Perhaps they had never seen a woman like me dare to provoke them, they got very heated up. They sent out that spare rib guy without demur.

I showed a trace of excitement as I could finally fight again! Since those two stepsisters didn’t dare to provoke me anymore, I hadn’t had a chance to exchange fists for a long time. Thus, for a “martially endowed” person like me, I was completely pent up!

I calmly took out a hair tie from my purse and messily tied my hair back. I tossed my purse towards the woman behind me. When I turned around, I was satisfied to see her eyes full of worship and admiration. I charismatically said, “Woman, I am fighting for you! If I safely get you out of here, then you will have to satisfy one of my requests. However, for now can you tell me your name?

She dazedly nodded as she saw my excitement and confidence and said, “Okay, I promise you! My name is Liu Jing.”

“Very good! Now all you have to do is protect my purse and wait for me beside the wall. I’ll take you away from here soon.” After I said this, I gave her a reassuring smile before turning around and facing the spare rib guy.

Truthfully speaking, I was a little hesitant when I saw that thin and weak body of his. However, when he unhesitatingly launched a fist at me, my empathy disappeared without a trace. I crouched to dodge his fist and then thrust my fist forward into his stomach without hesitation. He groaned and rolled to the corner to “rest”.

The jaws’ of the other hooligans dropped to the floor. They definitely didn’t expect that I would be such a formidable opponent.

After the spare rib guy, the long-haired guy sent out the muscular guy. His height didn’t even meet my shoulders. He quickly launched a few powerful punches at me, but I was able to carefully dodge them. I quickly crouched down and kicked his leg – another one down. I kicked his body two more times before finally kicking him into the corner to “rest”.

Fortunately, I had worn pants today.

The long-haired guy was stunned, he couldn’t believe what had just happened. He nudged the fat one and gestured in my direction.

Although the fat guy was big, I knocked him down in a flash with my nimble movements. He attacked me from the back, but I was able to grab his meaty hand, threw him over my shoulder. I ruthlessly gave him a few more punches to his fat belly.

In actuality, fighting these men was somewhat strenuous even though they were youngsters. There is still a strength difference between men and women. It is a good thing that I had trained before and my opponents hadn’t.

When I looked at the three hooligans I had just put down, I really wanted to thank my senior sisters. The hooligans that had bullied me that year had helped me become obsessed with learning martial arts. How could I have obtained tonight’s glorious victory?

I dusted off my hands and approached the long-haired guy with a face that looked like a female Asura.

The long-haired guy was truly cowardly, he took advantage of the good and those who fear evil. Upon seeing his companions beaten, he begged me for forgiveness with a fearful face.

Forget it, they are just kids. I will just think of it as releasing stress and teaching them a lesson. Who told them to bully woman? Who told them to laugh that I was a big sister? However, because the long-haired guy admitted his mistake, I let him off this time. After all, the three lying on the ground were still counting on him to carry them back.

Just as I turned around and walked towards Liu Jing to ask her my request, I was sneak attacked.

A shriek sounded out followed by sinister laughter.

I spun around and crouched while holding my right ankle. He had hit my right ankle with a rod. I estimated that my bone was fractured. Damn, it ****ing hurts!

When I raised my head, I saw the long-haired guy standing in front of me with a metal rod that had seemingly come out of nowhere while smiling viciously.

Then, his eyes flashed with a cold light before raising the metal rod and swinging it towards my head.

Mamamia! If I really get hit by this blow, won’t I be compelled to transmigrate?

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