I carefully put all three letters away and observed Ouyang Shuai. He was only ten years old, his height only reaching my waist, yet he was already beginning to exude a dashing aura. I believed that given time, he would become a beautiful man that every woman would go crazy for. This little guy has a naturally curled short hairstyle, bright phoenix eyes (eyes whose outer corners incline upwards), rosy cheeks, very likeable.

Look, this was what it meant to be like your name. This was the power of genes!

The little guy was standing there well-behaved, letting me observe him, neither anxious nor fussy. It seemed that his upbringing was quite good and that aristocratic princely temperament of his was even more apparent.

Looking at this high quality little boy who was about to live at our house, I delightedly extended my hand to him, “I’m Xia Ying jiejie,” pointing at Han Lei, “He is Han Lei gege, we will be living together for a month.”

Ouyang Shuai bashfully smiled and gripped my hand, shyly saying, “Hi jiejie, gege!”

Ouyang Shuai seemed to have a great first impression of us. No, it should be said that he had a great impression of Han Lei, looking at him with worship and admiration.

This made me think of Qin Hao and I wondered if I should find some time to let this little guy and Qin Hao be acquainted with each other for a little bit. After all, they have the exact “expression” when looking at Han Lei.

Han Lei showed a typical business smile toward Ouyang Shuai and after greeting him, he held Ouyang Shuai’s hand in one hand and pulled his little suitcase with the other. I held the little guy’s other hand and we left the airport.

Ouyang Shuai who was being held by Han Lei smiled happily, he was so adorable. I couldn’t help but revere Han Lei, this guy was liked by men and women, young and old alike. One Qin Hao was not enough, and now there was an addition of this little guy, so admirable ah.

Han Lei made us wait outside the airport for him to drive the car out from the parking lot, thus I was alone with the little guy.

As I don’t often interact with kids his age, I momentarily didn’t know what to talk with him about, hence the mood became a little awkward and silent.

Just at this moment, Ouyang Shuai spoke with an unfathomable ice cold tone, “Auntie, I think that you don’t match up with Han Lei gege!”


My eyebrows twitched and I turned to look at the little cocky Ouyang Shuai. Right now, he didn’t have the cute and adorable look to him. It’s straight up a look of looking down on me and finding me unpleasing to the eye.

Was he possessed?

Also, why was I called Auntie and Han Lei gege when he was clearly older than me?! Not fair ahnot fair!

Not waiting for my reply, Ouyang Shuai once again looked at me coldly and his eyes contained a trace of hostility.

Good, although I was caught unprepared but I somewhat understood that he and comrade Qin Hao’s initial symptoms were the same. It was that they had an inexplicable, meaningless, nonsensical hostility towards me and wanted to keep a distance from me.

Han Lei ah Han Lei, what did you do to him that year?

But this Ouyang Shuai seemed to be even more fun to play with, thus I smiled and decided to treat him just like a rival. After all, playing with a “rival” was better than playing and challenging a “kid”.

Hence after adjusting my feelings, I smiled at him and slowly said, “Oh? But what about it? Even if I don’t match up to him, I am still his wife!”

The brat was dazed then got angry and ran away.

Perhaps he hasn’t met a “tyrannical” person like me before, Ouyang Shuai choked and tenaciously stared at me. Hehe, so fun!

Brat, I will be sure to take care of you well. I promise that you will have an unforgettable and enjoyable summer vacation! Wait for it!

Mom! I will definitely finish the task outstandingly!