One Person’s Worries, The Entire Family Advises

Being blackbellied has been proven to be hereditary.

The corners of my mouth twitched as I looked at the entertaining place before me and asked, “This is the nice place?”

Han Lei raised his eyebrow, smiled, and evilly said, “Of course, you don’t think so?”

I’m sorry, but I really don’t think so.

This place was quite familiar. It could be said that even if I wanted to forget it, I wouldn’t be able to because this wasn’t just any place. Rather, it was precisely the bar where I first met Han Lei. Because of this bar, I married a seemingly high grade good, but in reality he was in fact a blackbellied man.

Han Lei tightly held my hand, pushed open the door, and walked inside. The inside of the club was the same as before, bustling with noise and excitement.

The music was as deafening as before, and the female dancers on the stage were full of energy and very provocative, letting themselves go.

There were so many people tonight that everyone was practically sticking to one another. Han Lei had to hold my hand tightly, or else I would have been pushed around. It was quite laborious just to advance forward.  

We finally made it out of the crowd, and Han Lei pulled me to the staircase. When we went up to the second floor, it was a new experience for me because it was the first time I had been there. After all, this was only my second time coming to this kind of place.  

I borrowed the dim lighting and discovered that the second floor comprised of KTV (karaoke) rooms. The more I walked in, the quieter the music from downstairs was.  

When we stood in front of the innermost room, Han Lei raised his hand and pushed open the door. We immediately became the focal point of everyone inside. While looking around, I saw that the room was filled with familiar faces.

Aiyaya! Good Daugher-In-Law! Come and sit here!”

Can you hear it? There’s no mistake… It is our Mother-In-Law’s voice. Furthermore, the people inside the room were none other than the entire Han family except for Eldest Sister-In-Law, Su Yue Yan.

I obediently pulled Han Lei’s hand and sat next to Mother-In-Law. I quickly discovered that tonight’s main character was Eldest Brother, Han Si.

Want to know how I knew? It’s quite simple. It’s because he was sitting right in the middle.

Yep, Han Si sat on the middle, and on his right was Second Brother Han Yu, Youngest Sister Han Hui, Eldest Sister Han Min, and Eldest Brother-In-Law Guan Yi. On his left was Father-In-Law, Mother-In-Law, Han Lei, and me.

No matter how you look at it, it was a family gathering. The only thing was that the atmosphere… was a little strange.

The soundproofing in the large private room was great, and we practically couldn’t hear the noise from downstairs at all. Everyone chose their favorite songs one after another not for the purpose of singing, but rather for it to serve as background music while we talked. Every single person was chatting and laughing except for Han Si, who was enshrouded by a gloomy darkness and was quietly drinking his sorrows away. He was vexed, regretful, and distressed.

I carefully looked at the four men of the Han family and discovered that the space between their eyebrows were all alike. Afterall, it was Father-In-Law who contributed greatly to their genes, hence their tall height and handsome appearance. Perhaps because of his age, he looked very gentle and amiable, but his innate domineering aura that was impossible to ignore was still there. Han Si’s temperament was even more similar to Father-In-Law’s: gentle, elegant, refined, and handsome. Han Yu looked more like a universal frivolous playboy who had an indecent smile on all day long, but he was unexpectedly charming. As for Han Lei, he was basically a fox hiding in sheep’s clothing.   

While my gaze was hovering between them, I couldn’t help but look at Father-In-Law. I suddenly blushed due to my impure thoughts and couldn’t help but fantasize about Father-In-Law being tied up on the bed by our Mother-In-Law…

Oh! Facepalm!

Han Si has been drinking his sorrows away since we came in. At first he drank with a cup, but now he directly drank from the bottle. I finally couldn’t help but asked Mother-In-Law, “What happened? Where’s Eldest Sister-In-Law?”

When Han Si heard me utter “Eldest Sister-In-Law”, his tall body went stiff and in the next second, chugged down the alcohol.

Mother-In-Law snorted at Han Si, turned towards me and said, “She was angered from eating too much vinegar from this stupid boy, so she went back to her maternal home!”

Ah?” I felt out of the loop.