Once the elderly had departed, everyone, one after another, also began to leave and went to find their own fun.

Han Lei led me downstairs and against my expectations, he didn’t go toward the direction of the entrance but to where the restrooms were.

I followed behind him somewhat gloomily, muttering in my mind, this guy couldn’t possibly be afraid of the dark hence made me accompany him to the restroom, right?

Once again, against my expectations, he didn’t go to the restroom but led me to an even darker corner near the restroom area.

This corner was very dark and hidden. If someone was to stand in here and not say a word, they would definitely not be discovered by other people.

Han Lei pressed me against the wall. His tall body stuck to me closely and he used his lower body to tell me of his intentions.

My little heart was beating rapidly and I couldn’t help but place my hand in front of his chest and whisper, “You’re joking, right? Hurry and tell me that you’re messing around!”

You must be joking! We are not at home! Although people couldn’t see, there were still people passing by, okay?! But he was audacious enough to think of doing bad things here!

I couldn’t help but wholly concentrated on the footsteps and conversations around me, afraid that they might also be bored enough to come here just like Han Lei did.

Compared to my anxiousness and restlessness, Han Lei was calm and said near my ear, “Honey, when did I ever joke around?”

Then he evilly sucked my earlobe.

I slightly opened my mouth and a pleasurable moan was just about to leak out when Han Lei suddenly covered my mouth with his hand and successfully silenced it.

He released his hand, gently sucked my lips and said, “Honey, don’t let out sounds or else we will be found out!”

Hateful man! Evil man! Scary man!

He fiercely kissed me, used his hand and undid my shirt button, and began caressing my breasts.

I took a deep breath and pressed my luck. I also moved my hands to pull his shirt and imitated how he caressed to caress his chest.

Next, he used his hand to pull up my skirt till it stopped just at my waist. He then pulled down my panties…

Perhaps it was because of the surroundings or due to the stimulations, I was quickly aroused and urged Han Lei to move on to the next step.

Seeing my impatience, Han Lei laughed. Although I couldn’t see his expression but I swore that I had heard him laugh.

Then I heard the sound of a zipper loosening. He raised my leg and hung it on his waist, a forceful push and he silenced the moan that was about to leak out.

“This is your punishment. Who told you to think about men other than me?” Han Lei said while ramming into me.

Just at this moment, I seemed to have heard the laughter and voices of two girls not far away. This made my pleasure and nervousness converge on both sides. I couldn’t help but bite Han Lei’s shoulder to suppress the pleasurable moans…

The music outside was still ear-splitting and as before, there were people passing by the corner. Everyone had ignored the dim corners’ unusual burning passion.

People who had not experienced it would not understand the deadly pleasure produced in the dark corner.

My hair was in a mess, lipstick was eaten away, a button missing from my shirt and my skirt was wrinkled.

Han Lei who was satisfied helped me adjust my clothes then he adjusted his. His warm palm pulled me into the crowd and went toward the direction of the entrance.

I loosened my hair, blushed and followed him with my head down. I didn’t dare to look around as I feared that people would find out the “good thing” that had just happened would be shown on my face.

Inside the car, Han Lei smiled like a person who had just successfully had an affair. He gently said, “As expected, wearing a skirt is more convenient!”

Hearing this, I wanted to facepalm my blushing face.

I inwardly decided to never wear a skirt ever again!