Just when I was about to explain to mom about our family’s Han Lei’s circumstances and true face, she had already anticipated it and promptly interrupted my words.

“No objections. You only have one choice and that’s to obey the order. Now, give the phone to my obedient son-in-law! Be good!”

It really was the norm for a mother to forget her daughter once she has a son-in-law.

I held my phone before my eyes and grimaced at it. I handed it over to Han Lei who was sitting by my side and coldy said, “The Empress Dowager flipped your card, go and receive favor.”

Han Lei smilingly received the phone. He seemed to really like and look forward to my mom’s phone calls.

Throughout the entire conversation, after the courtesy greeting that Han Lei spoke at the beginning, he silently listened afterwards. He would glance at me from time to time and the smile on his face became bigger and bigger until it evolved to the ultimate form of only seeing teeth but no eyes.

It was very weird.

I couldn’t help but felt a chill down my back seeing this and it was a vicious chill! I then looked suspiciously at Han Lei who was on the phone with mom and thought, these two fellows wouldn’t be conspiring something detrimental to my interests, right?

Ultimately, under my mom’s “command”, Han Lei obediently and decisively decided to openly skip work with wifey to go pick up someone at the airport.

Amongst the many people coming and going out of the airport and the many friends and relatives waiting, I and Han Lei were one of the two.

It was sunny outside with the temperature blistering, I was super glad that there was an AC inside the airport. Otherwise, even if I were fed to the sharks, I would never come back.

Presently, I was holding a signboard, which was written by Han Lei last night, with three big words on it, “Ouyang Shuai”. I stood outside the gate with Han Lei waiting for a man named Ouyang Shuai.

As the flight descended with people coming out the gate, I tiptoed and raised the signboard hoping to attract that Ouyang Shuai’s attention and for him to walk toward us.

Mom said that Ouyang Shuai was a man that suited my heavy tastes, so he’s certainly a beautiful man that could be easily recognized. But I still wasn’t able to spot that man regarded under “heavy taste” even after most of the passengers had already exited. Could it be that the handsome guy likes to be the last one out?

Just when I was at a loss of what to do, an outstandingly beautiful boy pulled his little suitcase toward us and politely asked, “Are you guys waiting for Ouyang Shuai?”

I looked at him and nodded.

Seeing my affirmation, that little boy brilliantly smiled with his dimples showing and said, “Hello, I am Ouyang Shuai!”

Saliva ah saliva! Stop ah stop!

Wait… I looked at the beautiful boy in front of me and couldn’t help but open my mouth. Ouyang Shuai? Man? He was simply just a little boy!

Flabbergasted, I opened my purse and looked for my phone, planning to confirm it with mom.

That little boy seemed to have recalled something, opened his backpack, and took out a letter, “Jiejie, Aunty Mo told me to give this to you!”

Such an obedient child, sweetly calling me jiejie.

I smilingly received that letter which was written to me by that “Auntie Mo” and carefully read:

Ying Darling, surprised? Couldn’t have imagined that Ouyang Shuai was just a little kid, right? In fact, calling him a man was not wrong, after all he will become a man one day. Ahahaha, you must’ve thought wrongly, right? Did you really think he was a mature man that could threaten Han Lei? How could it be? I quite love Han Lei, furthermore, does a person like that really exist? Okay, let’s return back to the main topic. Ouyang Shuai’s parents are currently in the midst of a divorce lawsuit and in order to not have a bad influence on him, we decided to send him to you guys for the summer before the lawsuit finished.That little guy seemed to have met Han Lei before and liked him very much. Also, I have already talked with Han Lei and he sincerely accepted this task. So you ah, cooperate well and properly take care of him. Actually, this child…

Looking at the three letters filled with words written by my mom, I discovered to my surprise that my forehead was completely crammed with black lines.