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The Big Bad Wolf’s True Colors

Han Lei said: You have to pay the price if you want to see things clearly.

“Dear, what are you thinking about, am I that handsome, making you so entranced?”

Since that night, Han Lei usually like to intimately address me as “Dear” in private, especially when there was no one around as well as in front of everyone at the Han residence.

Mother-in-law was that happy seeing his change, that cheerful, and that laughter, immediately hugging and viva me, in fact, I know that what she wanted to shout out loud was actually: “The reformation of this brat was successful!”

I repeatedly wanted to tell mother-in-law the truth, but have been intentionally or unintentionally interrupted by Han Lei.

I asked him one time, “Why won’t you tell mother-in-law and everyone else about your true face?”

Hearing this, he evoked a sinister smile, and wickedly said, “Don’t you think concealing it from them is more fun?”

I widened my eyes and stared at him, this man was simply the VIP member of the black belly club! (t/n: black belly is used to refer to someone who is secretly evil/sly)

Aiyaya, hello! Come back to your senses! I’m going to kiss you if you don’t respond!”

Until Han Lei’s handsome face enlarged in front of my eyes, I realized the seriousness of the problem, hence struggled to open my mouth, and quickly said, “I…”

Unfortunately, Han Lei decided to ignore my words, deprived my protest, kept his words and kissed me.

His kiss brought a concentrated taste, pressing my whole body against the seat of the car, making me follow his rhythm, enjoying the pleasure he gave me.

Well, I admit that this kiss was very touching, but the problem was that we were in the car at this moment, furthermore we were going to work.

Han Lei also seemed to realize this point, hence hurriedly left my lips before losing control, putting his forehead against mine, closed his eyes, with a hoarse voice, and said, “Next time, don’t foolishly stare at me like this, or else I won’t stop again. “

I wrongly looked at his closed eyes, clearly it was him acting shamelessly, it was him who said that if I don’t say anything, he will kiss me, but I said a word yet he still kissed me.

Since that night drugged by mother-in-law, Han Lei was like a lifted seal, the demand was astonishing great, an abundance of twenty some years of endured desires exploded, often in heat whenever there was no one around.

Compared to his arbitrariness, without regards for others and level of shamelessness, I was far beyond exceeding, although I also liked touching him, however, he was overdoing it or hadn’t eaten enough?

We arrived at the company’s parking lot, Han Lei parked the car, turned and looked around, suddenly pulled me toward him, lowered his head and kissed.

En…” Here we go again.

I slightly struggled, here, after all, was the company, too embarrassed if someone saw, hence I stuck out my two index fingers, aimed at his waist and attacked, hehe, everyone couldn’t have thought that his weak point was the waist!

As expected, less than two seconds, Han Lei surrendered, thus I took advantage of the opportunity and jumped out of the car, dashed to the elevator without looking back, leaving his heartily laughter lingering in the empty parking lot.

Ever since marrying Han Lei, I became the earliest one to arrive to work everyday and had become the Design Department’s most diligent staff, in this respect, Han Lei was nevertheless still very earnest and hardworking with his job.

Sitting at my desk, I plastered my face against the table, frowned, pondering how to refuse the too passionate Han Lei. In the midst of my thoughts, my phone that was on the table vibrated, opened to look, received a message from “Hubby”.

My right eye was ominously palpitating, slowly clicked the message, and saw the following: Wifey, not only did you refused my kiss in the parking lot, but also ran away as if you saw a ferocious beast, wounded my heart greatly, therefore, I decided to play a game with you, look forward to it, it will certainly start before getting off work!

I twitched my mouth, unconsciously let out a dry laugh.

I was wrong, okay? I shouldn’t have refused his kiss, I shouldn’t have escaped, but, how could he be hurt, he clearly laughed so loud, and very happily!

What to do? He said that he will play a game with me!

Since receiving the message, I was in a muddleheaded state, completely unable to concentrate on work.


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