A week passed, even two weeks had gone by. I always coincidentally encountered Liu Jun kissing or saying bye to a different woman each time at the door. 

I encountered them when I was going to work and even when I was throwing away the trash at night at the staircase.

Besides the flight attendant that the four of us saw on the first day, there was also an OL (office lady), wealthy lady and etc. Okay, what I meant was those women’s appearance, a different style each. But they all had one thing that was oddly similar and that was their height and succubus-like figure.

Ever since that time I saw Liu Jun, I had been guessing what was his occupation and now, I seemed to have a clue. Just from him accommodating all these women, if he wasn’t a player then he was one that was being kept. A professional name for it was a gigolo and a common name for it would be xiao bai lian (a pretty boy, an attractive young man, usually have fair skin). What’s more, he really was quite fair.

Just from the amount of women and times they entered his unit, should I say his market price was good or that his business was flourishing?

Evening —

Liu Jing and I came back from the supermarket and when we reached the front of the apartment complex, we encountered Liu Jun for the first time somewhere other than on the 15th floor.

He was still wearing the same comfortable and relaxed clothing that we were used to seeing him wearing. When he saw us, he suddenly smiled, one that I couldn’t decipher, and walked toward us.

Liu Jing was somewhat unable to cope with Liu Jun’s aura and timidly stood behind me, showing just a little, enough for her to see Liu Jun who was standing in front of us.

They were both surnamed Liu yet why were their personalities and auras so different?

“Hi! Just coming back from the supermarket?” Liu Jun asked even though he was obviously aware of it already.

I glanced at the timid and silent Liu Jing and had no other choice but to take on the responsibility of communicating with Liu Jun. Hence, I smiled and replied, “Yep, were you out for a stroll?”

I remember that this man didn’t leave the house often and even if he did, the most was just aimlessly wandering around on the 15th floor.

“En,” He absentmindedly responded to me and suddenly leaned toward me and whispered, “Are you interested in a one night stand? Interested in cheating?”

Look! I was right that if he wasn’t a player, then he was a gigolo! He actually dared to hit on people and draw in business near his home.

“Do you think that after having such an excellent quality husband, I would have the need to cheat? I don’t think there is any other man on earth that could attract my interest and attention more than Han Lei.” I calmly arched my eyebrow and said in a solemn and earnest voice.

Against my expectations, Liu Jun unexpectedly clapped his hands and excitedly said, “What a novel answer! Thank you so much!”

After the man thanked me, he unexpectedly ran back inside, got into the elevator and vanished before our eyes.

I was flabbergasted and foolishly asked, “Jing ah, what’s with this situation? What did he mean by this?”

Liu Jing was also foolishly staring at the spot where he disappeared and shook her head absentmindedly.

Liu Jun seemed to be one strange man.

It was another weekend evening. After I threw away the trash, I opened the door to the staircase and once again saw Liu Jun kissing another woman.

Due to my hot-bloodedness, I couldn’t help but walked up to him and earnestly advised with a face just like the Virgin Mary, “Comrade Liu Jun, listen to my advice. You should quit this job of yours as soon as you can. After all, this field relies on your youthfulness. Furthermore, you can easily get infected by diseases that start from the letter A. It’s mentally and physically taxing and you’re still young. Aren’t there any other jobs that you can do?”

Liu Jun was confused by my words and frowned, “Do you know the nature of my work?”

“Isn’t it obvious?!” I said somewhat emotionally.

“Uh…are you perhaps misunderstanding something?”

“There are so many women and you still think that I’m misunderstanding something?”

“Aiya, you truly misunderstood. They, no, it should be she, she’s my wife!” Liu Jun explained.

As I was slightly stirred up, I was only able to hear “they” and unexpectedly overlooked the “she”.

“Wife? That many? Do you think you are Wei Xiao Bao (the protagonist of “The Dear and the Cauldron”)?” I snorted with disdain.

Aiya, Xiao Ying ah. You truly misunderstood me!” Liu Jun said with an expression as if he was begging for forgiveness.

Humph humph!” I didn’t believe it.

“Why are you still as stubborn as before?” Liu Jun suddenly smiled and sighed.

Wait a minute. Why did it sound as if he was familiar with me? I don’t know him and had never even met him before.

“Don’t try to worm your way into being friends with me. Why don’t you explain why you don’t go to work and how come there’s always different women staying overnight at your place? If you aren’t a gigolo, then what are you?”

The corners of Liu Jun’s lips were clearly twitching and he said while gritting his teeth, “Haven’t you heard that there is a profession where you can stay at home? I’m an author! Author!”

Ah? House sitting? Sitting at home?”

(This is a play on words as 坐家 – sitting at home, has the same phonetic pronunciation as 作家 – author)