Passion Between Husband and Wife

A young couple said: Roleplaying definitely has benefits.

Well, an author was certainly not equal to sitting at home but Liu Jun would often sit at home though.

Just when things came to a deadlock, a sweet voice and a beautiful woman’s figure appeared behind Liu Jun.

A woman with a tall stature with curves of a succubus and the face of an angel.

That woman saw Liu Jun and I staring at each other “intimately” with one looking up and another looking down. Not only did she knit her exquisite brows but she also slightly crooked her head, her red lips parted: “What are you guys…playing? Can I join?”

When Liu Jun heard this voice, he happily turned around and after seeing who it was, he excitedly walked to that woman’s side. Then he intimately called, “Mo Mo! My darling Mo Mo! You’re not going to your meeting anymore? Did you purposely push back the meeting just so you can come back and accompany me? En! I just knew that you treated me best! You knew that I would be lonely so you rushed back! Please accept this grateful kiss of mine!”

After saying that, Liu Jun wanted to act out an R-rated scene in front of my eyes. Just when I couldn’t help but covered my eyes with both of my hands and parted my fingers to steal a peek, at the most crucial moment, he seemed to have remembered something and suddenly looked up. He switched to a weeping expression and while facing the woman said, “Honey, let’s endure it for a bit longer. This isn’t the time to kiss right now although I wanted to as well…” He pulled the woman to stand before me and continued while looking at her, “My darling Mo Mo! Quickly come and explain it to Xiao Ying Ying! I’m not some gigolo! Although my surname is “liu” ( 刘 ) and if one isn’t careful enough, it could be pronounced as “niu” ( cow, 牛)  but I’m really not a gigolo! I’m an author! Author!”

That woman who was called Mo Mo smiled, her big pair of eyes adorned with long and curled eyelashes blinked. She sweetly smiled at me and said, “Xiao Ying Ying, let’s go to your house and play!”

Location: Han Lei and Xia Ying’s nest.

Time: 08:30 PM

Event: Exchange Meeting Between Neighbors

Participants: Han Lei, Xia Ying, He Yi, Liu Jing, Liu Jun and his wife.

Scene: Six people sat apart from each other on the sofa in the living room. Four people were waiting for the truth to be revealed.

Han Lei and I leisurely leaned against the sofa, I crossed my arms in front of my chest while Han Lei’s arm was on my shoulder. He Yi and Liu Jing were sitting politely beside us. Liu Jun and his wife were relaxedly sitting on the two-seater sofa as if they were right at home.

Mo Mo gracefully picked up the cup of juice on the table and after taking a small sip, she played with the cup in her hands. She sweetly smiled and said, “Although we have moved here for a few weeks already but this is the first time we have all met, right? Hi everyone, I’m Jiang Mo Mo from next door, please take care of me in the future.”

After saying that, she looked at us and then slightly smiled, “I’m sure that all of you are curious about the relationship between Liu Jun and I, right?”

Mo Mo covered her mouth and laughed out loudly when she saw my obvious expression: “I should first introduce myself. I’m a freelancer, the kind where if there’s requests for work, I’ll accept it. If there’s no requests, I’ll be at home sleeping. It just so happens to be the busiest time for me during the few weeks we moved here so today can be considered our official meeting. Regarding this man,” Mo Mo pointed at Liu Jun, “That’s right, he’s the man that I’m keeping!”

After hearing Mo Mo explained Liu Jun’s identity, I faced him with an expression of disdain and “keep on lying” was written all over my face. Han Lei snorted and had an expression of looking forward to seeing a play. He Yi was dumbstruck and his handsome face blushed, after all, he was young so he was somewhat startled. Even though Liu Jing was mentally prepared but she still couldn’t help but gasped.

Liu Jun, who was in the middle of taking a sip from his cup couldn’t restrain himself and spurted the juice out when he heard those words. He was simultaneously cleaning up the mess while anguishing, “Honey, this is not the time to joke around!”

“Don’t worry! I will properly explain it again this time!” Mo Mo consoled Liu Jun with an innocent expression on her face while she simultaneously checked the expressions of each one of us. “Startled? Hehe, this is actually just a game of our’s. Right, I still haven’t told you guys that we are actually husband and wife, the kind that’s lawfully wed!”

Liu Jun knowing that Mo Mo would reintroduce him again sat in an upright manner. Mo Mo extended one hand in front of Liu Jun’s face as if she was introducing a product, smiled and said, “This man is actually an author, one that has published novels before, but I don’t think he’s that well-known.” After ignoring the coughs from a certain author’s protest, she continued, “He’s a freelance author, and I’m a freelancer. Therefore, we need a lot of inspiration and as a result we fell in love with roleplaying.”

After hearing that keyword, Han Lei began to show a look of interest.

This man!

“The so called roleplaying is actually to play a character,” Mo Mo explained.

Okay, this was the same as saying nothing.

“In order to inspire him, I would usually act out characters that he doesn’t use such as a flight attendant, student, wealthy lady and so on. Well, I also admit that I enjoy this as well. Don’t you guys find this to be quite exciting? And this month, we just so happen to roleplay “a kept man“, I’m sorry if you guys misunderstood,” Mo Mo sincerely apologized.

But the truth was that it was just me and Liu Jing who had misunderstood them.

Liu Jun whose grievances have been addressed clearly, put his arm over his wife and looked at me complacently. He said in a nostalgic tone, “Xiao Ying Ying ah, you really haven’t changed at all. You’re still as obstinate!”

Very good, the truth has been revealed regarding Liu Jun’s mysterious occupation. But there’s another issue to take care of now. From Liu Jun’s tone, he seemed to be quite familiar with me; but the problem was that there wasn’t any trace of this person in my memories.

Upon seeing my perplexed expression of not being able to recall anything, Liu Jun deliberately put on a deeply hurt facade in front of everyone, his hands to his heart and aggrievedly said, “Xiao Ying Ying, you’re truly a heartless woman to actually forget our once happy memories! I’m so sad, so sad, so sad ah! My heart hurts so, so much ah!”