fake, I liked his frankness more. At least he was frank in front of me especially his adoration of Han Lei.

After getting to know him for a short ten minutes, I discovered that this kid was quite interesting. When we were outside of Han Lei’s range, we would only bicker. He was a kid who really knew how to act, usually wearing a cute mask just like Han Lei. If he didn’t take the initiative to expose himself just now, I would have really been fooled by him. But what a pity, I was someone who has lived with Han Lei, this “mask king” for period of time after all. Would I really take this kid seriously?

It was just for fun. Wasn’t it just putting on a mask? I could also do it.

I promise that his summer vacation wouldn’t be boring.

When we walked out of the airport and came to Han Lei’s car, Ouyang Shuai changed his cold appearance back to being lovable and cute. He started to use his tender voice just in time for Han Lei to hear it, “Ying jiejie, I want to sit in the front, can I?”

Good, called me “Auntie” behind Han Lei’s back and “Ying jiejie” in front of him. How could this kid be so smart?

I dotingly smiled and said, “Of course, as long as you are happy!”

After receiving my permission, Ouyang Shuai was very happy and smugly sat in the seat that had always been reserved for me. The second before the door closed while Han Lei wasn’t paying attention, this brat unexpectedly grimaced at me. I almost laughed out loud, such an adorable and childish action. So out of courtesy, I also returned a grimace to him.

As a result, he was spooked by me…

Then I followed in getting inside the car and quietly watched the interactions between the two men, one big one small. I only saw the excitement and reddening of Ouyang Shuai’s cheeks, moving his little mouth and showcasing his dimples frequently. Whereas Han Lei kept smiling gently and occasionally responding to him. Even so, the brat was still so happy.

After all, he was facing the person he admired, I could understand Ouyang Shuai’s excitement. But wasn’t he afraid that he might have a split personality or mental disorder because he’s smiling in one second then cold and gloomy the next second?

On the road, thanks to Han Lei, Ouyang Shuai reluctantly added me into their conversation. I couldn’t help but smile widely as I saw the brat’s unwillingness and reluctance to show it.

Ultimately, the three of us “cheerfully”, “harmoniously”, and “affectionately” returned home.

In my opinion, Ouyang Shuai showed his real side in front of Han Lei as well as in front of me but it was in terms of “positively” or “negatively”.

After assigning a room to Ouyang Shuai, Han Lei who was surprisingly in a good mood took the initiative to show his capabilities, cooking a scrumptious welcoming dinner for the brat.

Looking at Han Lei’s dashing yet busy back, Ouyang Shuai’s eyes shone with the superficial words of “worship”. When he ate the dinner made with love by Han Lei, his eyes became even more moist and bright.

I looked at Han Lei who had his signature smile on and then looked at the emotionally moved Ouyang Shuai, I sighed in my heart: Han Lei ah Han Lei, how much do you want the brat to adore you until you are satisfied? You’re always unintentionally releasing your deadly charms. Do you still want them to live?

Due to the time difference, I thought that Ouyang Shuai wouldn’t sleep so early but against my expectations, the brat precisely went to bed after freshening up because of this. He opened the air conditioner, was tucked in, sweetly smiled, closed his eyes and planned to continue his conversation with Han Lei in his dreams.