Han Lei and I sat at the table and quietly ate. Han Lei was indifferent towards Li zong after negotiating the contract, not even sparing him a single glance.

Li zong didn’t feel anything was wrong either. He played with his own stuff, drank with this one, flirted with that one, kissed this mouth, touched that leg…

Although I am open minded, this man is too much. I admired the professional work ethic these women possess. They actually just go about their work as normal even when facing this type of guest.

Just at that moment, Han Lei’s phone rang and he politely nodded his head and walked out of the room to take the call.

Seeing this scene, Li zong immediately pulled out a stack of money, divided it, and put it between the women’s chests, groping it along the way. He quickly moved his plump body and sat down on Han Lei’s seat. The movement he displayed was unexpectedly graceful and lightning fast.

He poured a cup of sake for the both of us, picked it up, and lecherously looked at me and said, “Miss Xia is truly a beautiful and enchanting person, a toast to you.”

Although his gaze was very unpleasant, I still maintained a smile and toasted back, “No, no, Li zong is too polite.”

Our cups lightly bumped and I drained it all in a gulp.

Putting down the cup, Li zong continuously approached me while I continuously moved backwards.

Looking at how his five facial features cooperated, I really wanted to tell him that it wasn’t his fault that he was ugly, but it’s his fault that he is such an ugly and disgusting person.

Li zong ignored my awkward smile, smiled and vulgarly said, “Miss Xia, let’s go and play after we get rid of Han zong!”

I frowned. It seems like this old pervert mistook me as Han Lei’s mistress, a mistress that everyone could have a taste of, infuriating me to death.

I insincerely smiled and said, “Has Li zong misunderstood something?”

Li zong complacently said, “Don’t act anymore, I saw you guys enter hand in hand.”

Hey! Is holding hands against the law? Who decided that I was Han Lei’s mistress just because I was holding hands with him?!

This was truly too insulting. Just when I was thinking of how to refute him, his pig hoof actually attempted to vainly attack my thigh.

Just at this moment of life or death, Han Lei silently appeared behind us and coldly said, “If your hand dares to touch her thigh, I will immediately let you taste what it is like to fall from heaven to hell.”

The both of us were frightened by his cold warning. Li zong embarrassingly withdrew his hand and said, “Isn’t it just for fun? Is it worth it for just a woman?”

Han Lei’s expression turned even colder, frowned, and smiled, “The problem is that this woman is my woman!”

At this moment even idiots could tell that Han Lei was serious, therefore even Li zong could understand what was happening. Thus, he apologized to me and even punished himself with a cup of wine. Then, he continued playing with those women.

Han Lei was angry and pulled me out of the private room without bidding farewell. We silently walked to the parking lot until we sat down inside the car.

“Sorry,” Han Lei suddenly apologized to me in a low voice. “I didn’t know that it would be like this because this was my first time participating in a dinner where I have to bring a female companion. If I knew that he was this kind of pervert, I not only wouldn’t have brought you here, but I also wouldn’t have even collaborated with him. I have humiliated you, and I am truly sorry.”

Han Lei’s expression was very earnest, making me somewhat emotional.

I held his arm, rubbed against him coquettishly, and smiled. “I wasn’t humiliated that that much. Furthermore, you didn’t even know he was that kind of person in the first place!  What’s more, we are husband and wife, so we should share hardships together. Fortunately, you brought me with you, otherwise wouldn’t you have been eaten by those women?”

I made a pouting face after I finished speaking. Even though I was there, those women were still so presumptuous… if I wasn’t there…

Of course I believed in Han Lei, however, whenever I think about those women taking liberties with him with their eyes, I still felt unpleasant.

Hen Lei quickly shifted his attention, smiled, and kissed me. He helped fastened my seatbelt and said, “We shouldn’t be angry, I will bring you to a good place!” Upon saying this, he mischievously winked at me.

A good place…

Where on Earth will it be?

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