Fighting Men

I always knew that men could be childish but I didn’t know they could be childish to this degree.

When I was half asleep and half awake, I suddenly felt that the binding and pressure on my body was gone. The heat and touch behind my back was also gone. The bed was half empty and the door was softly opened then closed. I slightly opened my eyes and looked toward the window, as usual, the sky was just getting its first rays of light. I turned over and hugged Han Lei’s “abandoned” pillow, felt his remaining warmth and continued to sleep.

Ever since July started, even if I didn’t painstakingly pay attention to it, I noticed that Han Lei, this fellow, has been getting up an hour and a half early. He would softly and quietly get out of bed and lightly open and close the door as if he was secretly doing something.

I really couldn’t withstand my curiosity one time so I decided to sacrifice an hour of my sleep and secretly followed him to see what mysterious thing he has been doing.

Recalling that day… It was rare that I woke up early that day and I then  purposely pretended to sleep until he woke up. Notwithstanding my expectations, he punctually woke up and with soft and quiet movements got out of bed. Perhaps because he was too considerate, his toe kicked the corner of the bed. He let out a groan and there also seemed to have been a crisp crunching sound. But in the next moment it was silent. I ignored that sound and continued to pretend to be asleep. A moment later, I heard a painstakingly lowered damn then the door opened and closed.

I slowly opened my eyes when the steps were gradually further away and couldn’t help but smile at the corner of the bed.

Then, I quietly and softly got out of bed and opened the door. I silently looked out and discovered that a rhythmic exhaling and panting sound transmitted from the huge open door of the study.  

The me who had just discovered the New World softly tiptoed over to the door of the study and secretly poked half of my head in, exposing a pair of eyes. Sure enough, I saw Han Lei’s back toward the door, bustling about.

I rubbed my eyes and carefully looked. He was actually… exercising!

I always felt that the layout of his study was quite weird. It was obviously just this big but it could unexpectedly contain an enormous bookcase as well as a desk. It could also contain several exercise machines. Furthermore all of them seemed to be put together quite harmoniously. The most frightening thing was that the remaining space in the room was enough to contain two people.

Uh, straying off from the topic… In fact, what I really wanted to say was, wasn’t it just exercising? Was there a need to make it so mysterious? What’s more, he would also usually insist on waking up early to exercise. Was there a need to add half an hour more this month?

In fact, Han Lei had an adorable habit. After exercising and taking a shower, he would go back to bed and resume his sleeping position, hugging me until “waking” up.

When I touch his firm muscles and look at his perfect figure, I couldn’t help but sigh. This is all from sweat and perseverance.

During lunch break, I leaned against the railings on the roof and asked, “Have you noticed that this month’s Han Lei seems to give off an impression of expectation, restlessness and eagerness?”

En… What to say… He seems to be like this every year around this time of the month…” A certain somebody responded in a contemplating manner.

“What do you think is the reason? What? What?” I consecutively asked three times.

En… Regarding this question, I, who have been with him for more than three years wants to know the reason more than you, okay?” A certain someone responded while rubbing their temple.

I frowned and suspiciously looked at that certain someone, “Xiao Hao Hao, are you sure that you really like our family’s Han Lei? Otherwise, why wouldn’t you know the reason why?”

Qin Hao twitched the corners of his mouth and gnashed his teeth: “Xiao…Hao…Hao…”

Yep, this certain someone, who was the omnipotent male secretary by Han Lei’s side, was dragged up to the roof by me during lunch break — comrade Qin Hao.

“, my feelings toward Han zong is respect, worship, and admiration! Not love!” Qin Hao once again explained half defeatedly and emotionally.

Of course I knew this. I simply found it very fun to tease him so it has now become a habit.

“Okay, okay, what’s there to explain? Haven’t you heard that the more you explain, the more you are trying to hide it?”  


“Do you think that silence will do? Haven’t you heard that silence means approval?”


Ah! I suddenly remember that the distance between your house and our house is quite close. Could it be it was because you wanted to shorten the distance between you and Han Lei?”


Ay… This is an inevitable result of homosexual love ah…”