It seemed like he really knew me before as only people I had met from when I was four years old and earlier would know this nickname, Xiao Ying Ying. Could it be that I really did share “happy memories” with him?

Liu Jun was really bold to actually talk about another woman in front of his wife. But Han Lei wasn’t that open-minded.

Before I had adequate time to recall the past, I noticed a slight difference in Han Lei. Even though he was still smiling and looked as if he was quite interested in my past, his gaze was gradually becoming colder. The pressure of his hand that was on my shoulder also seemed to have become heavier. Mamamia ah, this man couldn’t have misunderstood something and was jealous, right?

Liu Jun was still acting out his over exaggerated heartache, making the rest of the three people laugh. I clenched my teeth and ferociously said to him, “Quickly say the truth or else I will make you even more heartbroken.”

After hearing that, Liu Jun finally returned back to normal but still had a hurtful expression on: “Xiao Ying Ying, your memory is really bad to actually forget about me. Okay, okay, stop staring at me. You’ve already stared at me the entire night, aren’t you tired? Okay, okay, I won’t say any nonsense anymore. But you really don’t remember me? Fine, fine. I’ll talk, I’ll talk. I was someone who had witnessed your birth! I’ve even seen the appearance of your naked little PP crawling around… Okay then, I’ll omit this part. Anyways, I was someone who had lived with you for a few years! You really don’t remember? Try to recall, for example a bald head…”

When he mentioned a bald head, I suddenly remembered that when I was small, I was always slapping a “stingy” baldy to play. And the owner of that bald head seemed to have been a boy who was older than me by a few years, could it be…

“Are you the baldy gege from back then?” I pointed at him with a trembling finger.

Liu Jun had “you’ve finally remembered” written all over his face.

“Hey! You can’t blame me. Who told you that you’re no longer a baldy anymore? Moreover, I was so young back then, it’d be strange if I had remembered!” I defended myself. Anyway, it was also a fact that I seemed to have not seen him after the age of four.

Sure enough, men go through eighteen changes when they grow up.

“But, how much older are you?”

“I’m currently 30 years old, what do you think?” Liu Jun retorted then grumbled, “You actually dare to forget the memories of you bullying me! The you back then weren’t well-behaved at all, not only did you like to ‘run around naked’, you also liked to slap my bald head, slapping and smiling at the same time. If I didn’t let you, you would cry. The most hateful thing was that your unending stream of drool kept flowing out…”

Uh, was I truly this excessive?

Thus, throughout the entire night, everyone heard Liu Jun recounted my “glorious tales” from when I was a child. There were unceasing sounds of laughter and bonding of friendships.

After sending off the guests, I laid down on the bed and couldn’t control myself from smiling. Having such a coincidental meeting with someone who I “played” with when I was a child, it’s natural that I would be happy. But what about a certain someone?

Han Lei laid on his side beside me, his smile had just the perfect arc. His gaze was scorching hot and he teasingly said, “So it turns out that you liked to ‘run around naked’ when you were a child, furthermore it was for another man’s eyes.”

Hey, puh-leeze. Liu Jun was also a child back then, okay? A five year old boy was not yet considered a man, okay? If I had met Han Lei then, I also wouldn’t mind “running around naked” for him to see. Moreover, I don’t even remember it.

Han Lei was slowly approaching me, his hands wandering around on my butt and wickedly grinned, “Honey, I also want to see you ‘running around naked’ once!”

After saying that, he pressed himself against me, giving me no chance to explain myself.

I’m wronged ah. I by no means like “running around naked”. Didn’t all children like to strip bare during the summer? That way, it was more cooling!

After getting to know Jiang Mo Mo, I noticed that this sweet and alluring woman with her tall figure and perfect body was one that was adorable and easy to get along with. Although she was the same age as Liu Jun but she had a young mentality compared to her age.

Since that night, the three of us women had become closely knitted sisters. But because of the ages between us, Liu Jing and I originally wanted to call her Jiang jie, however Mo Mo wouldn’t let us, no matter what. She said it would make her old hence we ultimately decided to call each other by our names.

Mo Mo said that everyone was a woman who were either married or has a man so it was very important and significant to mutually exchange information on how to make a marriage work.

Mo Mo said that getting married was everyone’s matter but a marriage was one that was between two people. Both parties should have an obligation to work hard to ensure a top-notch marriage.

Regarding the life after marriage aspect, I am a newbie. Liu Jing and He Yi had only gotten together not long ago. Thus, Mo Mo who had the most abundant experience in terms of marriage life patted her chest and outspokenly said, “Sisters, let jie jie teach you guys some methods to spice up the excitement between married couples or man and woman.”

After kicking Liu Jun out of the house, the three of us initiated the “Mo Mo’s Teachings” in her room.

Mo Mo gracefully crossed one leg over the other, nestled into her little couch and said, “Many people would feel that they gradually lost their initial passion and excitement after they got married due to work, pressure and daily life necessities, burnishing their longing for romance. This isn’t right! Even after getting married, we still need to go on dates to keep the excitement and passion!”

Mo Mo was somewhat fired up while Liu Jing and I quietly sat aside and listened.

“Therefore!” Mo Mo smiled at us and said, “Mix in some roleplaying! It’s very fun!”