After the third attempt to convince her, which failed like the other two attempts, I forcefully suppressed my impulse to beat this woman into a pulp. I glanced at the Qin siblings, Gao Fan Yu and He Yi, who sat on the sofa defeatedly. I pondered for a second before deciding to reveal my trump card. I patted Mother-In-Law’s arm and weakly said, “Mother-In-Law, you’re up!”

Mother-In-Law stared fixedly at Liu Jing before she earnestly said, “Jing ah, do you really love He Yi?”

Everyone held their breaths as they waited for Liu Jing’s response. He Yi was even more anxious, and he subconsciously grabbed the pillow even tighter, after all, Liu Jing had never confessed her feelings before.

Liu Jing gazed at He Yi affectionately and finally nodded.

Everyone then exhaled in relief. It’s as they say “Bro has the hots while the sister knows.” What are we getting worked up for, right?

Mother-In-Law continued to earnestly ask, “Then, if your Mother-In-Law lets you go of her own free will, will you accept He Yi?”

This time Liu Jing hesitated, and just when everyone couldn’t help but collectively throw themselves onto her to push her head down, she finally nodded her head firmly under He Yi’s expectant gaze.

Mother-In-Law smiled when she saw this nod, patted her heart and pledged, “Then this will be easy. Just leave this matter to me! Tonight there will be Hong Men Yan*!” (t/n: a banquet set up with the aim of murdering a guest)

Upon seeing Mother-In-law’s confidence and her expression that looked like she had a card up her sleeve, everyone was convinced that she could do it. Everyone looked at her with worship and admiration.

Just when everyone was circling around Mother-In-Law to express their admiration, Han Lei hugged my shoulder and calmly said, “Didn’t I tell you before to wait for the correct timing before meddling in other people’s affairs? Now, the time has arrived.”

I looked at him suspiciously and hesitated before I asked, “Why are you helping Liu Jing? No, it should be why are you helping He Yi?” From what I understand about him, he doesn’t just decide to help people.

Hehe…” Han Lei laughed and said, “If I said it was because I am happy, in a good mood, did it on a whim, and wanted to be helpful, would you believe me?”

“…” It was quite obvious that I didn’t believe him.

And the truth was that Han Lei had actually paid a hefty sum to dig this exceptional schoolmate junior’s dirt. For the sake of long term benefits, what reason would he have to refuse to help someone else’s love problems?

At night, our Mother-In-Law decided to have the Hong Men Yan at Liu Jing’s home so that her Daughter-In-Law could save that elderly woman’s Daughter-In-Law’s life.

Although Liu Jing’s evil Mother-In-Law was not happy and didn’t understand why the host had changed from me to Mother-In-Law, she still possessed the most fundamental upbringing, and thus she insincerely followed along while smiling, all the while planning to never have any contact with us again after this dinner.

After sitting down, Mother-In-Law started to please the old woman: “Hehe, Liu Jing sure is blessed to have such a young and beautiful Mother-In-Law. You maintained yourself well!”

The elderly woman had perhaps not heard this kind of praise for a while or never had before, her caked face blushed and shyly said, “No, no, you’re joking jie jie!”

They have already started to address each other as jie and mei.

Mother-In-Law continued to expressionlessly say, “Don’t be modest mei mei, seeing how well-developed you are, no matter what you wear, you look slender. Your skin is fair and clear without any blemishes except for a few wrinkles. Your makeup is so exquisite that you can’t even see Mount Lu Shan’s true colors; it’s simply the best in the world!”

We really admired our Mother-In-Law’s ability to lie through one’s teeth (t/n: tell an outright lie without remorse), and we admired the smiling elderly woman even more who could only hear the pleasant things and automatically block out the unpleasant.

When I saw how Mother-In-Law pleased the elderly woman to the highest degree, I felt completely unaware of which dynasty we were in. The powder on her face slowly fell off due to her “smiling”. Her smiling gave birth to crow’s feet eyes that could press a fly. The entire scene was that frightening, horrifying, and shocking. I really admire our Mother-In-Law’s strength! I need to learn!

Suddenly, our Mother-In-Law changed the topic and gravely asked, “Mei mei, do you believe in fate?””

The elderly woman also gravely said, “Jie jie, to be honest with you, I began to believe in it after my child passed away.”

“Then why do you chain Liu Jing?”

“I’m not willing to let go of her.”

“Why bother?” Mother-In-Law suddenly held the elderly woman’s hand and sympathetically said, “You’re still young and beautiful like a “flower”, yet why do you chain your Daughter-In-Law into living as a widow? Is it worth it?”

The elderly woman didn’t say anything, but it could be seen that she was somewhat wavering.

“To be honest, we women only have a few years of our youth, and you… how many years have you been living as a widow? I feel distress for you when I compare my happiness and sex life to yours. Just because you don’t want to give her up, you will bind your Daughter-In-Law? Is this a wise decision?”

It was quite obvious that the elderly woman was touched, and she emotionally looked at our Mother-In-Law.

Our Mother-In-Law suddenly leaned towards the elderly woman’s ear and whispered, her voice very quiet, so quiet to the degree that we couldn’t eavesdrop no matter how hard we tried. We only saw the elderly woman’s face becoming more and more red and her eyes getting brighter and brighter.  

Finally under our Mother-In-Law’s brainwashing, the elderly woman revealed a gentleness that was hard to come by in a thousand years, and she sympathetically said to Liu Jing, “Everyone should find their own path to happiness!”

Finally, the two older women were full of smiles while the two younger women were in a daze.

After the successful brainwash, I sent Mother-In-Law down to her car. I finally couldn’t help but ask her what exactly she told the elderly woman in private.

Mother-In-Law smiled and said, “I didn’t say much. All I said was that I heard that there was a man who was infatuated with her who wasn’t married and had waited for half his life for her in her hometown.”

My mouth twitched: “Did she believe it?”

“What do you think?”

It was quite clear that she believed it.

“Then…is there really such a man?”

Mother-In-Law smiled with mischief, “Who knows? I’ve never been to her hometown before; I only “heard” about it. Ahahaha…”


As it turns out, being black-bellied might be hereditary.

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