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I leaned against the headboard, covering my chest with the bed sheet, my right hand holding a cigarette, exhaling an ecstatic smoke ring into the air.

I turned my head towards Han Lei, who had already put on his glasses, and saw that he was hiding and trembling inside the covers like a bullied little girl, very unalluring.

I patted his slightly shaky shoulders, in a consoling and promising tone, “I will take responsibility.”

He looked at me timidly, and said with his slightly trembling little lips, “You can’t go back on your words!”

Thus I affectionately embraced him, like coaxing a child, I smiled and said, “En, I give you my word”

Finally, we fell asleep with a smile on our faces.

The above——

Of course, it was my luxurious delusion, the truth was…

Unaware of how many times we did it, I gradually woke up, facing a satisfied yet ruminating Han Lei, I was shocked and pointed at him with my trembling index finger, and quiveringly said, “You, you, you…”

He propped his head with one hand like coaxing a child, he smilingly said, “Oh? Seems like you discovered something, right?”

Yes, I discovered something, there was a big, enormous, frightening difference when he wears his glasses and when he doesn’t!

Han Lei laughed, his smile was very brilliant, emerging a praising expression in his eyes towards me.

He lightly bit my finger, smilingly said, “Hehe, that’s right, it is exactly what you think, so, have you heard of the “Kichiku Megane”?”

I have heard of the “Kichiku Megane“, and even read it, but unfortunately never played it, to sum it up, it was a pair of glasses that leads to the “top and bottom” tragedy. (t/n: I’m guessing that when glasses are worn, the person is passive, vice-versa, without glasses, the person is dominant.)

It was said that when a man who had failed a business, he would coincidentally meet a mysterious man, receiving a pair of glasses that didn’t look anything special, but when he wore it, a miracle happened, not only was work smooth and easy, even the shou temperament would suddenly change into a dignified monarch…

Well, what I had said was actually a manga, a BL game only.

Of course, I was smart enough to know that the important point was not on the story or the walkthrough of  “Kichiku Megane“, rather the glasses, yes, the problem was the glasses.

Could it be …

Han Lei looked at my enlightened face, leaned against the headboard, in a languid and relaxed voice, he said: “You are also suspecting that the glasses are the problem, right? Hehe, how should I explain it to you , well, it’s actually true that the problem is with the glasses, but there’s a difference, for example, I will become harmless and calm after putting on the glasses…”

Okay, I reorganized his words: Han Lei, was a man with a double personality, one part was passionate, crazy, lively, and the other part was serene, calm, cool-headed, and when he realized this “severe” problem , accidentally, I heard that it was during primary school, he found out that when he puts on the glasses, it can miraculously soothe the internal restlessness, plus making one’s conduct quite dignified, thus he continuously kept his obedient appearance, refusing man-woman relationships and was single until now, until his family was clearly suspecting that he was homosexual, hence he decided to indulge himself just once, clearing his groundless “crime”, then, he met me…

I was dumbstruck while digesting Han Lei’s explanation, and finally I couldn’t help but stretched my hand to his forehead, making sure that he doesn’t have a fever.

“Are you sure that it wasn’t because you read too much mangas and played too many games?”

Well, I admit that I wasn’t convinced, after all, it was truly outrageous.

Aiyaya, it looks you aren’t convinced.” Han Lei said helplessly, “But I have a lot of time to slowly convince you, therefore, don’t worry, slowly accept the truth!”

I fixedly looked at him, suddenly quickly climbed over him, singlehandedly grabbing the glasses on the bedside table and putting it on his face.

As expected, the original bright and ardent eyes gradually darkened, the atmosphere around the entire person gradually became tranquil.

Could it be, this was true?

Suddenly, Han Lei lowered his head and chuckled, and finally couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

I looked at Han Lei who was laughing nonstop like a screw had loosen, felt that it was very strange, furthermore felt a trace of uneasiness for no reason.

His laughter continued for a while, Han Lei slowly raised his head and looked at me, his eyes behind the glasses were gradually becoming bright again, even containing a trace of a mischievous twinkle, he slowly took off his glasses, once again putting it on the bedside cabinet, then grabbed my hair with one hand and played with it, sinisterly smiled and said, “Yayaya, I forgot to tell you, in front of the person that I chose, this pair of glasses has no effect at all, an easier way to say it is, in front of you, even if I’m wearing glasses, I am still the original me, the, most, real, true, me!”

I was frightened by such change, and subconsciously laughed, should I have felt honored by it?

I deliberately shifted my eyes to a place apart from Han Lei, just won’t look at him, however he suddenly neared me, helplessly said beside my ear, “Aiyaya, it seems that the dosage of the drug that my mom added was a bit too much, what should I do, I want to do it again…”

Do, do, do… He said that he wanted to do it again?

Furthermore! He clearly knew that he was drugged by mother-in-law’s drug!

Oh! Mother-in-law! You were completely deceived by your son!

I pushed his pressing chest with one hand, mouth twitching and said: “Um, let’s discuss it peacefully…”

As expected, Han Lei was a good person, one that belonged to the answerable friend, thus he answered me with a destructive like kiss…

= =

The moon outside the window accidentally witnessed everything in the room, hence covered its face and shyly floated away, muttering in a low voice, “The young people these days…”



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