Time passed by quickly, in a flash it was already the third Saturday of July.

At night, Han Lei said in an excited tone which couldn’t be covered up, “Honey, let’s go to a good place tonight!”

A good place again? I couldn’t help but blush as these two words made me recall that night’s craziness and wildness.

Han Lei didn’t seem to have taken note of my obvious shyness. His eyes flashed a throbbing flame of anticipation and pulled me out the door.

As expected, this “good place” was the same as before, a bar. The difference was that this one was not the same as the previous times. The only similarity was that they were both high level ones.

When we arrived to that bar, it had just opened so there weren’t many guests.

Han Lei familiarly led me to a table in a quite secluded corner under the lead of the waiter and ordered a bottle of Crown Prince vodka, drinking one cup after another. Han Lei stared at the entrance with eyes full of expectation.

Just at this moment, five pairs of lovers entered in and because there were few people and also because they were handsome men and beautiful women, I couldn’t help but notice them.

All of them sat in the same secluded corner as us but at different tables. They seemed to not be acquainted with each other but all chose to be low profile.

Those five men were tall and handsome, each with their own distinct flavors. They had a gentle yet domineering temperament just like our family’s Han Lei and could be counted as the same type of people. The women beside them were beautiful and the most important thing was that when they were standing next to each other, it was very fitting, very pleasing to the eye.

Following the change of the lighting, the music became more explosive and the bar was soon full of people.

Just at this moment, two out of those five guys went separately towards two of the three occupied tables, seemingly wanting to have a toast with their female partners. But it didn’t go so smoothly, and a small argument broke out.

Suddenly, I discovered that the remaining man out of the five men was walking toward us with a glass of wine in hand.

To be honest, if a handsome man wishes to toast with me, would I be willing to reject him? The answer was: of course not.

As I expected, that man stopped in front of our table, glanced at Han Lei and smilingly said toward me, “Beautiful Lady, can I toast you a cup?”

Look at how this youngster speaks ah. Which woman wouldn’t like to hear these words?

However out of respect for Han Lei, I told him with my eyes that I was reluctant to not toast with him.

Han Lei didn’t look at me but just kept on staring at that man. His smile was indescribable.

The next second, Han Lei suddenly snatched my glass of wine and drowned it all down. Then he flung a provocative glance at that man.

That man was not angry either, just had an indescribable smile on and said, “What’s the meaning of this?”

Han Lei raised his eyebrow and replied, “Exactly what it means!”

Then the two of them stopped talking and looked at each other with a bit of rivalry. There seemed to have been a collision of sparks and electric current.  

I broke into a cold sweat while looking on from the side and wanted to tell that handsome man: don’t look at this man’s friendly facade, that was in fact fake. This man shouldn’t be provoked, you’d better quit while you’re ahead and return back to your woman!

Suddenly, that handsome man spoke first, “Why don’t we talk somewhere else?

“Who’s scared of whom? That’s what I wanted too!” Han Lei eagerly responded.

I frowned and looked up and down his body. I suddenly felt that Han Lei seemed to have been waiting to say this all evening?