I quickly raised the hand that was holding my ankle and grabbed the metal rod. We faced each other in a deadlock.

My ankle continued to flare in pain and cold sweat rolled down my forehead. I knew that the circumstances right now were not in my favor. Suddenly, there was a flash of light. A bald and shiny head appeared in my mind. How great would it be if that baldy and afro would appear right now?

While I was praying, I saw a flash of light.

“Big sister? Yamaguchi group leader’s daughter?” A not very certain voice sounded out behind the long-haired guy, scaring him into turning around and looking.

“Ah! Xiao Guang! Xiao Ai!” I excitedly yelled; it really was baldy and afro! Afro was the one who called out “Big Sister”. (t/n: xiao – term used for addressing familiar people. Xiao Guang – Baldy. Xiao Ai – Afro.)

Look, look, this is what you call fate!

The baldy’s mouth twitched as he gnashed his teeth and said, “Who’s Xiao Guang and Xiao Ai?!”

“That isn’t important. Why are you guys here?” I thought back to what they had said previously, and I remembered that they said they controlled this area. “Could it be that you guys waited here to stop me?”

Baldy continued to gnash his teeth and said, “Don’t let your imagination run rampant!”

Afro answered in a kindly manner, “Actually we just finished studying and were taking a shortcut home.”

“Woman, what are you guys doing?” Baldy questioned.

“Idiot! Don’t you see that I am being attacked by this perverted guy?!” I yelled angrily. Wasn’t it very clear? I was crouching while blocking the long-haired guy’s metal rod; did they think that we were posing for an action scene or photo shoot?

“En…” Baldy looked at the three lying on the ground “pretending to be dead”, frowned, and then said, “Did you put those three down?”

Uh-huh!” I proudly snorted.  

A flicker of understanding flashed in Baldy’s eyes before he slowly walked towards the long-haired man and flung him aside. The long-haired guy was flung to the corner to “reminisce” with his buddies.

Liu Jing gasped in fright when she saw my ankle injury. Baldy decided to bring us back to his place to help me apply medicine on my ankle and to help Liu Jing calm down.

Baldy’s home was quite close to ours, just a block away. No wonder we take the same bus.

When Baldy opened his front door, I unexpectedly saw comrade Qin Hao!

Baldy pointed at Qin Hao and introduced, “This is my brother.”

OMG! Baldy was actually Qin Hao’s brother! Qin Hao’s younger brother was actually Baldy! No wonder I thought Baldy resembled someone, it was because he resembled Qin Hao ah.

Qin Hao was also a little frightened when he saw my sorry figure, but he quickly supported me to the sofa and let his brother help me rub medicinal wine on my ankle.

“Xiao Guang…” I frowned and called out to him, he was using too much force.

Baldy twitched before he added more strength and said, “My name is Qin Yang. Don’t call me Xiao Guang. He’s also not Xiao Ai. His name is Gao Fan Yu.”

Afro, Gao Fan Yu, gave me a friendly smile. I also smiled and nodded to him.

After taking care of my problem, the five of us sat on the sofa, four of us waiting for Liu Jing to come to herself.

After finishing the fifth cup of water that Qin Hao handed me, Liu Jing finally calmed down. She looked at me gratefully, “Thank you warrior lady for your rescue. This humble girl can only promise an eternal vow of life!”

Hey, what’s the deal with her? She’s not a ‘traversed’, is she?

“It’s very strange when you call me warrior lady. My name is Xia Ying. You can either call me Xiao Xia, Xiao Ying, Xia jie, or just Ying. Also, dismiss the thought of vowing your life to me, I’m married.” If she really did vow her life to me, it’d be a miracle if Han Lei didn’t get angry at me. (t/n: jie – term used to address a female older than you)

Liu Jing blinked her innocent and pure eyes before she puzzlingly asked, “Then what did you mean by satisfying one of your requests?”

Once she said that, Qin Hao, Qin Yang, and Gao Fan Yu looked at me as if I was a pervert. Their eyes had a clear trace of disgust and Qin Hao made an exaggerated inhaling sound.

Why were their thoughts so dirty? My lifelong reputation!

I helplessly said, “Liu Jing, my so-called request is definitely not what you think it is, I swear…” I just wanted to know your relationship with He Yi.

Just at that moment, Qin Hao suddenly got up and went to open the door.

The doorbell didn’t even ring, what is he doing?

To everyone’s puzzlement, just as he opened the door, I looked as if I had seen a ghost. Han Lei! It was Han Lei!

Everyone stared at the smiling Han Lei who was walking towards me before collectively looking at me for my reaction.

I trembled with fear and felt my scalp go numb as I saw Han Lei walk towards me. He wasn’t wearing his glasses, and he smiled excessively to the point that it was a little scary.

“Hi Hubby! What a coincidence!”

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