Now the location had changed and I was currently facing a spacious and overgrown abandoned football field. There were six men standing at the edge of the field, five of them were the people that I had noticed at first and one of them was Han Lei. They were tall and dashing with extraordinary temperaments, seemed as a group of impulsive men.

 I sat to the side on the cement bleachers and was accompanied by the five beautiful women who were the five mens’ companions.

Could anyone tell me what’s going on? What happened? Why were they standing on the field and why were we sitting on the bleachers?

I used my hand to close my jaw that was about to fall down and couldn’t help but ask the beautiful woman beside me, “Can you explain the current situation?”

The beautiful woman snorted at the men and said with disdain, “It’s just a few childish men playing childish games ah!”

I frowned, I couldn’t understand it at all.

Just at this moment, a woman with a baby-faced smiled and said, “You’re Han Lei, that guy’s woman, right? Hehe, congrats on joining us!”

Seeing my confused state, she smiled and continued, “Hehe, seeing you like this made me think of the me that year, really nostalgic! Simply said, the six of them were best friends in college and after graduation, they strived in their respective fields in different countries. As they don’t often meet yet want to meet each other, one of them proposed, just to clarify it wasn’t my man, to meet every year on the third Saturday of July at that bar. Whoever has a female companion, they must bring them. First, play a childish game of provocation then locate to here to play a childish game of fighting. Did I explain it clearly enough?”

I twitched the corners of my mouth and nodded. Her explanation was very clear, so it turned out that they had all recognized each other. Tonight was all planned hence why Han Lei exerted half an hour more everyday in exercising. So it was for this childish fight that cultivated feelings!

Sure enough, they were childish men who used this childish method to cultivate feelings.

Just at this moment, a cold voice said, “The childish fight has started.”

Thus the bleachers quieted whereas the field was lively.

I only saw them, you hit me, I kick you. Sometimes cooperating to gang up on one person and times where you’re being plotted against. They fought to their heart’s content, refreshingly and happily.

I really couldn’t comprehend their thinking and looked on coldly. I couldn’t help but yawn and the tears were about to burst out.

An hour later, that cold voice sounded again, “Let’s call it a day and bring our own respective man home.”

These words were like an imperial edict and also drove my drowsiness away. Then, us six women tacitly came to the field and to our own respective man’s side.

The six men who got tired from fighting laid on the ground panting for breath. Their faces had the same satisfaction and happiness.

I crouched at Han Lei’s side and silently looked at him. He smiled at me coquettishly, making me heartlessly ignore him.

The six of us women carried each of our man and bade farewell to each other. I painstakingly carried Han Lei safely back home to our bed.   

I got a moist cloth and helped wipe the dust off from Han Lei’s face and discovered that his handsome face was basically alright now except his mouth.

Seeing my doubts, Han Lei smiled brilliantly with childishness and complacently said, “This is our rule, we can’t injure the other’s face nor vital part, so all our injuries are internal. What’d you think? Isn’t our friendship unique and special?”

I snorted.

Unique? Special? It was basically abnormal, okay? Who would meet every year just to have a fight to cultivate feelings?

As expected, what kind of person one was, they would associate with others like them. They clearly looked normal yet…

This was called birds of a feather flock together.

“Honey, are you angry?” Han Lei suddenly asked in a quiet timid voice.  

I glanced at Han Lei who looked so innocent, gently smiled and said, “Why would I be angry?”

“Don’t…smile like this…I’ll be scared…”

I retracted my smile and looked at him coldly.

“Why don’t…” Han Lei suddenly smiled a brilliant smile, “Let’s kiss!”

I looked at his split lip. What was this man thinking, his mouth was split yet he still wants to kiss?

Seeing me ignore him, he coquettishly said, “Come!”

Acting coquettishly was no use.  

“You still don’t want to sleep?” I once again gently smiled and pressed down on his abdomen a little.

A groan sounded out and Han Lei obediently closed his eyes, expressing that he will sleep now.

It was hard to imagine that I touched his injury in one try. Hmph, of course, because I personally saw him being kicked by that man who came to toast at first.

Hmph, who told him to not let me toast with that handsome man?