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At lunch break, Zhu Jun Xi came to my side and patted my shoulder, revealing a sunny smile and said, “Let’s go have lunch together!”

He was my colleague, a very handsome young man, a year younger than me, he was gentle, generous, humorous, treats me well, so good that it overstepped beyond the boundaries of a pure friendship, in fact, I wasn’t unaware of his intentions and feelings, but if there were no feelings, then no feelings, hence I also secretly mentioned and expressed the fact that we could only be good friends, and he also readily accepted, but it was seldom seen that when told let go of your feelings just immediately let go…

I looked at him blankly, he scratched his head, his handsome face turning slightly red and said, “Of course, Leng Yan and Ru Xue are coming too!”

Leng Yan and An Ru Xue were my close colleagues as well as my good friends, under normal circumstances, the four of us would eat lunch together.

Under the three of them’s urging, I left my desk, went with them to settle lunch.

When the four of us came to the company’s lobby, coincidentally met Han Lei as well as his male secretary, comrade Qin Hao.

Obviously, I saw him, he also saw me, then walked toward us with Qin Hao.

Looking at the innocent, smilingly Han Lei who was walking toward me, I suddenly, for no reason at all, felt a burst of numbness on my scalp.

Because Leng Yan and Ru Xue had some gossip to talk about, hence they walked behind me and Zhu Jun Xi, thus formed an illusion that looked as if me and Zhu Jun Xi, two people walking together, at least, in Han Lei’s eyes , he only saw me and Zhu Jun Xi.

Hey! This man must have did it on purpose!

“Hi! Such coincidence, are you guys also going out to eat?” Han Lei laughed like the brilliance of the blooming flowers on a mountain, narrowing his eyes while talking to me.

Zhu Jun Xi seemed to worship Han Lei, this young and promising president, thus very energetic, very revering and rushed to answer his question.

Han Lei smiled without a word, continuously maintained a gentle, harmless smile.

Mamma mia, I did not fully understand him, the more gentle, harmless he was, he was bound to hide the same degree of darkness behind his smiling face!

Finally, Han Lei smiled and interrupted the gabbling Zhu Jun Xi, smilingly said, “Then you guys quickly go and come back soon, it wouldn’t be good if you guys were hungry until you hurt the stomach.”

Finished saying this, he took Qin Hao and left magnificently.

I watched their rear views, couldn’t have been wrong, I clearly heard, he emphasized on the two words, “You guys.”

Cold ah, chilling ah, he must done it deliberately.

After lunch break, my eyes have been staring at the clock that was hanging on the wall, so happy to see the hour hand was pointing towards five, the minute hand was about to point to the position of twenty-five, which means that, after persisting for five more minutes, I would be safely liberated, hence relaxed my mind, assuming that Han Lei’s so-called game was a joke to play with me.

Just think, in five minutes, what game can we play?

Just when I was humming while tidying things up, the private line rang, I answered the phone with no precautions, which came Qin Hao’s reluctant voice, “The president told you to come to his office.”

With a restless mood coming to the door of Han Lei’s office, I calculated the time, from my desk to the elevator took one minute, taking the elevator took two minutes, dragging a heavy pace to the office took one minute, thus after entering his office, remained one minute before getting off work.

After entering into the office, I discovered that Han Lei was waiting at the door, the moment I stepped completely inside, he immediately locked the door, and trapped me between him and the door.

I swallowed some saliva, watched as his thin lips parted slightly, and only heard him say, “My dear, the game has started, called the office affair game!”

He calculated the time very accurately, following his fading voice, the bell sounded, the game really had started before work ended.

Han Lei embraced me and sat on the sofa, letting my legs part and sat on his lap, hands circling his neck.

He rubbed his tall nose with mine, our breaths hovering, very ambiguously lingering.

He said in a deep and sexy voice: “You and that guy’s relationship is pretty good ma, also going to eat lunch together.”

“Hey! You clearly saw that we went as four people!”

“That guy like you!”

“A wise adult ah! Insightful ah! Miraculous foresight ah!”



“Have I ever told you? As long as I set my mind on a woman, I will only look at her, only embrace her, only love her, therefore as the counterpart, as the woman that I set my eyes on, you can only look at me, only think about me, only love me! Of course, I would give you a big gift, that was allowing only you to have the privilege of unearthing my true colors.”

Listening to Han Lei’s serious and overbearing confession, I was touched, happily smiled.


But could I refuse that gift and special privilege?

“Very good! It seems that we reached a consensus, then, let’s continue the game!”

Finished saying this, Han Lei put me on the sofa, pressing down on me.

My hands pushed his chest, mouth twitching and asked, “Wait, are you serious?”

Really going to do it in the office?

Han Lei put his hand into my skirt, evilly smiled and said, “Aiyaya, my dear, did you forget the name of our game? It doesn’t matter, I’ll tell you again, remember well! The name of the game is called the office affair!”

God! The legendary office XXOO …


= =

The highgrade sofa that was pushed and pressured under the bodies protested: “The young people these days, also doesn’t know how to control their strength to be lighter….”

Additional Comments:

I was really touched with Han Lei’s words, ““Have I ever told you? As long as I set my mind on a woman, I will only look at her, only embrace her, only love her, therefore as the counterpart, as the woman that I set my eyes on, you can only look at me, only think about me, only love me!”

I would also like to find someone that would only love me, cherish only me, only looked at me… I wonder if anyone has encountered this special person in their life?~ If so, do share~ 

Maybe I should have a story corner? Hehe~


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